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As our platform and community have been growing over the past years, we found this the perfect time to revisit our brand. Goodbye G-Loot, and welcome all to Stryda!

Hello friends,

Our product offering and company have grown over the years, and we feel, especially in the last year, we have gone a long way from where we stood at the beginning of our journey. We thought that this was the perfect time to revisit our brand, reflecting on where we are today and want to be.

And so, it’s with great pleasure, that we welcome you to Stryda, the companion app for your competitive gaming.

Stryda is confident and bold. Made by gamers for gamers. More than ever, our mission is to inspire players to keep improving their skills, grow as a community, and compete for greatness.

Behind the name Stryda

What does Stryda mean? The concept is a simple play on two words: “Strides” and “Strida,” which we believe resonates with our values as a company and that of competitive gamers globally.

STRIDES (ENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)

  • “...a step forward in development or progress:

  • rapid strides in mastering algebra

  • an improvement or advantage.”


  • transl. from the Swedish word “Strida”;

  • To engage in battle: ready to battle with the enemy.

  • To work very hard or struggle. 

Behind our new brand identity

The changes we have made, as you can see, do not stop at the name! 

We’ve fully updated the visual identity to a more modern look with a clean and distinct design language.

We asked our VP of Design, Juha Silventoinen, to explain the process and details behind Stryda brand identity.

“Our new visual identity, with its confident and striking colors, clean typography, and logotype, better represents our product and experience. - says Juha- 

The updated brand elements work together to create a cohesive and balanced design that is both professional and playful.” 

“Our new logotype is an abstract shape made out of a gaming cross-hair and the letter 'S', and we’ve chosen a warm yet bold yellow color as our brand color. This shade of yellow evokes feelings of positivity, energy, and optimism. The brand color also gives a slight hint of our roots, Sweden.”

“In addition to the new color scheme, we have also updated our typography to a more modern and readable look. The brand fonts that we’ve chosen create a cohesive and balanced design that is both professional and playful, making it easy to read and understand.” 

“We've tried to merge a sharp visual identity while making sure that the user interface is functional and easy to use, so our users can have the best experience possible. Overall, this new visual identity represents our commitment to providing the best gaming experience possible, and we are excited for our users to see it in action.” 

And lastly, what does this mean for you?

This changes nothing regarding what our platform has to offer today. You might notice a few small changes here and there (for example, Brawls are now called Ladders), but apart from that, you can still have fun and compete your way on Stryda as usual. We will continue developing new features and improving current ones, such as Missions, Ladders, Stats, Clans, Premium, and the Shop. We hope you will continue supporting us and love Stryda as much as we do! And remember, every round counts in Stryda! ;)

If you have any questions, we have an FAQ here otherwise, reach out to our customer support team directly via the website.


The Stryda Team