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The G-Loot VALORANT Clash Grand Finals: Invited Teams and Wildcard Teams

November 10 2022

The G-Loot VALORANT Clash Grand Finals: Invited Teams and Wildcard Teams
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The G-Loot VALORANT Clash Grand Finals are nearly here! 16 teams are gearing up to compete for a slice of the $50,000 prize pool. The action starts on Friday, November 25 and a champion will be crowned Sunday 27.

Along with the eight teams that qualified through the Showdown Stage, six more received a direct invitation from G-Loot. Another two teams qualified via the Wildcard stage. Here is everything you need to know about invited and wildcard teams competing in the Grand Finals. 

If you are new to G-Loot, our Clash Tournament is part of the VALORANT Championship Tour OFF//SEASON, and it’s in partnership with Riot Games.

Invited Teams to VALORANT Clash Grand Finals

Get to know some of the world’s best teams personally invited by G-Loot!

BBL Esports

Founded: 2020

Country: Turkey

VLR Europe Rank: 15


  • AsLanM4shadow

  • Brave

  • Elite

  • QutionerX (captain)

  • Turko

BBL Esports have been one of Turkey’s top teams since the early days of VALORANT. They have won major national competitions such as First Strike Turkey in 2020 and Open Fire All Stars in 2021. Their success has accumulated to over $99,000 in all-time earnings. BBL Esports is also known for their all-female VALORANT team, BBL Queens. 

FUT Esports

Founded: 2017 (2020 VAL)

Country: Turkey

VLR Europe Rank: 6



  • mojj

  • MrFaliN (captain)

  • Muj (loan)

  • qRaxs

  • qw1

Formerly known as Futbolist, FUT Esports are a VALORANT powerhouse. They are currently the fifth-best team in Europe according to VLR. That makes them the highest-ranked team playing in the Grand Finals. 

FUT Esports entered VALORANT in 2020 after singing LOL. Though Bugra “mojj” Kiraz is the only player remaining from that original squad, the team constantly rebuilds. They are coming off a tournament victory at the 2022 VLR Finals which netted them over $51,000 in prize money.

FUT Esports also seem to have very clear ideas of their goals regarding VALORANT Clash... 👀


Founded: 2008 (2020 VAL)

Country: Spain

VLR Europe Rank: 26


  • Cloud - Russia

  • Fit1nho - Spain

  • hoody - Finland

  • nukkye - Lithuania

  • rhyme (captain) - Norway

Giants are one of Europe’s largest esports brands. They are renowned for their success in many games, including Rainbow Six, Counter-Strike, and Rocket League. The VALORANT squad has also had early success and is looking for their first major win.

A new era for Giants is on the horizon. The team just signed four new players to their roster ahead of the Grand Finals. The new-look Giants hope to make a statement in their first major tournament together. 

Natus Vincere

Founded: 2009 (2021 VAL)

Country: Ukraine

VLR Europe Rank: 1


  • ANGE1 - Ukraine

  • cNed - Turkey

  • Shao


  • Zyppan - Sweden

One of esports most esteemed organizations, Natus Vincere is famous for their success in Counter-Strike. So naturally, the org has built up one of the world’s best VALORANT teams as well. 

NAVI will field a brand new roster for the first time at the Grand Finals. This week they signed the former FunPlus Phoenix roster and acquired Mehmet Yagiz “cNed” Ipek from Acend. 

These acquisitions have put the VALORANT world on notice. After the move, NAVI vaulted to #1 in the VLR European rankings. 

Team Heretics

Founded: 2016 (2020 VAL)

Country: Spain

VLR Europe Rank: 32


  • AvovA - Denmark

  • Boo (captain) - Lithuania 

  • keloqz - France

  • mixwell - Spain

  • zeek - Poland

Team Heretics are another team making big roster changes for the Grand Finals. Chief among them is the acquisition of former G2 Esports standout Oscar Canellas “mixwell” Colocho. 

The organization had a lot of early success in VALORANT, winning First Strike Europe in 2020 and finishing 2nd at VCT 2021 Europe Stage 1 Masters. The new roster will look to bring Team Heretics back to that level of success.  

Team Vitality

Founded: 2013 (2021 VAL)

Country: France

VLR Europe Rank: 10

The juggernaut esports org from France has a roller coaster ride of a 2022. Despite a 2nd-place finish at this year's VLR Finals, Team Vitality have dealt with tons of roster turnover. They recently parted ways with three players and are looking for replacements ahead of the Grand Finals. 

All this turmoil has not kept Team Vitality from dropping out of VALORANT’s elite. They still rank in the Top 10 in Europe despite having only two active players on their roster. With founding member Jokubas “ceNder” Labutis and former Acend star Santeri “BONECOLD” Sassi in tow, Team Vitality are in safe hands.  


  • BONECOLD (captain) - Finland

  • ceNder - Lithuania

Wildcard Teams

These teams finished Top 2 in the Wildcard stage, earning a trip to the Grand Finals.

The Barbers

Founded: 2022

VLR Europe Rank: 18


  • d3ffo - Russia

  • ec1s - United Kingdom

  • Jady - Russia

  • Kryptix - United Kingdom

The Barbers are a new multinational team made up of five establish VALORANT pros. They recently vaulted into the Top 20 of the VLR European rankings after their performance in the G-Loot VALORANT Clash Wildcard stage. 

The Barbers pulled off a huge upset over BRATAN MIX to punch their ticket to the Grand Finals. This should come off as no surprise, as all their players have prior experience with major organizations. 

  • D3ffo (Gambit Esports)

  • Ec1s (Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, 100 Thieves)

  • Jady (Ninjas in Pyjamas, Natus Vincere)

  • Kryptix (Team Liquid, MOUZ)

The squad does have one small problem on their hands. Their captain Emir “rhyme” Muminovich was recently acquired by Giants, so they will need to find a fifth player for the Grand Finals. 


Founded: 2021

Country: Russia

VLR Rank: 17


  • ALLIN - Russia

  • kENZ - Russia

  • Optimist - Russia

  • pyrollll - Estonia

  • Tian - Russia

Divinity are quietly writing one of VALORANT’s best comeback stories in 2022. The team’s future was uncertain when the roster disbanded last October. However, they reformed with a collection of former players shortly afterward. After an exceptional performance in the Wildcard stage, Divinity will look to carry that momentum over to the Grand Finals.  

Ready for the VALORANT Clash Grand Finals?

Which team will you be rooting to win G-Loot VALORANT Clash? Would it be an invited team, or an underdog coming from the Showdown?  

Whether team you will be cheering for, tune into the G-Loot Twitch and YouTube channels for the Grand Finals on November 25-27. See you then!

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