VALORANT Fracture guide: how to play this map in 2023

Published: January 25 2023

Last updated: September 19 2023

VALORANT Fracture guide: how to play this map in 2023
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Trying to put your game together on Fracture? Whether you’re a new VALORANT player or an experienced one, we’re here to help with all the tips, tricks, and secrets you’ll need to create a rift between your team and opponents.

Welcome to this Fracture guide that will cover everything you need to know, including callouts, unique features, and the best Agents to play in this VALORANT map.

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Overview of map Fracture in VALORANT

Fracture is located in the canyons of New Mexico on Alpha Earth. The action takes place throughout a top-secret research facility no longer in use. Long ago, disaster struck when a radianite experiment went wrong and split the lab in two. The destruction even left a large fissure in the center of the facility.

Unique features of map Fracture in VALORANT

Fracture’s segmented design makes it one of VALORANT’s most unique maps. The fissure in the center splits the map into four quadrants. They are almost symmetrical in shape and layout. Fracture is one of only two maps that doesn’t have a Mid area, the other being Bind.  

Spike plant sites are located on opposite sides of the map and are nearly parallel to one another. The Defender Side Spawn is in the direct center of the map. This gives Defenders direct access to both Sites from their Spawn.

There are two Attackers Side Spawns located on opposite ends of the map. All Agents start each round on the same side, but can access the other side with ziplines. The non-starting side is often called Attackers Side Bridge. Each end of Attackers Side Spawn has two one-way ziplines that carry them over Fracture’s fissure.

Tips, tricks, and secrets to win in map Fracture

Once Agents jump on a zipline, they can not stop, change directions, or detach. They also can’t use any abilities. However, they can carry the spike and fire weapons while using ziplines. If the spike is dropped into the fissure, another will respawn on the nearest end of Attackers Side Spawn.

Most maps in VALORANT have two Ultimate orbs in a set location. Fracture is the only one to have four orbs positioned in each quadrant. Agents will have more opportunities to use their Ultimate Abilities on Fracture. Keep this in mind when your team is selecting their Agent composition

There is an automatic door in A Hall that plays an audio cue whenever it opens. Defenders can monitor it and receive a warning whenever Attackers are pushing through that entrance to A Site. Conversely, Attackers can trigger it as misdirection and then continue pushing through A Main into A Site.  

There are towers on each site that provide high vantage points for Defenders. Both towers are accessed by ascending ropes. A Tower can also be reached via the Defenders Side Spawn. 

Fracture received some major changes in Patch 5.07. You can read more about them all in detail here.

Fracture Callouts

Since there isn’t a Mid area, Fracture doesn’t have that many callouts to memorize. Here are all the callouts you’ll need to know when playing on Haven. 

A Site Facture Callouts

  • Link - the main pathway leading to A Site from Defenders Side Spawn. It is also called “Vents”.

  • Top - an elevated area on A Site looking into A Link and A Main. It is accessed via stairs

  • Bottom - the area beneath Top. Sometimes called “Back” or “Default”, this is many teams’ primary plant spot.

  • Hall - an L-shaped hallway leading to A Site from Attackers Side Spawn

  • Main - an adjacent hallway connecting A Hall to A Site. One of two ways to reach A Site from Attackers Side Spawn.

  • Door - an automatic door leading to an alternative route to A Site. The door plays an audio cue when opened.

  • Rope - an ascending rope that leads to A Tower; can also refer to general area between A Door and A Site

  • Tower - an elevated area overlooking A Door and peering into A Site. Also called “Heaven”. 

  • Gate - a small area leading to A Site from Attackers Side Bridge.

  • Dish - a large, open, outdoor area with a giant satellite dish in the center. The large piece of cover makes for intense skirmishes and acts as the Mid for A Site.

  • Drop - an elevated area connected to A Dish and overlooking A Site. Agents can drop down into A Site from this position.

B Site Fracture Callouts

  • Tree - a large area overtaken by plantlife that leads to B Site from Attackers Side Spawn.

  • Main - a long, ascending stairway. It serves as the primary route to B Site from A Tree.

  • Tunnel - an underground passageway connecting B Tree to B Arcade

  • Arcade - a large area that acts as the Mid for B Site

  • Tower - a narrow and windy tower with two openings overlooking B Arcade and B Site. It is accessed by ascending ropes found in B Arcade. 

  • Link - an area leading to B Site from Defenders Side Spawn

  • Generator - a cubby corner between B Site and B Link

  • Canteen - a covered pathway connecting B Site to Defenders Side Spawn

  • Bench - the pathway leading to B Site from Attackers Side Bridge

Best VALORANT Agents to Play on Fracture

As is the case with every map in VALORANT, some Agents are more advantageous on Fracture than others. Below is the best Agent composition to run on Fracture. For more information on Agent compositions for every map, check out G-Loot’s VALORANT Agent Generator!

Killjoy x map Fracture

The German inventor is pretty much an essential pick for any composition. On Fracture, Defenders have a quick an easy way to travel between Sites through their Spawn. This lets Killjoy effectively patrol both Sites at once.  

Killjoy has an array of abilities that defend Sites autonomously. Place Turret and Alarmbot in hidden areas such as A Bottom and B Generator. They are great at stopping flankers zooming across the map on ziplines. 

Set a Nanoswarm trap in key positions for Attackers like A Drop and B Tower. When a sniper reveals themself, unleash the nanobots and finish them off. Killjoy’s Ultimate Ability (Lockdown) shuts down either Site, preventing enemies from escaping. 

Killjoy's Nanoswarm

Reyna x map Fracture

Reyna uses Fracture’s unique layout to her advantage. She excels in close-quarters combat with her Leer ability working similar to a flash. But what makes Reyna such a force on Fracture is her Soul Harvest abilities.

Anytime an enemy falls by Reyna’s hand, they will leave behind Soul Orbs that she can collect. She gains invulnerability by dismissing orbs, making her extremely lethal during chaotic skirmishes. Reyna can also heal herself by consuming orbs. 

When Reyna activates her Ultimate (Empress), she gains infinite charges of Soul Harvest abilities. With four Ultimate orbs instead of two, Reyna can potentially activate her Ultimate once every round almost free of charge. 


Viper x map Fracture

Fracture is notable for its small-sized areas throughout. The deadly chemist Viper is able to make these spaces even more cramped. Her free Signature Ability (Toxic Screen) forms a massive wall that is able to split both plant Sites in two. 

Toxic Screen blocks vision and damages any enemies that pass through it. The wall is a great piece of cover when planting the spike. Viper also has a damage-dealing smoke ability in Poison Cloud. Snake Bite acts similar to a Molotov in CS:GO, creating a lingering field of gas that makes enemies vulnerable. 

Viper’s Ultimate (Viper’s Pit) floods an area with toxic gas. The fumes impair players’ vision and reduce the max health of any enemies caught inside. When attacking, use Viper’s Pit at the end of rounds when your team is planting the spike. 

Sage x map Fracture

Fracture’s design makes for tons of engagement and high-octane action. If your team needs to fall back and re-engage, you’ll want to be at full health before going back into the fray. And there is only one Agent tailor-made for medic duties.

Sage’s healing wonders have kept her near the top-of-tier lists since the beginning of VALORANT. Her free Signature Ability (Healing Orb) rejuvenates both her teammates and herself. Healing is much easier on Fracture compared to other maps since teams stay bunched together in tight spaces.

Another element of Sage’s importance on Fracture is her Ultimate. It allows her to resurrect a fallen teammate. Four Ultimate orbs give Sage the potential to revive a teammate almost every round

Valorant Sage Dark background

Breach x map Fracture

Skye and Sova are often cited as quality Initiators on Fracture, and with good reason. They are two of the game’s best Agents whose kits work well on the map. However, no Initiator is able to take advantage of Fracture’s layout like Breach.

Breach excels in close-quarters combat. His Signature Fault Line ability can daze enemies from a distance. Flashpoint is a blinding ability that travels through walls. It is useful for starting ambushes or flushing enemies out of the towers found on both Sites. 

Aftershock is another ability that is used through walls. However, this charge detonates several times, dealing immense damage to anyone caught in the blast. A perfectly placed Aftershock can clear out an area in seconds. 

Ready for your next VALORANT game on Fracture?

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