VALORANT Pearl Map Guide: Callouts, tricks, and tips

Published: September 21 2022

Last updated: September 11 2023

VALORANT Pearl Map Guide: Callouts, tricks, and tips
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Episode Five of VALORANT brought map Pearl to the game. Set in a domed metropolis deep within the ocean, its fresh design is a stunning visual treat. Not only is this VALORANT map almost entirely unique, but it’s also quite different from the others since it doesn’t have teleporters or other similar mechanics. Let's see a few tips and strategy to win Pearl, including best agents to pick.

If you want to learn everything about map Pearl and stay ahead of the pack, we’ve got you covered! This guide will highlight all the details, callouts, and everything else you’ll need to know about Pearl. And if you love VALORANT and esports, don’t forget to check out Stryda and how you can join VALORANT competitions and get rewarded by simply playing your favorite games!

VALORANT Pearl Map Overview

What makes Pearl stand out from the rest of VALORANT’s maps is its simplicity, as it’s the first new map that doesn’t offer any dynamic elements such as teleporters, ziplines, ascenders, and destructible barriers. It’s much more in line with a traditional map in FPS games, sort of like Dust II in CS:GO. It remains reasonably static in order to try and limit the map’s effect on gameplay, while offering a huge area with tons of low walls and holes to peek out of. This makes it a complex map, where you need to keep an eye out for whatever may happen.

For most other maps in VALORANT, the meta is dictated by their design. Strategies like Agent compositions and weapon purchases in a given round are influenced by the map pick. Pearl is designed to be a more straightforward map similar to those found in traditional FPS games. 

Pearl’s most notable distinction is its Mid. Rather than being one open area, it is a series of maze-like hallways and corridors that connect to both Sites and Spawn points. There are also several buildings with peculiar windows or holes throughout the map. These openings can be exploited with certain Agent abilities to catch unsuspecting enemies by surprise. Controlling mid is vital on Pearl, and it can make or break your team’s strategy if you aren’t careful. It’s a big area with two main sections, Mid Plaza and Mid Connector, each a vital part for smokes to be aware of.

In open areas such as Main for both A and B Site, there is a significant lack of cover that can be exploited. Pearl has a ton of bangable walls, meaning there are few safe hiding spots in a firefight. There are several tight peeking corners throughout that can set up high-risk, high-reward plays with enough precision. Pearl does not feature a ton of elevated areas. Furthermore, any blocks or other structures that award the high ground tend to be out in the open with little to obstruct visibility.

Map Location: Omega Earth - Lisbon
Map Coordinates: 38º 42′ N 9º 8′ W

VALORANT Pearl Background

Pearl is the first map to take place on Omega Earth, specifically somewhere near Lisbon, Portugal. It’s an underwater city located at 38º 42′ N 9º 8′ W. Sadly, that’s about all we know about the map, aside from its small cameo in the Dimension cinematic, where the characters escape to a comic book store inside Pearl.

Pearl layout and basic callouts

A Site

  • Restaurant - a large, L-shaped area that features a staircase for elevation and tight corners with long sightlines. 

  • Main - an open area featuring a large box for cover. The box is bangable from the front but not the sides. 

  • Cafe - The main source of cover in A Site. It is an L shaped building that can be jumped onto from the elevated wall next to A Dugout.

  • Chapel - a hidden room in A site that provides ample cover for planting the Spike. There is a window allowing vantage points to A Dugout.  

  • Dugout - a small area behind A Site that is almost fully hidden. 

  • Secret - a corridor connecting A Site to the Defender Side Spawn

  • Flowers - a secondary corridor running adjacent to A Secret. The wall separating the two is bangable and has an open window that can be jumped through. 

  • Art - a small room connecting A Plaza to A Link. There are two holes near the ceiling that can be exploited by Agents like Jett and Raze to launch ambitious sneak attacks.

  • Link - an L-shaped corridor connecting A Site to Mid and the Defender Side Spawn. There is virtually no cover here. 

B Site

  • Club - a small room featuring the entrance to a nightclub called Odyssey. The large blue pillar in the center is bangable and can be shot through. 

  • Ramp - a small clearing bearing long sightlines that peer into B Main and B Site. The large piece of cover is misleading, as it can be shot through. 

  • Main - an open area connecting B Ramp to B Site featuring a large structure in the middle that provides great cover. There is also an extended corner to the side that serves as a stellar hiding spot for Defenders awaiting an approach from B Ramp.  

  • Screen - a bangable TV screen that creates a corner of cover near B Site. It can be shot through. 

  • Hall - a small, covered hallway that is one of the focal areas of control for B Site.

  • Tower - an elevated corridor leading into a nest that overlooks B site. It’s location leaves it risky for Attackers to access and it is meant to be like an exclusive tool for Defenders. 

  • Tunnel - a small passageway connecting B Site to the entrance of B Tower.

  • Records - An open area connecting B Tunnel with the Defender Side Spawn. 

  • Link - a long, narrow area connecting B Site to Mid. There are a few tight corners that can be used for cover. 


Mid is probably the most crucial part of this map and where most of the action will take place. It connects to both sites for good flanking opportunities, so finding a way to navigate them or control them with smoke is vital.

The area has two core spots, Mid Connector and Mid Plaza. Plaza makes an excellent area for attackers to flank, while Connector gives defenders a place for their rotation. These areas are vital, and expect a lot of pressure to control Mid.

  • Shops - a corridor featuring various stores that connects Mid Plaza, B Club, and the Attacker Side Spawn. There is a corner with a double box to the right that provides some elevation and cover. 

  • Top - a small hallway leading from the Attacker Side Spawn into Mid Plaza. It provides a slightly elevated viewpoint of Mid Plaza. 

  • Plaza - a large open area that connects to nearly every part of the map. The Double Box near the entryway to A Art provides one of the only sources of elevated cover on Pearl.

  • Doors - A pair of slanted double doors leading to B Link

  • Connector - a large series of three hallways connecting A Link to B Link. It also leads into both Links from the Defender Side Spawn. 

  • Water - a small room with al fountain that leads into Mid Connector from the Defender Side Spawn.

Pearl Strats for Attacking and Defending

How to attack A Site

Attackers have a clear disadvantage on A-site if the defenders play their cards right, as it offers four different paths to retake and pinch you in. You’ll need to grab this site early and hold on as long as possible, or defenders will push you out and deny you.

The best play here is to plant on A as soon as possible and defend hard. Otherwise, the defenders can easily overwhelm you and box you in. One of the best spots here is A Secret and A Dugout, where you can easily set up a defense to see down most of the rest of A Site safely.

How to defend A Site

This site is heavily in your favor, offering four paths to flank from. You can very easily pin attackers here and run them out of options if they make a single mistake. You’ll want to play passively and capitalize on those mistakes, so you can pick them off one by one. If they manage to plant the spike here, you can easily take care of it.

How to attack B Site

You’ll need to stay on your toes in this long open area and watch out for any long-range weapons. B Ramp offers a ton of counterplay for both sides, so you’ll need to act wisely, in order to not get overwhelmed. Once you’ve planted, you should watch your entry points or plant near the B ramp to get a clear target for defusing attempts.

How to defend B Site

You’ll want to have an operator here ASAP to take advantage of the long runway of B Ramp. With good positioning, you can potentially get a few good hits in. The B Ramp will be very active pre and post-plant, so defend it well and don’t get picked off one by one.

Best Agents for Pearl VALORANT

Pearl has many similarities to Split, the map it seems to be replacing. Chief among them is how narrow most of the areas are. Most of Pearl is made up of winding hallways that lead to a lot of close-quarters combat. Even the more open areas aren’t very wide and usually have long sightlines. This gives Pearl an Agent meta that shares many of the same traits as Split. 

The crammed spaces and abundance of doorways make Smoke abilities an essential tool for winning on Pearl. Smokes also help dealing with the map’s lack of useful cover. Pearl’s maze-like structure makes Intel another winning factor. Agents with a ton of vertical movement can take the most advantage of the exploitable holes and windows near A Site.

We’ve all got our preferences for Agents, whether you’ve got your personal favorites or you're using our VALORANT Agent Generator to get the ideal comp. As right now we don’t have yet enough data to include Pearl in our Agent Generator, while the meta still settles on the best comps for this map, here’s a list of some of the top recommendations:

Jett/Raze x map Pearl

Jett and Raze are the two best Duelists to play on Pearl. Their enhanced mobility allows them to make the most use out of the exploitable holes and windows. However, they might also have the most well-rounded kits for the map in general.

Regarded by many as the best overall Agent in VALORANT, Jett is a must-have on almost every map. Updraft and Tailwind let her glide up to elevated areas that no other Agent can reach. Her Blade Storm Ultimate Ability is scary effective in certain map areas such as the ceiling holes in A Art. To top it all off, Jett has a Smoke ability in Cloudburst that allows her the option of playing passive along with aggressive. 

Raze’s abilities are tailor-made for Peal. Blast Pack not only aids in mobility but can also be used like a trap near corners and doorways. Use Boom Bot and Paint Shells to rack up tons of damage in quick fashion whenever the fight is in a tight space. Boom Bot bounces off walls, making it a serious threat in Pearl’s many hallways.  

Valorant Jett Red

Omen x map Pearl

The phantom man is another no-brainer on Pearl. Omen’s Dark Cover is probably the game’s best Vision Blocker ability. He can deploy the Smokes at a great distance from his location, sometimes from the complete other side of the map. Dark Cover lasts up to 15 seconds functions in virtually any position no matter the altitude. 

Paranoia is an overwhelming ability to deal with in Pearl’s tight hallways. The projectile orb passes through walls while blinding and deafening anyone it touches. Omen’s Shrouded Step allows him to teleport out of danger if need be. Pearl’s plethora of individual areas gives him plenty of spots to escape to. 

Sage x map Pearl

One of the few Agents that can heal allies, Sage is the only one who can revive fallen teammates. This quality is extremely helpful on Pearl where chaotic scrambles in tight quarters can end rounds in a flash. With the right Agent composition, Sage can focus on healing and resurrecting during these teamfights to keep her squad alive longer. 

Sage’s Basic Abilities have great utility on Pearl. Barrier Orb is a Vision Blocker that functions similarly to Smokes, although it is destructible. The barrier can also block entryways and escape routes to trap enemies in a set area. Slow Orb is useful for ambushing foes in doorways and catching aggressive enemies rushing through corridors.

Valorant Sage Dark background

Fade x map Pearl

As G-Loot predicted shortly after her release, Fade has quickly cemented a firm place for herself in VALORANT’s meta. She is arguably the best overall Agent for gathering intel. Her free Signature Ability (Haunt) not only reveals enemy “terror trails” to Fade, but to her teammates as well. Use Prowler when locked onto a terror trail to chase them down in Pearl’s narrow hallways. 

Seize is a Crowd Control ability that is very versatile. It can be used to set up ambushes near entryways or to tether foes together during teamfights. Fade’s Ultimate Ability (Nightfall) is even more dangerous on Pearl; because of the cramped conditions, it’s easier to catch enemies in Nightfall’s wave.  

Valorant Fade Riot

Cypher x map Pearl

Pearl might just be the redemption map for Cypher. VALORANT’s original king of intel has seen his standing in the meta fade away recently, pun intended. However, Pearl’s nooks and crannies give Cypher plenty of opportunities to help a team win. 

The more Smokes the merrier on Pearl, and Cypher has one of the best in Cyber Cage. This Vision Blocker plays an audio cue whenever an enemy passes through it, revealing their location to Cypher and his team. Trapwire is a great ambush tool in Pearl’s many doorways and narrow corridors. 

Spycam allows Cypher to have eyes on a set position from anywhere on the map. This is helpful for keeping tabs on A Site or B Site when moving through Mid’s hallways. Spycam also fires tracking darts that reveal enemy locations.

A note of merit to Initiators, and the Agent VALORANT Astra as well. Initiators excel on Pearl thanks to the open windows, holes, and shorter buildings. Just about every Initiator works excellent here, but as mentioned before Fade would be ideal, with Breach as a close second for the best results. Astra works incredibly well here, too, as she’s flexible with a rotation and can set up huge plays in Mid or B Site.

Cypher close up

Bonus: Best Tips and Tricks for playing Pearl Map

Smoke Is Your Friend

Smokes are very important on Pearl and can make or break a match. Attackers should smoke A Flowers and A Secret to almost eliminate any peeking from the Defenders on A site.

Mid Controls All

Mid's power plays are unreal, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. Defenders should have a Sentinel patrolling mid at all times, but every Defender needs to pay attention to it because of how many paths it leads to.

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