VALORANT Nordic Clash: Round 1 of Qualifiers has ended!

Published: October 30 2023

Last updated: October 31 2023

VALORANT Nordic Clash: Round 1 of Qualifiers has ended!
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The first phase of qualification for the Stryda Nordic Clash has ended this weekend, with esports team Metizport and Amamos a Wendy in the lead. Read to discover all the teams that qualified for the Grand Finals in both Skill Groups.

In the competitive esports landscape, the VALORANT tournament Stryda Nordic Clash promises to bring old and new talents to the spotlights after the VALORANT Clash tournament of 2022. Teams from varied corners of the world converged in the spirit of friendly competition, making for some gripping matchups that will bring us an amazing Grand Finals show in December.

Stryda Nordic Clash is a part of the VALORANT Championship Tour OFF//SEASON in partnership with Riot Games, and it’s open to all skill levels of players to test their resilience and strength. You’re still on time to compete in the Stryda VALORANT Nordic Clash and win a slice of the exciting $20,000 prize pool, since the second round of qualifiers starts today October 30th, and will end on November 21th. 

Qualified teams for the Round 1 Playoffs of VALORANT Nordic Clash

Before delving into the matchups, let’s see the teams that navigated their way through the preliminary rounds, qualifying themselves for a spot in the Playoffs.

In Skill Group 2, the teams that earned their stripes were

  • Los Antileches

  • Amamos a Wendy

  • Aztec Dominators Mx

  • 5 Stack

  • More Bullets Clan.

Skill Group 1, on the other hand, saw the following teams competing for the number 1 spot in the Grand Finals:

  • Metizport

  • Drake Knights

  • 5STARS Esport

  • Not Friends

  • Labyrinth

Round 1 - Skill Group 2: Amamos a Wendy in the lead 

Stopping Los Antileches road to victory, Amamos a Wendy stepped in in the final round of Skill Group 2 upper bracket to conquer the first spot in the Grand Finals seeding. 

However, Los Antileches confirmed themselves in second place after winning the Lower Bracket’s final against 5 Stack, now on spot 3. 

See all the bracket’s winner for Skill Group 2 in our tournament website here

Round 1 - Skill Group 1: Metizport conquers first place

Placing themselves first in our Skill Group 1 (made of Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant VALORANT players), we have the team Metizport

5STARS Esports placed themselves second after winning the final of the Lower Bracket versus Drake Knigts, which ended in third place. 

See everything about Skill Group 1 Lower and Upper brackets on our tournament website.

All qualified teams from Round 1 to the Grand Final of Stryda VALORANT Nordic Clash

To summarize, this is a list of all teams qualified for the Nordic Clash Grand Finals in order of seeding.

Skill group 1

  1. Metizport

  2. 5STARS Esport

  3. Drake Knights

  4. Not Friends

Skill Group 2

  1. Amamos a Wendy

  2. Los antileches

  3. 5 Stack

Join Stryda VALORANT Nordic Clash now!

Take your chance to be part of this epic battle, and having your name in the VALORANT esports history! Join the Stryda Nordic Clash now by entering the second round of Qualifiers, you have time till the 21th of November. What are you waiting for?


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