VALORANT top 5 Phantom Skins & how to get them for free

Published: October 30 2023

Last updated: October 31 2023

VALORANT top 5 Phantom Skins & how to get them for free
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Check out the top 5 VALORANT Phantom skins, tiers, prices, and how to get them for free with Stryda!

The player base of the game VALORANT has access to a large selection of weapon skin variations. However, some of the most popular weapon skins among all the VALORANT ones are actually released for the Phantom, which is one of the two main rifles in the game.

If you are planning to buy some skins for the Phantom, there are a few factors you need to understand and consider first. Here is a full guide on everything you need to know about these skins and some pointers towards the best Phantom skins you can get right now.

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What you should know about Phantom skins in VALORANT

Weapon skin tiers are used to categorize the pricing and general designs of VALORANT skins, and the highest-tier skins are usually the best in comparison. Also, they are usually quite pricey. But you can always find some hidden gems within the mid-range weapon skin tiers as well.

In VALORANT, all weapon skin tiers are determined by the visual appeal of the skin or skin bundle in addition to the design, animations, and sound effects. This also applies to all Phantom skins as well. Higher skin tiers correspond to more desirable and valuable weapon skins. The skin tiers in VALORANT are also referred to as price tiers in general because higher levels are associated with increasing expenses. The five Phantom skin tiers that are currently offered in VALORANT are Select, Deluxe, Premium, Exclusive, and Ultra.

The Select Tier Phantom skins in VALORANT

The most affordable Phantom skin choices available in VALORANT are the Select Tier Phantom skins. Each Phantom skin in this tier costs 875 VP, while each melee skin costs 1,750 VP. However, the Select Tier Phantom skins are missing animations and sound effects when compared to the skins from the higher tiers. Usually, they are just reskinned versions of the default Phantom with overlayed artwork or patterns. Overall, these Phantom skin designs are often simple and intended to reflect the characteristics of the default weapon.

The Deluxe Tier Phantom skins in VALORANT

The Phantom skins from the Deluxe Tier are pretty much comparable to lower-class weapon skins that are available in the Select Tier. Phantom skins are 1,275 VP each in this Delux tier, while melee skins are 2,550 VP. While certain Phantom skins from the Deluxe tier provide some simple animation effects or 3D effects on the weapon, these skins often lack attention-worthy animations or effects.

The Premium Tier Phantom skins in VALORANT

The Premium skin tier of VALORANT contains a few of the best and most sorted Phantom skins in the entire game. A melee skin costs 3,550 VP, while a Phantom skin in the Premium Tier costs 1,775 VP, making up the price range for Premium Tier skins. These Phantom skins usually come with excellent audio effects and animations that will more than delight players visually.

The Exclusive Tier Phantom skins in VALORANT

The Exclusive skin tier contains some of the best and most expensive Phantom skins. For a melee skin, they can cost from 4,350 to 5,350 VP, and for a Phantom skin in the Exclusive Tier ranges from 2,175 to 2,675 VP. Phantom skins that are included in this tier are basically different versions of the base weapon, and the Exclusive Tier Phantom skins usually come with the coolest animations, audio effects, pull-out effects, and other features.

The Ultra Tier Phantom skins in VALORANT

Skins with the most expensive base price per item in the entire game can be found in the Ultra Tier, the last and highest skin tier in VALORANT which includes some of the best Phantom skins. A melee skin costs 4,950 VP, and a Phantom skin costs 2,475 VP in the Ultra tier. This tier's Phantom skins are loaded with amazing effects, and some of them even have vocal effects. Phantom skins of this tier are unavoidable and can be easily categorized as God-tier items in comparison to the skins in the preceding tiers.

To summarize, the current Phantom skins tiers are shown in the table below:

Best Phantom skins available in VALORANT

Now that we have got the important things about Phantom skins out of the way, let’s have a look at the best and the most wanted Phantom skins available in VALORANT. We have selected the top 5 Phantom skins out there right now considering their popularity and overall visual appeal.

05. Spectrum Phantom

Upgradable Exclusive Tier skin that was created in collaboration with ZEDD, sold as an individual skin for 2675 VP, or as a part of the Spectrum bundle. It features exclusive sound effects engineered by ZEDD and a finisher that features audio and visuals made with ZEDD. The release patch of this skin was 3.05.

04. RGX 11Z Pro Phantom

Upgradable Exclusive Tier skin that was sold as an individual skin for 2175 VP or as a part of the RGX 2.0 bundle. It is the follow-up to its extremely popular RGX 11Z Pro Vandal skin. The kill totals for each player in the current game are shown on this skin. This Phantom skin, which is part of the Exclusive weapon tier, has an advanced appearance. The skin was released in patch 3.07.

03. ION Phantom

Upgradable Premium Tier skin that was sold as an individual skin for 1775 VP or as a part of the ION bundle. This Phantom skin features some distinctive visual and Laser-like blue animated effects. The original ION skin line stands out for its minimal and clean look, and this Phantom skin does just that. The release patch of this skin was 1.12.

02. Prime 2.0 Phantom

Upgradable Premium Tier skin that was sold as an individual skin for 1775 VP or as a part of the Prime 2.0 bundle. It features VFX, SFX, animations, multiple color variations, and an amazing finisher that features a holographic bison bull attacking its victims. The release patch of this skin was 2.04.

01. Champions 2022 Phantom

Exclusive Tier skin that was introduced during VALORANT Champions 2022 and was sold as an individual skin for 2675 VP or as a part of the Champions 2022 bundle. The skin was released to celebrate the years VCT Champions Series and features Champions 2022 exclusive animations and a finisher. The release patch of this skin was 5.04.

How to get Phantom skins in VALORANT

Phantom skins are often available, and only be acquirable within the game through the VALORANT store page. Players can simply pick the skin and add it to their account by proceeding with the purchase. Phantom skins often appear in a lot of new skin bundles that come out, and they are purchasable at any time as long as the bundle is still live in the store. If you want to purchase a Phantom from a previously released bundle, you will need to wait until it appears in your rotational store or your VALORANT Night Market.

Let's talk about how to add an Oni Phantom skin to your VALORANT account in 2022 for instance. The Oni Phantom was first made available to VALORANT in July 2020 along with the time-limited Oni bundle. Since the Oni Phantom can no longer be acquired at any desired moment from the store, players will have to constantly check their rotational market slots for an Oni Phantom. The rotational market is updated every 24 hours, and it has four slots that each contain a unique weapon skin from previously released weapon bundles. Furthermore, you can get an enticing discount on the Oni Phantom at your Per Act Night Market. But players will need to get extremely lucky to get an Oni Phantom on their Night Market.

Phantom skins are also available for players to obtain within the Battle Pass. All the Battle Passes that have been in the game have had at least one Phantom skin, and it is safe to assume that future battle passes will do the same. This method is far less expensive in comparison to purchasing skins straight from the store because the players can obtain the Battle Pass for just 1,000 VP in-game. The major flaw of this approach is that players can only get low-tier Phantom skins of the Select and Deluxe tiers as the Battle Pass rewards.

How to get free Phantom skins in VALORANT

The only possible way to get free skins inside the game VALORANT itself is by completing Agent Contracts or acquiring free Battle Pass awards. However, these skins acquired by the above methods are only available for pistols, stingers, and marshals, and they are offered in the Select tier. Due to this, many players think it's impossible to obtain a free Phantom skin through the game. This is not exactly accurate, though, as there are a few legal ways to get a premium Phantom skin for yourself absolutely free.

1. Take part in giveaways

Pro gamers and gaming personalities host giveaways for VALORANT skin packs across a variety of social media networks. Since so many people enter, it can seem practically impossible to win, but if you give it a shot, you could legitimately win a Phantom skin or a whole bundle of VALORANT skins.

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