VALORANT top 8 best skins!

Published: June 21 2023

Last updated: August 3 2023

VALORANT top 8 best skins!
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Want to know what are the best - and most expensive- skins in VALORANT? Check out our top 8 and discover some of the best skins out there for your Vandal or Phantom of choice ;)

Hello friends! 

Welcome back to Stryda, today we will talk about the most expensive skins in VALORANT. 

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Most expensive VALORANT skins: 8th place

VALORANT skins bundle champion from 2021

Let's start with the Champions 2021-2022 bundle (6600 VP ~ $75).

These bundles will be the cheapest in our selection, but you pay approximately $75 for 2 skins, and such expenses may not satisfy some players. Individually, the Champions 2021 Vandal and Champions 2022 Phantom cost 2675 VP, while the Champions 2021 Karambit and Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife cost 5350 VP, which is also very expensive compared to other VALORANT skins. 

But let's not forget that this is a limited collection, which adds additional value to the skins. Currently, there are only two such bundles in the game: the Champions 2021 Collection and the Champions 2022 Collection. Most likely, we will see a 2023 variation this fall.

Most expensive VALORANT skins: 7th place

Next, let's talk about the RGX 11z Pro 1.0 and 2.0 bundles (8700 VP ~ $85).

When the RGX 11z Pro bundle was introduced in the game, everyone was pleasantly surprised. The price of 8700 VP for it is a bit steep, but the most notable aspect is the enhancements through Radianite Points. Following the success of its predecessor, the RGX 11z Pro 2.0 was released at the same price with the same upgrades. 

The price of the skin bundle plus the VFX and SFX upgrades made these skins some of the best in the game, albeit costing around $85. 

If you want to combine all the weapon enhancements and options from both RGX bundles, it will cost you 790 Radianite Points.

Most expensive VALORANT skins: 6th place

Next in line are the Glitchpop 1.0 and 2.0 bundles (8700 VP ~ $85).

This is a rare case where both the Vandal and Phantom are included in one collection. That's why the Glitchpop 2.0 bundle costs 8700 VP, and it holds such value. The first Glitchpop set may have been a bit underwhelming in terms of weapon skins, but they still had excellent visual effects and animations. 

Both Glitchpop bundles cost around $85, and each weapon has 3 visual and sound effect upgrades, as well as 3 different skin variations. All the upgrades for both bundles will cost you 620 RP.

Most expensive VALORANT skins: 5th place

Glitchpop 1.0 and 2.0 bundles VALORANT skins

Another bundle with a similar cost is the VALORANT Go! Vol. 1 & 2 (8855 VP ~ $85).

It is unique for its incredibly colorful design and... that's it. Okay, at least anime lovers get the cutest chibi versions of agents like Sage, Viper, Jett, Killjoy, Reyna, and others as their adorable shooter buddies. It's probably why it costs that much.  Leave us a comment if you are a VALORANT Go! super fan! 

Most expensive VALORANT skins: 4th place

Protocol 781-A bundle VALORANT most expensive skins

Moving into the $100 range, let's talk about the Protocol 781-A bundle (9900 VP ~ $100).

$100 for in-game skins is a considerable amount, but having one of the best Phantom skins in the game can justify it for some. 

The worst part about paying $100 for this bundle is that you will have to pay an additional 405 RP for all the skin variations and upgrades. That's how it goes.

Most expensive VALORANT skins: 3th place

Without lowering the price range, let's talk about the Elderflame bundle (9900 VP ~ $100).

The Elderflame skin bundle occupies this position because of its history. It was the first $100 skin bundle to appear in the game, which raised questions in the community about the price of in-game skins. Its impact was not just due to its cost but also its revolutionary design: your weapon literally transforms into a dragon

For some, it represented the next level of weapon graphic design in shooters, while for others, it seemed childish and overly mystical. According to the dissatisfied players, paying such an amount to turn your weapon into a dragon seems excessive. However, many believe that the price for such a skin is fully justified. If you want all the skin variations and upgrades, you'll need to add an additional 410 RP.

Most expensive VALORANT skins: 2th place

Valorant Zedd X Valorant SPECTRUM

Let's raise the bar a bit and move on to Zedd x Valorant Spectrum (10,700 VP ~ $100).

This bundle was created in collaboration with Zedd, a German music producer of Russian origin. The SFX and VFX are perfect for experienced players. And if you perform the inspect animation, you'll hear Zedd's music! 

Just like with the previous expensive bundles, if you want to get the full set of Spectrum skins and upgrades, you'll need to add an additional 355 RP. But what a party awaits you!

Most expensive VALORANT skins: 1th place

Let's finish with the Radiant Entertainment System (11,900 VP ~ $100+).

As of April 2023, this is the latest skin collection and perhaps the most demanding on your wallet, exceeding $100. It wasn't long ago that we thought nothing could be more expensive than Elderflame. However, it's understandable why it comes at such a high price. Riot created this collection in collaboration with Lightfarm Studios and put in a tremendous amount of work. Some may find this design off-putting, but there are still many fans. 

The Radiant Entertainment System is an ode to retro gaming, invoking nostalgia for players approaching their 30s. References to fighting games, pixel art design, game cartridges instead of magazines, fun and taunting finishers, an old-school gamepad right on the weapon—all of this immerses players in a carefree atmosphere, brings a smile to their faces, and adds more fun. This bundle is like synth-wave, immersing the listener in a retro-futuristic world, recreating the spirit of 1980s sci-fi, action movies, and futuristic racing games. Players who didn't experience the game consoles of the '90s will see in this the aesthetics of today's cyberpunk trend.

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So, have you already decided which one you'll acquire to dominate matches with maximum enjoyment? Share your favorite skins with us on our socials, join Stryda, and we'll see you in the post. Make every round count with Stryda!