Welcome to Clans: how they work and why you should join them!

Published: September 7 2022

Last updated: September 13 2022

Welcome to Clans: how they work and why you should join them!
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Get ready for a new era: Clans are coming to G-Loot to enhance team play, and make it easier for you to find other gamers to compete with and have fun together.

With this first edition of Clans we are bringing the social elements closer to the action. From now on you can connect with your community and start contributing through action... by playing the games you love, together! <3

Whether you share the same language, you're a sports fan, or just an aspiring gamer, find your community or create it yourself with Clans.

In this new competitive format your Clan will flourish and achieve together, making it more fun, more exciting, and more rewarding!

Clans might be new to G-Loot, but more features are already planned to expand and perfection them: so, keep an eye on our blog and newsletter for future exciting updates. 

If you want to know more about Clans, keep reading the following FAQ’s and, when you are ready, head up to our Clans page to join the action

How can I create a Clan?

Any user will be able to create a Clan. The user who creates a Clan will also become the Clan Leader. At the moment of creation, the Leader will be able to select their favorite game, and preferred language, and write a description of their community. They will also be able to choose a name, Clan tag, and upload an avatar. If you plan to create a Clan and become a Leader, we would recommend checking out our Clan Leader guidelines. Note that the Leader is able to transfer this role to another Clan member at any time. 

How can I find and join a Clan?

On the starting page you will be able to search Clans by names as well as filter on their chosen games and languages. From the search results, you will be able to read their details, including how many users are in the Clan, and join that community that you like the most and is more in line with your requirements. You will also receive suggestions for Clans that best match your interests and preferences.

Can I be in more than one Clan?

No: each user will be allowed to enter only one Clan (it doesn’t matter if you are also the Leader, you cannot join multiple Clans regardless of your role). 

I joined a Clan, what happens now?

Now you will have access to your Clan Home, where you can talk to your new Clan members and start organizing yourselves for entering Brawls and gaming together. You will also be able to see all of the ongoing Brawls that your Clan is currently engaged in.

Your Clan Home will be the place where you communicate and chat with each other, you can organize and make plans for the Brawls and Tournament, and decide tactics. From there you will also see how many members are in the Clan, and a list of all details such as description, tags, games you play, and many other things

Being part of a Clan means also being part of a Community, and because of that we have refreshed our Community Code of Conduct that we hope can inspire our players to collaborate, respect one another and grow together. 

I changed my mind, can I leave my Clan?

Yes, you can. From your Clan Home, you will be able to leave said Clan. If you are the Leader, you can leave only if you are the last remaining member of your Clan. Otherwise, the Leader can assign their role to another member, and then leave. 

How do Clan Brawls work?

After you join a Clan, whenever you enroll in a Brawl, that has a Clan leaderboard, your result will be counted for your Clan as well. Your results will essentially count for both Brawls, your Solo one, and the Clan’s. If you leave a Clan and join a Clan after, your submitted results will stay with your old Clan, while your new results will contribute to the new Clan.


How do Clan Brawl rewards work?

If a Clan scores high enough to win rewards, everyone in the Clan (both who actively participated in the Brawl and those not) will be rewarded, including all players that were enrolled in a Brawl before leaving the Clan. Each member gets an even share of the total winnings, rounded up. 

What happens with Teams now?

Teams will no longer exist from now on. If you were part of an active Team with more than 3 members, this group will automatically become a Clan. You are very welcome to adjust settings for your new Clan as needed, or leave it and join another if you prefer. If you were active in more than one Team, you will be merged into the one where you were the most active in lately. If for any reason you are unhappy with your assigned Clan, you can leave it from your Clan Home page and join another. 

Ready to meet your new Clan buddies?

We hope this post answered all of your questions about Clans, and that you are as excited as we are about them! 

Now that you know more about Clans, start this new adventure by joining a Clan or creating your own! :) 


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