Best 5 VALORANT trackers to win your games (2023)

Published: August 29 2023

Last updated: August 29 2023

Best 5 VALORANT trackers to win your games (2023)
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Let us explain to you exactly why you need a VALORANT tracker, how does stats tracker work and get started with one, and which are the best available trackers out there to check your stats. In our guide will talk about Stryda VALORANT tracker, Mobalytics,,,, and

Being one of the largest and fastest-growing first-person-shooter games in the world, VALORANT is still newer when compared to an older FPS title like CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), which came out in 2012. And, although a sizable portion of VALORANT’s ever-growing player base requests them, a few features are still not available in the game. One such feature is a detailed in-game statistics tracker, that most players need to know in order to get better at the game. As a result, the majority of players in the community tend to use external statistic trackers. Without a tracker app, going into a game like VALORANT, where you face multiple do-or-die moments in every round, puts you at a significant disadvantage against seasoned and more-experienced players. And there are instances when even veteran players will need help. 

If you have played the game enough to differentiate between different Agents and their abilities, having a VALORANT tracker will be highly beneficial. Once you load a stat tracker, the data you require will be displayed allowing you to improve your skills, fine-tune your game, and climb up the rankings. This in-game, real-time monitoring system will provide every VALORANT player from the casual observer to the aspiring pro with a tactical advantage by accumulating player metrics and keeping them ahead of the competition. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about trackers, including how to track VALORANT stats using a tracker, how a VALORANT tracker works, and the best 5 VALORANT trackers available right now.

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How to use VALORANT Trackers and how do they work?

VALORANT trackers can really come in to help you out if you are looking to improve yourself by keeping track of your performance, and most trackers come as either in-game overlays or simple online tracking services. Keep reading to find out more about what type of information/stats these services can provide you. So, how do you use VALORANT trackers?

Follow the following steps to make use of in-game overlays in VALORANT trackers:

  1. Download the tracker available on the website

  2. Install the software onto your computer

  3. Launch VALORANT and log into your account

  4. Run the tracker while playing VALORANT

Note that the VALORANT account that you log in with will have to be connected to the tracker. Trackers with in-game overlays often stand out as they provide real-time info, not only about you but also opponents and teammates.

And you can use simple online tracking services to check on other more basic stats. Follow the steps below if you want to check player stats and other simple information:

  1. Visit the tracker’s official website

  2. Select VALORANT

  3. In the search bar, enter the player ID or name of the Agent/guide you wish to check

Stat trackers only display publicly available information, and you will only be able to check the stats of a player that already has the relevant tracker account. Most trackers make it possible for users to create an account simply by logging into their Riot Accounts. Those with private accounts will stay anonymous, and their stats will be hidden.

Are VALORANT trackers Riot approved?

VALORANT trackers are considered third-party applications, and according to Riot’s Stance on third-party software, their anti-cheat “Vanguard” does not recommend any third-party program that would directly interfere with the player gameplay-wise in VALORANT. That’s why we have been very careful in only selecting options that will not get you banned, including Stryda (ex G-Loot) that is an official Riot partner and Overwolf app (and that is why our tracker is perfectly safe to use while checking out your game stats!). 

Stat trackers are typically browser-based, meaning they will not interfere with a player’s gameplay in any way. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about using a browser-based stat tracker at all.

What about trackers that make you install their software and simultaneously run in the background while you play the game? Based on Riot’s policies about third-party applications, you are very likely to get banned if you use a stat tracker that doesn’t comply with these policies. As we mentioned before, we made our selection very carefully, and the VALORANT stat trackers in the list below will not result in a ban as they are compliant with Riot’s policies. 

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Are VALORANT trackers safe to use?

VALORANT trackers simply read your stats through games API which are provided by the game developers (RIOT themselves in this case). Since this connection happens through the game and with authorisation of the devs, it is safe to use games trackers and this case VALORANT ones. You can read more about this topic in our article about the best games trackers!

What are the most popular VALORANT trackers? 

Out of the many VALORANT trackers available right now, there is no right or wrong tool that reigns above the rest. It all depends on the player's preference. Different players with different playstyles of course don’t always have the same tastes and needs. Let's take a look at some of the popular VALORANT stat trackers and discuss the features and tools that they provide!

VALORANT tracker option one: Stryda (ex G-Loot), an in-game Overwolf app

Of course, we could not ignore our very own VALORANT tracker at Stryda (ex G-Loot), an official partner of Riots (with whom we organised the VALORANT Clash tournament , part of the VALORANT Championship Tour OFF//SEASON), Overwolf app for Windows, and now with API connection. 

The Stryda VALORANT stats tracker breaks down all your statistics in a comprehensive way including kills, assists, win rate, K/D ratio, deaths, losses, draws, and headshots while giving you the ability to see how well you progress over time. Moreover, we have just released the API connection to VALORANT

This will enable players to get/see better stats than ever, including (other than the classic assists, deaths, kills, and headshots previously mentioned): damage dealt, legshots, bodyshots, grenade casts, ability and ultimate casts, numbers of  victory, defeat, drawns, and rounds results.

Our VALORANT stats page has been recently redesigned to give you even more data, including stats up to latest 20 matches and your top agents list.

As mentioned before, we also used some of these stats to create our very own VALORANT Agent Generator, that you can use to pick the best Agent for your next game, based on team composition and chosen map.

The stats tracker itself is beginner friendly and easy to use, it doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or fairly new to the game. If you are looking for a simple yet effective stat tracker that offers a lightweight in-game overlay, Stryda (ex G-Loot) can be the right choice, and more.

Other than help with checking your stats, Stryda (ex G-Loot) offers internal VALORANT Missions and weekly Ladders. You can find weekly Leadearboards and check your progress compared to all other players. Plus, with our Clans you can now meet other esports lovers to play with pretty much every day of the week.

Compared to all other trackers out there, with Stryda you can also earn rewards by simply playing your favourite games and complete our free Battle Pass. To do so, complete our Missions and Battle Pass and collect Coins that you can redeem for VALORANT gift cards in our Shop.

 How to use the Stryda (ex G-Loot) VALORANT Tracker?

  • Create your Stryda account!. 

  • Connect your Stryda profile to your Riot account.

  • Finally, launch VALORANT and review your stats after each game.

VALORANT tracker BONUS option:

We could not say this list was completed without adding a special bonus option: An already well known and respected app for League of Legends players, Mobalytics has expanded their offering to our beloved VALORANT, quickly establishing themselves as one of the most comprehensive stats trackers out there.

To use Mobalytics, you simply have to connect your Riot ID and start playing. This VALORANT tracker will record your stats during your gaming sessions, and will have them displayed in their app in real time.

Mobalytics displays classic stats such as K/D, Kills/Rounds, combat score, and more comprehensive stats like accuracy hits per game, favourite weapon, top agents stats, and even the progress over the last 30 games played. Their Maps and Weapons details, as well as the stats for each single games, are extremely in-depth. Don't forget that as this data is public, you can also check your opponents and other VALORANT expert gamers to see how they performed.

Tracking your in-game progress is extremely important to improve as a player, and if that's not enough Mobalytics also offers coaching masterclass sessions by VALORANT pro-players Brax, Azk, and T1 Coach Frod.

Mobalytics can also tracks your stats in their other supported games, including League of Legends and their most recent entry Baldur's Gate 3.

VALORANT tracker option two: offers a very comprehensive in-game overlay. It covers statistics that can provide information on which Agents you perform best on, breaking down each stat on KDA-to-win percentages, and stats like first-blood rate, which helps to identify which Agent you feel most comfortable with. It allows players to keep track of their progress and check their headshot percentages, death-per-round percentages, and other useful statistics for every map in rotation.

Callouts that cover every part of all the maps are also made available for users. This makes trying to memorize callout-positions fun and effective. features built-in guidelines for each difficulty level within the game, so you don't have to waste time identifying flaws and then choose a guide to help you fix those mistakes. There are several options that will help you sort through the content and locate exactly what you’re searching for, whether you're attacking or defending.

VALORANT tracker option three: provides an in-depth statistical report on information like headshot percentages, win rates, total kills, average player score, kill-death ratio, and average damage. However, it is browser-based and does not provide an in-game overlay. Therefore, users will not be able to record gameplay and analyze their highlights. To access your stats and information, you will have to log in through your Riot Account on’s website and set your account to public on it. 

Every 24 hours, all of their data is refreshed, ensuring that they are always on top of the VALORANT meta. You will be able to find roughly the same stats as Blitz with maybe just a few obvious limitations. By analyzing stats on specific maps, players can identify flaws and improve their overall gameplay. also grants its users access to global stats and information like Agent tiers, Agent pick rates, and most successful Agent compositions for every map in different regions. Overall, is designed for users who tend to analyze stats on their VALORANT accounts without the overlay in-game.

VALORANT tracker option four: is very similar to Blitz; it’s maybe slightly less thorough, but it adds a few pivotal features., unlike Blitz, has a highlight recorder built-in. With this feature, players can review their clips and see where they went wrong. It’s useful for identifying situations where you failed to clutch out rounds, which will ultimately improve your gameplay and mentality in crucial do-or-die moments. It's simple to use and comes with an app for both Android and Apple devices. This allows gamers to check or share stats like headshot percentage, kill-death ratio, most and least used Agents, win-loss rate, and hours played whenever they wish. may not be as clean and aesthetically pleasing as Blitz, but it does a really good job of creating a full in-depth breakdown of every single section of your gameplay, and it's simple enough for the typical gamer to understand and use on a daily basis. 

Note that and Overwolf's VALORANT Tracker are the same thing. VALORANT Tracker by Overwolf is an Overwolf recording software integration that is built into the app.

VALORANT tracker option five:

As stated on its website, offers a wide range of statistical data. It differs from other trackers since the statistics provided are player-specific rather than focusing on the statistics of the entire team. It provides player stats like total victories, kills, assists, kills per round, most kills in a round, first-bloods obtained, clutches, and aces. allows users to see how they perform on specific maps with specific Agents, weapons, and squad compositions. 

It also lets gamers know exactly what they need to work on to improve their gameplay. In terms of the statistics provided to players, seems to have a really good algorithm. A user also can identify their playstyle on specific maps, which helps in choosing the Agent that is best suited for their based on the information provided. 

What is the best VALORANT tracker?

There are many VALORANT trackers available right now, which perform the basic function of displaying statistical information about players. 

What truly distinguishes Stryda (ex G-Loot), Mobalytics, Blitz and from the other VALORANT stat apps available is the in-game overlays and in-depth analysis they provide with the metrics. While Stryda offers, other than an overlay stats trackers, unique Community features and rewards, the other mentioned options also provide their users with many useful features, and pleasant user interfaces. 

We would recommend you to experiment with different trackers to pick which one suits you best, but since you are here, why not start exploring Stryda, and how you can earn rewards by simply playing VALORANT?


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