VALORANT new Team Deathmatch mode: tips and best agents

Published: July 5 2023

Last updated: July 13 2023

VALORANT new Team Deathmatch mode: tips and best agents
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Discover the new Team Deathmatch mode in VALORANT; including the rules, maps, best agents, and tips and tactics for mastering it!

With the release of Episode 7 Act 1 last month, the long-teased Team Deathmatch game mode finally came on VALORANT. The game mode includes a traditional 5v5 deathmatch where players can choose their load-outs and engage in furious skirmishing on three different compact maps. 

With the new mode, players can improve their utility usage and fragging skills to better adapt to the competitive meta in a low-stakes setting. Before we go into more depth about the new Deathmatch mode, be sure to check out our free VALORANT Battle Pass, which can make your experience more exciting by providing you with daily challenges, Ladders, and thrilling rewards!  Also, in connection to VALORANT Episode 7, don't miss our fresh Deadlock guide to learn everything about her abilities and how to play her.

All you need to know about Team Deathmatch 

Basic rules

  • The team that reaches 100 kills first wins the match; if no team does so before time expires, the team with the most kills wins.

  • The traditional economy from standard VALORANT battles is gone because the load-outs are automatically upgraded, so players cannot buy abilities.

  • VALORANT's Team Deathmatch will consist of four stages, each allowing players a unique selection of weapon load-outs.

  • A player who dies will respawn on their team's spawn after 1.5 seconds with a buff protecting them from attacks and abilities for 15 seconds.

  • Players will now have the chance to find superior weapons by locating the scattered Weapon Spawners on the battlefields. This offers a sense of surprise and encourages players to explore the map in quest of powerful weapons.

Recovery and Ultimate Orbs

  • Recovery and Ultimate orbs, which both offer significant gameplay bonuses, can be found all across the maps.

  • A player's ultimate ability is charged up when they collect the ultimate orbs that appear periodically in certain locations.

  • Recovery orbs, which can be found in specific spots on each map, give a benefit that gradually restores health and shields over the course of six seconds. 

Team Deathmatch new maps 

Header: Riot Games

In the new mode, players will be able to choose from three different maps - Piazza, District, and Kasbah - that are mashups of the game's existing maps. These maps are great for players to explore and conquer due to the lack of spike locations and the significant change in clutter and obstacle placement. 

District: (Mixture of Split and Lotus)

Kasbah: (Mixture of Bind and Fracture)

Piazza: (Mixture of Ascent and Pearl)

Best Agents for VALORANT TeamDeathmatch

Header: Riot Games

To offer your team an advantage in terms of strategic adaptability aimed at hot-blooded duelists, choose balanced and diverse roles, exactly like in a typical game. By selecting the agent who will best serve the team, you can coordinate with your teammates to draw out the opponent's abilities, set up crossfires, hold angles, and execute ability combos.

Jett x Deathmatch 

Jett is a popular pick for TDM, and every other VALORANT mode, thanks to her mobility-focused skills, which enable her to rush across the map, gain an advantage in duels, and swiftly change positions. With her elusive playstyle and deadly accuracy, Jett is a great choice for gamers wishing to pile up kills. Her Cloudburst ability creates a smoke screen that disorients her enemies, while her ultimate ability, Blade Storm, allows her to throw knives that deal deadly damage, making her a lethal agent in a compact mode like TDM. 

RaZe x Deathmatch

Raze’s arsenal of explosive abilities can dislodge enemies and secure quick kills, making her the perfect Duelist for creating chaos and clearing out areas. She can use the Blast Pack to rocket herself into advantageous positions or surprise opponents with her Paint Shells, which are cluster bombs that deal significant damage to multiple enemies. She equips a rocket launcher with her Showstopper ultimate, which can kill multiple opponents with a single shot. 

Valorant Raze

Fade x Deathmatch

For players opting for a swift push-and-kill strategy, Fade is a solid option due to her ability to quickly disrupt and kill enemies. You can use Fade's signature ability to expose the enemy's location, which is a great tool for the fast-paced nature of this game mode. Team Deathmatch's smaller maps are ideal for Fade's Prowler because it can be used in a confined spot to push with your allies, while Fade's Ultimate capability covers a large region.

Valorant Fade Riot

Viper x Deathmatch

Viper is one of the most effective agents in TDM, given the high uptime of his abilities in comparison to other Agent’s abilities. Its high uptime necessitates a specific gaming strategy of essentially holding angles and playing it cautiously since dying will wipe your wall and orb from the battlefield and put the abilities on cooldown. 

Viper's Toxic Screen or Wall is one of the game's harshest smokes, reducing the enemy's health and vision when they cross it and leaving them vulnerable to attacks if they attempt to push it. Combining this skill with Phoenix's Curveball Flash, which has one of the lowest wind-ups in the game and a decent blind time, makes them among the hardest to counter in fast-paced TDM, where respawn periods are only 1.5 seconds.

Tips and tricks to master VALORANT Deathmatch mode

Header: Riot Games

  • Despite the popularity of self-sufficient duelists in this fragging-oriented game style, it's a good idea to choose other roles to improve your team's adaptability.

  • You must choose an agent who gets along well with your teammates since TDM’s playstyle is team-based. Two initiators, two duelists, one controller, or one sentinel make a great combination of agents for Team Deathmatch.

  • To be as successful as possible, TDM calls for good coordination and proper teamwork. While it is a viable strategy to scatter, hold angels, and wait for aggression as a group, keeping your squad together makes it simpler to push one side of the map because you can outnumber opponents.

  • Team Deathmatch is a great way to practice shooting skills with guns you will utilize in ranked matches, like the Ghost, Sheriff, and Bulldog. It is not typical for players to use these guns in Deathmatches, but with this game type, you can learn how to use them and master them.

Ready for Team Deathmatch in your next VALORANT game?

Now that you know everything about the new Deathmatch mode in VALORANT, it’s time to dive in and show us what you got! We have recently added Deathmatch challenges to our Stryda Ladders, the perfect way to improve your skills while completing our VALORANT Battle Pass. What are you waiting for?


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