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VALORANT Champions 2022: Everything you need to know!

August 30 2022

VALORANT Champions 2022: Everything you need to know!
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The VALORANT Champions Tour is making a comeback, and the second season of the VCT, which is slated to begin in August 2022, will attempt to improve upon the achievements that were accomplished during the tour's first season.

For this year VALORANT Champions 2022, a very exciting event in the Esports world, it has been announced that a number of new initiatives and changes will be implemented in 2022. Some of these include the establishment of national leagues, the growth of Game Changers, modifying the format for Challengers, adding "offseason" events coordinated by third-party organizers, and more.

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The first day of competition for VALORANT Champions 2022, the World Championship for VALORANT esports will take place on August 31. There will be sixteen teams from various countries vying for the coveted Champions trophy and a portion of the prize pool. Riot Games has stated that similar to what was done the previous year, the participating teams would get fifty percent of the net revenues from the sales of the VALORANT Champions bundle. 

Notably, this year fans and players of VALORANT will have the opportunity to acquire the Champions Phantom, which emanates a one-of-a-kind aura, and the Champions package will be available in the marketplace for a limited amount of time. Riot also disclosed that players who watch the live streams of VALORANT Champions 2022 on Twitch and YouTube would be eligible to get free prizes in the form of VALORANT Champions 2022 drops. Continue reading to discover everything about the Champions formats, where it will be held, and which teams will be present!

VALORANT Champions 2022 Event Location

So where would VALORANT Champions be held in 2022? Riot Games has scheduled this year's annual tournament in Turkey, and Istanbul will serve as the host city for the VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament. Champions Istanbul is the third worldwide event of the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour and will determine who the VALORANT World Champion will be. During seven different regional VCT contests, thousands of teams have been battling for the opportunity to win the Champions Trophy. Previously, the Stage 2 Masters 2022 tournament took place in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, with FunPlus Phoenix winning the tournament and bringing home $200k in the bag.

Valorant Champions Instanbul

When is VALORANT Champions 2022 and how many teams are playing?

The VALORANT Champions Tour comes to a close with the annual Champions event, and this will be the second time that the competition has been held. The Champions 2022 tournament will take place from August 31 to September 18 and include 16 teams.

Through the accumulation of points earned on the VCT circuit during the regular season, ten teams will earn a spot in the Champions tournament. The remaining six competitors will be chosen in a series of Last Chance Qualifiers in August, with 100 thieves winning the VCT NA LCQ after defeating their regional Rivals, the Guard, 3-0 in the final.

Where can I buy tickets for the VALORANT Champions 2022?

Tickets would normally go live on their official VCT websites, however, they are generally sold a little closer to the event. Because of this, you may need to check several sites that provide tickets to the Istanbul VCT competition. This event is scheduled to be hosted at Volkswagen Arena Map, Istanbul. You can visit their website for further information on the ticket costs and other details if you're interested in attending the event.

And what about drops?

In addition to the Champions 2022 Collection and the Free Event Pass, VALORANT Champions 2022 enables players and fans to participate in the celebration of the worldwide tournament by obtaining in-game gifts that are exclusive to the event. These VALORANT Champions 2022 drops are gifts that may easily be acquired by just watching a VALORANT live broadcast while the tournament is in progress. However, to be eligible to receive the drops, you will need to meet certain requirements first.

Valorant Champions drops

During the VALORANT Champions 2022 event, players will get three free prizes due to the drops. A participant identification, a participation card, and a twig beauty are included in the incentives.

Dedicated players must watch the broadcasts on the designated days to unlock those awards since they do not drop them all at the same time.

The following is the renowned drop schedule that was made popular by Insurrection Video Games:

  • Get the “Fire” title by tuning in to a match between August 31 until September 13.

  • Collect the 2022 VCT Champions Curse Spray on September 16 and 17.

  • Lastly, the 2022 VCT Champions Hero Card will be available on September 18.

Format of VALORANT Champions 2022

The event will begin with a group play similar to the GSL and then go on to a double-elimination bracket with eight teams. The teams were first ranked according to their respective final rankings at Challenger and Masters tournaments, as well as the competitiveness of their respective regions. Afterward, they were placed into one of four draw pools; they are as follows:

Valorant Champions qualified teams

Pool # 1 consists of NA 1, EMEA 1, APAC 1, and KR

Pool # 2 consists of NA 2, EMEA 2, LATAM, and JP

Pool # 3 consists of NA LCQ, EMEA LCQ, BR, and APAC 2

Pool # 4 consists of S. America LCQ 1, S. America LCQ 2, APAC LCQ, and East Asia LCQ

Following that, a random number was used to assign each team in each pool to one of the four groups (Groups A-D). If a team was put into a group that already had a team from their area at any time during the competition, then that team was placed into the next group in alphabetical order. 

If they are the last team picked from their pool, they will be rotated backward through the groups until a legitimate group is found for them to join. After a whole pool has been pulled from and is considered genuine, the outcomes of that pool are fixed and cannot be changed in any way.

VALORANT Champions 2022 Teams & Groups

The 16 competitors have already qualified, with the Last Chance Qualifiers providing the opportunity for the remaining few competitors to do so, and the following format will be used during the group stage:

Valorant Champions 2022 teams & groups

Group A - Paper Rex, Edward Gaming, Leviatán, Team Liquid

Group B - Optic Gaming, BOOM Esports, ZETA DIVISION, LOUD

Group C - FPX, KRÜ Esports, XSET, XERXIA

Group D - DRX, FURIA Esports, FNATIC, 100Thieves

Bracket and Schedule

Valorant Champions Bracket and Schedule

Each group will have a total of four teams competing in it. Two teams from each group go on to the next round, and a random draw determines their spots in the final bracket. The only stipulation is that teams from the same group must be put on opposite sides of the bracket. One more thing, those individuals who meet the requirements to be first seeds will be given a second seed that has not yet been selected. See the entire lineup below:

Wednesday, Aug 31 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Group Play

Thursday, Sep 1 - 15:00 TRT // 5:00 PDT Group Play

Friday, Sep 2 - 15:00 TRT // 5:00 PDT Group Play

Saturday, Sep 3 - 15:00 TRT // 5:00 PDT Group Play

Sunday, Sep 4 - 15:00 TRT // 5:00 PDT Group Play

Monday, Sep 5 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Group Play

Tuesday, Sep 6 - Dark Day

Wednesday, Sep 7 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Group Play

Thursday, Sep 8 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Group Play

Friday, Sep 9 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Bracket Stage

Saturday, Sep 10 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Bracket Stage

Sunday, Sep 11 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Bracket Stage

Monday, Sep 12 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Bracket Stage

Tuesday, Sep 13 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Bracket Stage

Wednesday, September 14 - Dark Day

Thursday, September 15 - Dark Day

Friday, Sep 16 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Lower Semifinal & Upper Final

Saturday, Sep 17 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Lower Final

Sunday, Sep 18 - 17:00 TRT // 7:00 PDT Grand Final

Who are the current VALORANT Champions 2021

The competition known as VALORANT Champions 2021 got underway on December 1, and it continued right up to the Grand Finals on December 12. Acend, who would go on to win the tournament, breezed through the group stage before meeting Team Secret in the quarterfinals.

Valorant Champions 2021 Acend

They would win each match against Secret and Liquid by a score of 2-0, but the Grand Final would be one that would go down in VALORANT history as a particularly memorable match. After the first game, Acend seemed to have a commanding advantage, but Gambit would quickly come back and win the following two maps with little resistance.

Acend would fight back with fury despite being down 2-1 and having their backs against the wall. After barely making it through Icebox, they could cap things off with a comfortable victory on Split, which allowed them to take home the title of VALORANT Champions 2021 and the main prize of $350,000.

Excited about the VALORANT Champions 2022?

We at G-Loot are super excited about this year's VALORANT Champions, and can’t wait to see who is going to bring the title home! 

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