VALORANT Vandal skins: everything you need to know

Published: October 26 2022

Last updated: May 9 2023

VALORANT Vandal skins: everything you need to know
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When considering all the available weapon skin options in VALORANT, Vandal skins can be named the most popular among all other VALORANT weapon skins.

During the short period of time VALORANT has been out and around, it has already attracted enormous attention from both seasoned and new gamers. And skins have played a big part in this. Weapon skins in VALORANT are in-game cosmetic upgrades that may be purchased to alter the appearance and feel of a weapon. They may be bought from the store with VALORANT Points and then upgraded using Radianite Points to change their appearance even further.

Vandal is one of the most popular options out there, and the explanation is straightforward: this weapon is regarded as the game's most beneficial and credit-efficient rifle. Many players make the very obvious choice to get better vandal skins when they choose to purchase any skins at all.

So, what are your options if you want to get Vandal skins? What are the best Vandal skins available in the game? What is the cheapest Vandal skin in VALORANT? And how to get a Vandal skin in VALORANT? 

We at G-Loot are here to help you find out! And before you start reading everything you need to know about Vandal skins, you should really check out how Stryda can help you improve your game by tracking your stats in VALORANT! Even better, you can get rewards by simply playing your favorite games 😉  

What you should know about Vandal skins

There are a few things you should be aware of if you're hoping to acquire a collection of Vandal skins. The prices and the overall design of the skins are divided into tiers; the highest tiers are the best, and they can be pretty expensive.

All weapon skin tiers in VALORANT are based on how attractive the skins are in addition to the style, animations, and sound effects. This includes all VALORANT Vandal skins as well. Greater skin tiers represent more attractive and worthwhile weapon skins. Since greater costs correspond to higher levels, the skin tiers are also known as price tiers in VALORANT. Currently, there are 5 Vandal skin tiers available in VALORANT, and they are Select, Deluxe, Premium, Exclusive, and Ultra skin tiers.

The Select tier Vandal skins in VALORANT

The Select tier Vandal skins in VALORANT are the least expensive options available. Starting out, each Vandal skin cost 875 VP, and each melee skin cost 1,750 VP. Select tier Vandal skins are devoid of sound effects and animations. Typically, they are simply reskinned of the weapon with some added graphics. The designs are also usually not too fancy and retain the weapon's identity.

The Deluxe tier Vandal skins in VALORANT

The Deluxe tier Vandal skins correspond to relatively low-class weapon skins. In this tier, Vandal skins cost 1,275 VP each, and melee skins cost 2,550 VP. Although some Deluxe tier Vandal skins have a simple green screen effect on the weapon, these skins typically lack animations and effects.

The Premium tier Vandal skins in VALORANT

Some of the best Vandal skins in VALORANT may be found on the Premium skin tier. Prices for Premium skins range from 3,550 VP for a melee skin and 1,775 VP for a Vandal skin. These skins come loaded with great animations and sound effects, which will more than satisfy players' eyes.

The Exclusive tier Vandal skins in VALORANT

The highest caliber and most pricey Vandal skins are found in the Exclusive skin tier. They can cost between 2,175 and 2,675 VP for a Vandal skin and 4,350 to 5,350 VP for a melee skin. The best animations, audio effects, pull-out effects, and other features may all be found in Exclusive tier Vandal skins. They are essentially different versions of the original Vandal.

The Ultra tier Vandal skins in VALORANT

The final skin tier in VALORANT, Ultra, has the most expensive base price ever. They aim for 4,950 VP for melee skins and 2,475 VP for Vandal skins. You are not prepared for the Ultra skins if you thought the animations from the previous tiers were sick. They are stuffed with fantastic effects and even include voice effects. 

To summarize, the current VALORANT skins tiers are shown in the table below:

Best Vandal skins available in VALORANT

Now that we know the basics about Vandal skins, let’s go over one of the biggest debates within the VALORANT community: what is the best vandal skin in VALORANT? We have selected the top 5 Vandal skin out there right now considering their popularity and effects.

Top 5th Vandal Skin in VALORANT: Prime Vandal

One of the oldest and most well-liked skins for the Vandal is the Prime Vandal. It is a Vandal skin of the Premium tier that features VFX, SFX, animations, and an amazing finisher that features a holographic wolf devouring the victims. The Vandal makes its beloved deep, claiming sound when you fire, along with a flash of colored smoke. The players altered Energy Crystal magazine is visible when reloading. The iconic Prime Vandal Skin is available for about 1,775 VALORANT Points.

Top 4th Vandal Skin in VALORANT: Reaver Vandal

The Reaver Vandal has been a popular Premium tier Vandal skin among fans. The skin comes with a gothic vibe with smoke effects and other chilling VFX. When the Finisher is activated, a dark hole develops beneath the victim and draws them down. The player uses Telekinesis to swap the magazine while reloading the rifle. There are four different versions of the Reaver Vandal in addition to the additional effects stated above. The legendary Reaver Vandal Skin can be purchased for about 1,775 VALORANT Points.

Top 3rd Vandal Skin in VALORANT: Elderflame Vandal

Having a fire-spewing Living Dragon for your Vandal in your palm is a completely different kind of joy. One of the best Vandal skins in VALORANT that money can buy is Elderflame. Furthermore, due to its superior quality, and it being an Ultra tier Vandal skin with enhancements with a variety of color variants, the Vandal Elderflame skin is easily one of the greatest. The Elderflame Vandal Skin is available in the game store for around 2,475 VALORANT Points.

Top 2nd Vandal Skin in VALORANT: RGX 11Z Pro Vandal

This Vandal, which was included in the RGX 11Z Pro package, is a first of its kind and displays players' kill totals during the current match. It does not, however, keep track of lifetime kill totals like CS:GO does. This Vandal skin, which belongs to the Exclusive weapon tier, features a futuristic aesthetic. It is one of the greatest of its kind in the game and has the ability to grow into three further color versions for each of the four basic color variants it comes with. You can grab this skin for around 2,175 VP.

Top 1st Vandal Skin in VALORANT: Glitchpop Vandal

Players praised the first Glitchpop bundle when it was introduced in 2020 and urged the creators to follow up with a second bundle version that included the popular Glitchpop Vandal. Additionally, this Vandal skin belongs to the premium weapon tier and can be advanced into three other forms with Radianite Points. The final kill effect dispatches the opponent with a comical blast, and the skin has a Cyberpunk-like appearance. Although this weapon makes a little louder sound effects than other Vandal skins, gamers adore using it in competitive play. For around 2,175 VALORANT Points, you can purchase the infamous Glitchpop Vandal Skin.

How to get Vandal skins in VALORANT 

Now that we have looked at some of the best Vandal skins, let’s see how you can get a Vandal skin for yourself. The process is simple.

Vandal skins can be usually found on the VALORANT store page in two different mediums. 

If you desire to purchase a Vandal from a limited bundle that is already available in the store for purchase, you can simply choose it and purchase it onto your account. In case you are planning to buy a Vandal that belongs to a bundle that was previously released, you will have to wait until it becomes available in your rotational store or your VALORANT Night Market.

For example, let’s discuss how to get Prime Vandal skin in VALORANT in 2022. The Prime Vandal was initially released to VALORANT alongside the limited Prime 1.0 bundle that was available in June 2020. Players will need to continuously monitor their rotational market slots for a potential Prime Vandal since it can no longer be purchased at any time from the store. Every 24 hours, the rotational market is refreshed, and it features four slots that each hold a different weapon skin from previously published weapon bundles. Additionally, you can purchase the Prime Vandal in your Per Act Night Market for a tempting discount.

Vandal skins can be obtained with the Battle Pass as well. Because the Battle Pass can be purchased for just 1,000 VP, using this approach is far less expensive than buying skins directly from the store. The fact that you can only obtain low-tier Vandal skins from the Select and Deluxe tiers is the biggest drawback of this method.

How to get free Vandal skins in VALORANT

Everybody loves to get free skins in any game. Getting a free skin in an expensive game like VALORANT is even sweeter. Here’s how to get free vandal skin VALORANT.

Free Battle Pass awards and completing Agent Contracts are two of the few ways to gain free skins in VALORANT. Still, these skins are only available in pistol, stinger, and marshal varieties. Because of this a lot of players believe that getting a free Vandal skin is impossible. However, this is not totally true, as there are a few legitimate ways to obtain a high-tier Vandal skin for yourself, for entirely free.

1. Take part in giveaways

On numerous social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch, pro gamers and gaming personalities hold giveaways for VALORANT skin bundles. Since so many people participate, it may seem nearly impossible to have a chance to win, yet it is both possible and legitimate to obtain a Vandal skin or a whole bundle of VALORANT skins if you give this a try.

2. Use third-party reward and redeem applications

Players can gain rewards for their time spent on VALORANT by using a variety of third-party applications like G-Loot, an official Overwolf app for Windows! With these apps, you can play to earn points that can be converted into VALORANT gift cards, which can then be used to purchase the Vandal skins you want. To get points, all you have to do is play your VALORANT matches while the program client is running in the background. And now that we have released our VALORANT API connection is even easier to use G-Loot than before.

Now that you know everything about the best Vandal skins choices out there, it’s time to game and gain your rewards with G-Loot. Don’t forget that by joining G-Loot you’ll have access to a large amount of stats to improve your VALORANT playing experience, and find new friends to play with thanks to Clans!


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