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VALORANT Clash format explained!

September 29 2022

VALORANT Clash format explained!
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Our first Premier VALORANT Tournament is coming to G-Loot. If you are also counting the days, keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the Clash format.

VALORANT Clash Tournament is part of the VALORANT Championship Tour OFF//SEASON in partnership with Riot Games. It will feature invited VALORANT pro players as well as rogue teams ready to take their chance! The Tournament will end in November, and has a total prize pool of $50,000.

Down below you will find all details and dates for the VALORANT Clash formats that you need to remember.

Signup date: Oct 4

Signup starts on October 4. To sign up, you can do so on the official VALORANT Clash webpage.

Open Qualifiers: Oct 19-23

For the Open qualifiers we will have 2 separate regions: EU West & EU East, and Türkiye & MENA. The top 8 from EU West & EU East, and the top 4 from Türkiye & MENA will advance to the next Tournament section, the Showdown.

Qualifying through G-Loot with Brawls: Oct 3-24

Besides the Qualifiers, the top 4 teams from the G-Loot Brawl will also advance to the Showdown. New and old players will have the opportunity to qualify in the G-Loot Brawls; to do so you need to join G-Loot, create or join a Clan, and enter the Clash Brawls starting from October 3 till October 24. 

We will host Brawls where 4 teams will advance to the next section. These will be divided as the following:

  • Week of Oct 3 Brawl: 1 team will qualify

  • Week of Oct 10 Brawl: 1 team will qualify

  • Week of Oct 17  Brawl: 2 teams will qualify

This section will also be the last chance for a team to qualify, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Clash Showdown: Oct 28-30

The Showdown will see the qualified team facing off against the one that qualified through Brawls. Showdown will feature 16 teams in total that will fight for advancement, seed as well as prize money.

To summarize, the teams that will face off will be: 

  • 8 from EU West & EU East

  • 4 from Türkiye & MENA

  • 4 from Top Brawl

The Grand Final of Clash: Nov 25-27

And finally, the Clash Grand Final will feature all of the best teams from Showdown facing the invited VCT teams. The teams will be sixteen in total:

  • Top teams from Showdown

  • VCT teams

Ready to join VALORANT Clash? Then we will see you on October 4 when the Signup start

And don’t forget to subscribe to our Social Media on Twitch, Youtube & TikTok where we will be streaming the Tournament live, and sharing the best highlights!


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