VALORANT Piazza map for winning on TDM

Published: September 12 2023

Last updated: September 5 2023

VALORANT Piazza map for winning on TDM
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Learn how to conquer map Piazza for VALORANT Team Deathmatch mode, including best agents to pick, callouts, and orb locations.

To coincide with the introduction of Team Deathmatch (TDM), VALORANT added new maps exclusive to the game mode. Piazza is one of these three new battlegrounds. 

Like District and Kasbah, Piazza blends elements from a pair of standard VALORANT maps. In this case, it combines Ascent and Pearl together. 

Piazza is mid-sized compared to the other two TDM maps and by far the most open. It’s design is rather intricate with a bunch of unique areas. There is a large Mid area with extremely wide entry points. 

Piazza encourages team fights more than the other TDM maps. Orbs and Weapon Spawners are spaced far about, making Mid hard to defend and retake common. Where Team Deathmatch normally favors quick 1v1, sticking together as a team works better on Piazza. Move as a unit instead of every Agent running aimlessly through the map’s maze-like structure. Combine abilities to set up attacks and take whole teams out at a time. 

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Key callouts for map Piazza in VALORANT

A/D Alley

A direct pathway from the Spawn Room to Mid Courtyard.

Mid Courtyard

The very center of the map marked by a box-shaped structure. The only two Health Orbs are found here.


An enclosed area on the side of the map that has an upper and lower level. A Weapon Spawner and an Ultimate Orb are found on the lower level.

A/D Hall 

A long hallway wedged between the Spawn Room and Mid Courtyard. 

A/D Side Cubby 

A small area between Mid Courtyard and Hut sectioned off by a green box. An Ultimate Orb is found here. 

A/D Lobby 

An alternate path from the Spawn Room to Mid Courtyard that is substantially further than both Alley and Hall. However, a Weapon Spawner is found here near the entrance to Mid.

A/D Nest 

An elevated area overlooking Mid Courtyard. It is accessible through a small entryway between Lobby and Hut

A/D Box 

A large rectangular box that provides great cover for teams pushing through Alley or Side Cubby. 

Orbs and weapon spawners in map Piazza for VALORANT TDM

Piazza’s orbs and Weapon Spawners are more spread out than other TDM maps. You can find them in Mid, on the upper edges of the map, and closer to the Spawn Rooms. There are two Healing Orbs on opposite sides of Mid Courtyard’s central structure. 

Ultimate Orbs are dispersed throughout the map. One is found in the lower level of Hut, another behind the box in Side Cubby. Two more are found in Mid Courtyard – one along Hut’s wall and another within a small cubby sitting between the same wall and nest. 

There are four Weapon Spawners on Piazza, in which they are paired together in mirrored locations. For example, one can be found in both Attacker and Defender side Hut. The remaining two are found on each side of Lobby along the wall of Nest. 

Best Agents to play in map Piazza for VALORANT TDM

Jett x map Piazza

VALORANT’s master of mobility agent Jett dominates TDM just as she does in standard play. Jett takes advantage of Piazza’s long sightlines with her exceptional sniping capabilities. She can also vault on top of boxes and structures with Updraft for better vantage points. This is a huge advantage since there is no other way of accessing this high ground. Given the constant retakes on Piazza, Jett is almost a must-have for any team composition. 

Viper x map Piazza

The venomous chemist Agent Viper specializes in segmenting large amounts of space in half. Her kit is tailor-made for splitting Piazza’s vast Mid area. Use Toxic Screen in the center of Mid Courtyard. You can even angle the wall so that it blocks off sightlines from both Nests. Snake Bite and Poison Cloud are great tools for controlling space and breaking up the opposing team’s cohesion. Viper’s Ult is exceptionally strong on Piazza, so prioritize collecting Ultimate Orbs for her other Agents. 

Sage x map Piazza

Valorant Sage Dark background

Since Piazza favors team play, support Agents have a larger role here than in District or Kasbah. Agent Sage is the go-to pick of this crop for her unrivaled ability to heal teammates. Her presence makes capturing Mid less important, allowing her squad to freely lurk through Hut and Nest and lure the fight to them. The Chinese medic can also revive a fallen teammate with her Ultimate. Furthermore, her Basic Abilities add all-around utility that makes her highly impactful on Piazza. 

Chamber x map Piazza

Like Jett, Chamber brings the same dominance to TDM that he exhibits in standard play. As one of the game’s top support Agents, the Frenchman thrives on Piazza. Rendezvous allows him to teleport from two points such as Mid Courtyard and Side Cubby. His Trademark trap is great in the map’s tighter spaces like Hut and Hall. Chamber’s custom weaponry, accessible by Headhunter and his Ult (Tour de Force), makes him an adept sniper on Piazza’s long sightlines.

Harbor x map Piazza

This water-bending Agent Harbor’s wall-like waves have great effect on Piazza. On the surface, they provide great cover for Harbor and his team in the map’s open areas. But they help on the offensive end as well, especially when trying to push through into Mid. Send Cascade or High Tide roaring toward the opposing squad. Charge behind it with your teammates and pick off enemies caught by the wave’s slowing effect. 

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