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May 11 2023

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Stryda new complete smoke guides and best agents to use for the current competitive maps: Split, Haven, Pearl, Ascent, Bind, Fracture, and Lotus!

Hello friends!

Today we will talk about smokes on the main maps in VALORANT. The best agents for this are Omen, Brimstone, Astra and Viper.

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How to use smokes in all competitive VALORANT maps 


First, let’s take a look at the map Split. Here we can choose agent Omen, Brimstone or Astra.

VALORANT Split map

When attacking A, cover Screens and Rafters. Smokes in Vents are great for controlling the mid. For aggressive play, smokes on the exit from A-site to Tower and on Screens will work well.

When attacking B-Plant, smoke the B-Tower  and B-alley leading to Defender Spawn. When playing through mid, instead of smoking Tower, set a smoke at Stairs. In aggressive defense, always close A-main, and if you want to let the opponents go a little bit, then throw an additional smoke on A-Ramp. 

When defending B, a smoke on the lower mid and in B-main will work well.


Now, let’s turn to Haven. Brimstone, Astra, and Omen are our choice for this one.

When attacking A-plant, throw a smoke on the balcony and at the exit from the city tunnel. 

When attacking B-plant - close the exits from A-link and windows on C. 

When entering C-plant, smokes should be deployed at the exit from C-Garage and at the exit from C-link. A smoke in A-Lobby or smokes in the exits to plant from Tunnel and Long will be useful for the defense side. 

When defending B, put a smoke on the passage from mid or immediately on the balcony if you plan to push. On C-plant, close C-long. If the opponent already occupies the point, do not hesitate to use a smoke on the plant itself.


Astra can also perform well on Pearl. 

When attacking A-plant, block exits from A-Link and A-Colors. If you want to play more aggressively, use a smoke in mid connector. When pushing B through mid, close the exit from mid-Connector to mid-Doors. If you are moving to A through mid, then close B-link. 

When attacking B through main, key positions of the opponent are Hall, Tower, and Link. Close them depending on the information you have. 

When defending A, close the arch in main and the arch at the exit from Art. Two smokes near the Screen on main can be used behind B-plant.


Our next map is Ascent. Omen, Brimstone and Astra will perform best here.

Playing on the attack on A-site, you can smoke the doors on the left and the upper exit to the site. A similar situation is on B-site. You can smoke the doors on the right and the exit from the defense side. If you want to attack A-site through mid, be sure to throw a smoke in the arch and follow the tile where you will break through. If you are attacking B-site, throw a smoke on the tile and another deep into the Market. 

In defense, it makes sense to throw a smoke at the mains of A and B-sites. On A-main, there is an excellent one-way smoke that needs to be thrown at the top wall.


On Bind, the best choice would be Brimstone.

If you and your team have decided to capture B-site, standard smokes at B-Elbow and B-Hall will work well. When attacking A-site through mid, it will be useful to close off the truck with smokes - this limits the defenders' visibility of A-Heaven. If you have information about the enemy in Lamps, throw a smoke at the exit from Lamps to Teleport. The third smoke can be thrown at the showers if you have information about enemy movement.

If you are attacking through the showers, immediately throw a smoke at A-Heaven, at the exit from Lamps, and in the space between the truck and blocks. When defending B-site, you can use a standard smoke at B-long to secure the area. If you want to defend aggressively, throw a smoke in the passage between B-Window and B-Short. When facing opponents on the site, smoke the exit from B-Window and B-Garden. When defending A-site, there is a great one-way smoke at the double box at A-Short.


Let’s move on to Fracture. Brimstone and Viper work great here.

When attacking A-site as Brimstone, smokes work well for Rope and Sand. If you break through main or Dish, you need to close all exits to the point. Playing Viper, you can make an excellent wall from a position near the rope. The wall will close both the exit on Rope and the exit from Defender Spawn. When attacking B-site, use a smoke at the intersection of Tunnel and Canteen, as well as at the exit from Generator and Arcade. If you come out of Arcade, smoke Generator, Canteen and Main. Playing Viper, you can make an excellent wall through a box from B-main. Now the site is literally isolated from every passage.

When attacking A-plant as Brimstone, throw a smoke on Drop, main and exit from Rope. You can also use a Viper wall from A-plant, which will cover main, Hall and Doors. 

In defense, a Brimstone smoke will work well on B-main and B-Arcade. You can also close Arcade B with a Viper wall.


Let’s finish the current competitive maps with the Lotus map. Brimstone will be an excellent choice. 

When attacking A-plant through main, you need to cover Stairs with smoke. If you are preparing to take on opponents on the plant, you can smoke Top and Drop. If there is information that the opponents are going through B - use a smoke in A-link. 

When attacking B - smoke three exits from C-link and A, as well as B-upper. For attacking C-plant, smokes on C-Waterfall and C-Hall will do. 

When defending A-plant, you can smoke the center of A-main and the space between A-Tree and A-site. For aggressive defense with the team, you can use a deep smoke in A-Lobby.  Defending B, use a smoke in B-main and A-link. When defending C-site, get a smoke on C-main to deprive opponents of information and stop their progress.


Icebox is currently out of rotation, but read this if you want to be ready of its next comeback! On Icebox, Viper will be the best choice, but other smokes can also help.

Attacking point A, you can use a smoke wall that blocks the path of enemies from A-screens . But don’t forget about the roofs of A - they are unprotected at this time. As an option, you can throw a smoke in there. Attacking through mid, you can use a through wall that will completely close Blue mid and B-tunnel. Also, with smokes, you can close the passage along Blue mid and B-Kitchen. Another wall from B-Green will help you fence off B-site from exits from B-Orange, B-Hall and B-Snowman. 

When defending A-site, you can put a wall perpendicular to A-screens, thereby covering the roofs of A, from where you can defend the site. Here you can also use two smokes near the rope between A-Pipes, Cover and Belt. On B-site, you can close Yellow and exit from Green, or Corner and exit from Green.

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