VALORANT Sunset map guide: callouts, strategies, & best agents

Published: September 7 2023

Last updated: September 8 2023

VALORANT Sunset map guide: callouts, strategies, & best agents
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Need directions for VALORANT new map Sunset? Stryda is here to show you the way!

This map guide will cover everything you need to know about the game’s freshest battleground, including tips, tricks, and secrets. 

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Sunset overview & lore

Sunset is the tenth map added to VALORANT. The map arrived with Patch Update 7.04, which brought substantial balance changes to the game’s roster. It is located in Boyle Heights, a bustling neighborhood near downtown Los Angeles. Notable landmarks such as the city skyline, Hollywood Hills, and the infamous LA freeway can be spotted in the background.

Some time ago a secret Kingdom Facility was built along the outskirts of Boyle Heights. Residents began noticing strange creatures roaming the area believed to have escaped from the facility. Now the entire neighborhood is threatened by the sudden appearance of a massive sinkhole, likely caused by the Kingdom’s experiments. 

As it is set in Los Angeles, Sunset’s release appears to be in correlation with one of VALORANT’s newest Agents, Gekko. The stylish Initiator is an LA native and his abilities seem to have ties to the secret Kingdom Facility in Boyle Heights. It's possible that Dizzy, Thrash, Mosh, and Wingman are among the creatures believed to have escaped from the Kingdom

Unique features of Sunset map in VALORANT

“Traditional” is the best word to describe Sunset. It has the standard two plant Sites located on opposite sides of the map. Players must navigate through a vast system of large, intersecting corridors. Sunset’s design and features are very reminiscent of the maps found in Counter-Strike.

Although Sunset’s layout is simple, it is incredibly large with open spaces and long sightlines. It has a lot of soft angles making it easier to clear certain areas. On the other hand, there is also a ton of cover throughout the map in the form of boxes, free-standing structures, and bangable walls

Early on, Sunset appears to favor methodical, slow-paced gameplay with a heavy emphasis on long-range gunfights and retakes. 

The only notable unique feature found on Sunset is a mechanical door granting entrance to B Market from Mid Courtyard. Players can close it from inside the market using a switch. Enemies trapped outside must destroy the door (500 HP) to gain access to Market. This doorway then remains permanently open for the remainder of the round.  

Tips, tricks, and secrets to conquer Sunset map in VALORANT 

Sunset is one of VALORANT largest maps, rivaling the likes of Breeze and Haven in size. Both A and B Sites are vast, open areas with little cover. A Site has a rectangular structure in the center, while B Site is centered around a wide tower. B Site has several sets of stairs circling the tower, creating multiple levels of elevation. The high ground is closer to the Defenders Side Spawn, easily accessible through B Boba.

Both Sites also have long sightlines peering into other areas. It is possible to peer into A Site through A Main, Link, Alley, and Elbow. B Site doesn’t have as many options, but there is a substantially far sightline between B Site and B Main. 

There are multiple windows found in buildings that are large enough to fire certain abilities through. The most notable are found in B Main and Mid Tiles. With precise aim, players can throw grenades and other projectiles through these openings from either side. Use this strategy when tossing entry frags or deploying intel abilities. 

Sunset has a bunch of strange boxes that are slightly too tall for Agents to jump onto normally. Teams will want to have either Raze or Jett in their composition since they can use abilities to bind atop these structures. While it limits options in Sunset’s Duelist meta, there are far too many strong vantage points to waste here. 

Sunset map callouts in VALORANT

Sunset A Site


A large hallway connecting Attacker Side Spawn to A SIte. There is a window atop a wall that you can fire abilities through and into A Main.


A large area connecting A Lobby to A Site. There are extremely long sightlines here, peering through A Site all the way into A Elbow, as well as an awkward stair set granting some slight high ground.


A rectangular area wrapping around the back of A Site. There is a bottleneck in the center of A Elbow that makes it a tricky point to push through.


A small, soft-angled area connecting A Site to Mid Top and Defender Side Spawn.


A large area connecting Defender Side Spawn to A Site. There are long sightlines and little cover here, as well as a rough hard angle near the entrance to A Site.

Sunset Mid


A corridor connecting B Lobby to Mid Courtyard. It has extremely long sightlines peering past Courtyard and into Mid Top. 

Mid Courtyard

The central area of Mid. It is a small, open area save for a free-standing structure in the middle. 


A concave angle in the back of Mid Courtyard, highlighted by a tall palm tree.


The mechanical door separating Mid Courtyard and B Market. The switch cannot be accessed via Mid and players must destroy the door to get through it when closed.


A partially enclosed area connecting Mid Courtyard to A Lobby. There is a window here peeking into Mid Courtyard, making Tiles a strong ambush location. 


A long, narrow corridor connecting A Link and B Boba to Mid. It is notable for its awkward ledge, which grants elevation but has laughably little cover. 

Sunset B Site


A long, open area connecting Attacker Side Spawn to B Main. A clothing bin creates a hard angle, as it is bangable on the edges but not in the center.  


A large, enclosed movie theatre lobby with two distinct rooms that also connects B Lobby to B Site. There are a pair of large windows in the theatre building overlooking Mid Bottom. 


The massive, towering structure in the center of B Site that acts as the only source of substantial cover in the area. 


A small, enclosed area offering two different routes to B Site from Mid Courtyard.


The switch that controls the mechanical door between B Market and Mid Courtyard. It is only accessible on the Market side of the door.


A route to B Site accessible through Mid Top and B Market. Going through B Boba grants players easy access to the high ground on B Site.

Best VALORANT Agents to play on Sunset

Gathering Intel and utilizing the map’s massive size to your advantage are pivotal keys to victory on Sunet. Initiators and Sentinels play huge roles here, so it is best to double up with one or the other in your composition. For more information of how to play every Agent, check out Stryda’s complete VALORANT Agent Guide!

Raze x map Sunset in VALORANT

The Brazilian rabble-rouser Raze is the best Duelist to play on Sunset. Bounce Boom Bot off walls in creative angles to find enemy locations and flush them out of hiding spaces. Paint Shells is a cluster grenade with great effect in the map’s open areas. You can also throw the grenade through windows for surprise attacks. Her Ult is extremely lethal in these large, open spaces as well. 

Raze is able to elevate herself to heights others can’t reach with the help of her Blast Pack. This allows her to take advantage of Sunset’s awkward boxes that most Agents can’t jump up to. Jett works here too, but Raze’s intel gathering and ability to dish out huge damage in space makes her the stronger option.  

Valorant Raze

Skye x map Sunset in VALORANT

The Aussie Agent Skye is the best when it comes to gathering intel around hard angles. The controllable Trailblazer is one of the game’s best intel abilities and unleashes a concussive blast. Guiding Light is perhaps the best flash in VALORANT, able to bend around corners to blind foes severely. 

Skye is well-suited for Sunset’s wide open spaces. Her Ultimate seeks out the three closest enemies regardless of distance, which comes in handy on a map this large. With so many retakes leading to slower rounds, Skye’s Regrowth helps keep teammates alive longer.  

Cypher x map Sunset in VALORANT

Intel accumulation leads to a high rate of success on large battlegrounds like Sunset. No other Agent is tailor-made for intel quite like Cypher. There are a seemingly endless number of spots for him to place his Spycams throughout the map. With plenty of choke points to defend, Trapwire is great for slowing down enemy pushes. 

Vision blocking comes in handy on Sunset too. Cypher is able to aid in this area with his Cyber Cage, which provides an audio cue when an enemy enters the smoke. Fade is a strong alternative option, but Cypher is able to gather intel in much more discreet ways. 

Cypher close up

Viper x map Sunset in VALORANT

The best way to counter intel gathering is with an array of vision-blocking tools. Thankfully, Agent Viper has more than enough of these to spare. The master of toxins can cut Sunset’s giant areas in half with a towering wall of Toxic Screen. Her Snake Bite molotov is a great crowd-control tool to use on both Sites. 

Viper also possesses smokes in Poison Cloud to provide even more vision blocking. Her Ultimate is especially strong on Sunset, as it envelops entire areas in a thick cloud of poisonous smog. The cloud traverses multiple levels of terrain, making it highly effective on B Site. 

Killjoy x map Sunset in VALORANT

The German inventor is a must-pick on large maps because she can autonomously defend both sites at once. Killjoy can monitor one site herself while deploying Turrets and Alarmbots to patrol the other. Nanoswarm is a deadly covert grenade that acts as a great ambush trap near choke points.

Killjoy is the premier Agent for retaking areas since she can play offense and defense at once. Her Ult is a great way to finish out rounds, as it locks down a large area and prevents enemies from escaping. Use it on either site when the Defenders are on their heels or Attackers are making their final push. 

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