VALORANT Kasbah map guide for winning on TDM

Published: August 31 2023

Last updated: August 31 2023

VALORANT Kasbah map guide  for winning on TDM
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One of three maps added to VALORANT to kick off Episode 7, Kasbah is specially made for the new Team Deathmatch (TDM) game mode. This guide will tell you everything to know about Kasbah map, including callouts, orb locations, and the best Agents to play.

Kasbah is the largest playable map in TDM. Like District and Piazza, it combines elements of two standard VALORANT maps into one: Bind and Fracture. Though there is a ton of space on Kasbah, very little of it is open. The map is lined with numerous alleys and corridors all leading to a central area marked by a large pillar. 

Taking Mid is crucial for obtaining the bulk of weapons and orbs found on Kasbah. However, there are six different routes leading to the central pillar. Once a team does control Mid, it’s even harder to maintain it. A well-orchestrated attack from multiple directions can lead to the opposition seizing the area. Strong communication and versatile coverage of every entryway are key for denying retakes. 

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Key callouts for Kasbah map in VALORANT

Kasbah is perfectly symmetrical. The Attackers and Defenders sides have the exact same callouts, and Mid is also symmetrical in itself. 

A/D Angle Box 

A large area outside the spawn room, marked by a large box sitting at an angle.

A/D Flat Box 

The other large area on the other side of the spawn room. A box sitting parallel to the walls sits in the center of the area. 

A/D Tunnel 

A small covered hallway on the very outside of the map parallel to Mid. Two Ultimate Orbs and a Weapon Spawner can be found on each side. 

A/D Window 

An elevated nest area that serves as a shortcut between Angle Box and Ramp. 

A/D Ramp 

A long stairway leading to Mid from the Spawn Room.

A/D Nest 

An elevated area overlooking Pit. It is one of the six routes to Mid and is accessible via Flat Box. 

A/D Link

One of the six routes to Mid, connecting Angle Box to Pit.

Mid Pit

Refers to the general area of Mid outside of the central pillar. There are four Ultimate Orbs along the outside walls and a pair of Weapon Spawners on opposite sides of Tower. 

Mid Tower

Refers to the inside of the pillar, harboring the map’s lone Health Orb.  

Orbs and weapon spawners in Kasbah map 

The vast majority of orbs and Weapon Spawners are found in Kasbah’s Mid. The only other resources are found in Attacker and Defender Side Tunnel. Mid Tower is an important point of control for resources. Two Weapon Spawners are found along the outside walls of Tower. 

Unlike District and Piazza, there is only one Health Orb on Kasbah. It lies inside Tower’s small room. Among many other reasons, controlling Mid is crucial for maintaining access to the map’s only source of healing. 

Best VALORANT Agents to play in map Kasbah

Initiators who can throw grenades, flashes, and other projectile deterrents thrive in Kashbah’s awkward corridors. Here are five Agents that may give you an upper hand on the map. 

Gekko x Kasbah map

VALORANT’s newest Initiator is easily the best pick on Kasbah. Gekko has an assortment of chaotic abilities that blind, concuss, or damage enemies. Dizzy is the flash and a great option in any area with straight sightlines (i.e Tunnel, Ramp, Link, Tower). Mosh Pit works like a molotov and a grenade rolled into one. Use it near Mid’s many entryways to defend a bumrush. Wingman hunts down the first enemy it sees and concusses them, making it extremely lethal in various situations. 

KAY/O x Kasbah map

KAY/O cover

Perhaps more than any other Agent, the robot KAY/O has the most fundamental abilities in VALORANT. Team Deathmatch favors traditional FPS tools like grenades and flashes. KAY/O’s FRAG/ment and FLASH/drive cover both of these bases. His Signature Ability, ZERO/point is the game’s only suppressive ability. It renders enemies unable to cast abilities, a highly useful trick in TDM’s fast-paced action.     

Fade x Kasbah map

Valorant Fade Riot

The haunting Radiant Fade is one of the best Agents in standard VALORANT, but possibly becomes even stronger in TDM. Because all abilities are free with cooldowns, it neutralizes the one glaring weakness in her otherwise pricey kit. Use Haunt to reveal the trails of enemies and track them down with Prowler. Seize is an especially powerful trap, particularly in tight areas like Tunnel and Tower. Fade’s Ultimate is almost unfair on Kasbah, especially when attempting to retake Mid. 

Raze x Kasbah map

Valorant Raze

Duelists can get in on the action here too. The fiery Brazilian Raze has various ways to flush enemies out of high spots while also dealing damage. The cluster grenade Paint Shells is a powerful tool on any TDM map. Send Boom Bot bouncing off walls and boxes at creative angles to surprise unsuspecting enemies. Raze’s Ult (Showstopper) is extremely effective for retaking Mid, and can be used in combination with Fade’s Nightfall.   

Breach x Kasbah map

Kasbah’s numerous walls look like paradise to Breach players. There are plenty of places to take advantage of the Bionic Swede’s explosive abilities. One area where Breach has devastating effects is on the outside walls of Mid Tower. Aftershock is capable of eliminating everyone inside the small room in one sudden blast. Furthermore, Breach’s quakes are great for denying retakes, especially in straight-sight areas like Link and Ramp. 

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