What Does “Touch Grass” Mean in VALORANT? And the best VALORANT memes

Published: Nov 20 2022

Last updated: Dec 6 2022

What Does “Touch Grass” Mean in VALORANT? And the best VALORANT memes
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New to playing VALORANT? Then you should definitely discover the meaning of “touch grass”, and get up-to-speed with the best memes around the web.

If you have been an active internet user in current times, there is a high chance that you have come across the term “touch grass” or “touch some grass.” This term is highly used by the gaming community and it has become a go-to phrase when it comes to trash-talking and insulting. And if you have been a VALORANT player, you might have already seen this phrase flying around in heated moments in chats. So what does “touch grass” really mean in general and in VALORANT?

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“Touch grass” is a current insult on the internet which is an alternative way of telling someone to get off the internet and go outside. This implies that the person is spending way too much time on their PC or Smartphone or any other means they use to disconnect themselves from real life and that it is affecting their well-being. While the origin of the phrase is not exactly known, it started to blow up on Twitch and then later everywhere on the internet somewhere around late 2019. The meme/insult has spread like wildfire and is a go-to insult nowadays in online arguments.

But what does it mean to Touch Grass in VALORANT? Like in many other competitive games out there, VALORANT can also become the ground for many arguments and mental warfare. People argue in the game all the time and a lot of people tend to get very salty in the game. People often forget that it is just a game they are playing and tend to treat some VALORANT matches as life or death. Touch grass is a common insult to call out such people on their healthy habits and that they are having an unhealthy gaming session.

We do not promote toxic behavior but if someone gets very mad over a simple game, he should probably need a reminder that his gaming and internet habits are unhealthy and he needs to go out and touch some grass!

Some Other VALORANT Memes to Make Your Day

All jokes aside, nobody should be arguing over a simple video game or be rude to anyone for their bad habits. If you had a bad time queuing up with one of those salty people, here are some VALORANT memes to make up for it.

6. Skins > teammates

VALORANT skins are just too beautiful to resist…

5. Boombot go brrrrr

You do not need proper aim or skills to get kills with Raze. All you need is your trusty old Boom Bot and some Paintshells.

4. We are not the same bro

We all can relate to this meme sometimes.

3. Now all of China knows you are here

Who else misses the Split map?

2. Sage, don’t revive me, please!

Sage revives come out of nowhere when you need them the least!

1. Rebibe me Jett

Rebibe me Jett is the most legendary VALORANT meme of them all! Whether this player did this whole gig on purpose or not, he sure manage to bring a smile to all of our faces. Rest in peace, Lance ‘Finest’ Arcilla!

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