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VALORANT Chamber: how to play him after nerfs in patch 5.12

December 11 2022

VALORANT Chamber: how to play him after nerfs in patch 5.12
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The best-dressed agent in the VALORANT Protocol, Chamber, is a walking arsenal. Read how to play him after the recent nerfs in patch 5.12.

"Weapon choice, it is so personal, non? You pick a gun and it tells me who you are."


Hailing from France, Chamber’s real name is Vincent Fabron, and he is a specialist when it comes to everything weapons and combat-related. His ability kit is one of the most unique kits in the entire game where he has secondary weapons that deal tons of damage but with limited ammunition. Apart from that, he also has a teleporting ability and a trap that detects enemies in sight. 

In the game, he represents the squad as a Sentinel-class agent, and he has been the center of conversations and controversies since his release in late 2021. Even though he is a Sentinel, his abilities weren’t exactly built to fit the role, as it contained more offensive abilities than defensive ones. He was a totally unique Sentinel and soon became the go-to Agent for many regular players and pros alike to make aggressive plays. He soon became a meta that was simply overpowered, and Chamber was subjected to nerfs and changes regularly.

The nerfs and changes went on for more than a year, and these subtle changes did not seem to hinder him from being the most economically efficient and overpowered agent in the entire game. And finally, Riot recently decided to roll out some major changes to his kit that entirely changed how his abilities work with patch 5.12 and might have permanently changed the controversial Sentinel agent for the better.

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About Chamber

Vincent Fabron knows the ins and outs of combat and weapons. Before joining the VALORANT Protocol, Fabron used to work for the French Military and later on went on to become a Precision Marksman. Right before joining the VALORANT squad, he also worked as a weapons designer for the Kingdom Corporation. So apart from hands-on combat in the field, he is also a talented engineer.

The fascinating part of his story is that Fabron joined Kingdom Corporations just to know their secrets and achieve his ulterior goals. Through Kingdom, he got to work on a project involving a teleporter, and he even went on to make contact with his Omega counterpart. He is one of the very few Agents that have met their Omega counterparts. His story peaked when Fabron infiltrated the Everett-Linde facility. He not only infiltrated the facility but also blew up its Radian Collider, killing all its employees and also his Omega counterpart.

Later on, he met with the senior VALORANT Agents, Brimstone and Viper under unpleasant circumstances. However, the classy man Fabron is, he persuades the two seniors to hire his services to help them in their Omega Project. Reluctantly, the two seniors agreed, and Vincent Fabron was hired as VALORANT Protocol’s 18th agent: Chamber. Now the classy yet cocky Frenchman takes on missions in the VALORANT Protocol and assists his team with arsenal and his unmatched engineering skills. He even introduced VALORANT Protocol’s 19th recruit, Neon, to the leader Brimstone.

Chamber Ability Kit after patch 5.12

Trademark (C)

  • Effect: Equip a trap that can be placed on any horizontal surface. It constantly scans for enemies, and when an enemy comes into its visible range, the trap counts down and then destabilizes the terrain around them, slowing all players caught in its range. The trap can be picked up and redeployed at any time. However, with recent changes, the trap has a proximity radius of 40m, where it gets disabled when Chamber steps out of the range.

  • Charges: Single charge

  • Type: Basic ability

  • Cost: 200 Creds

  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

Headhunter (Q)

  • Effect: Equip a custom heavy pistol that does relatively higher damage. It can also be aimed down by pressing the Alt-Fire key (RMB.)

  • Charges: 8 Bullets

  • Type: Basic ability

  • Cost: 150 Creds per bullet

  • Damage: 159 Head, 55 Body, 46 Legs

Rendezvous (E)

  • Effect: Equip a teleport anchor that can be placed on almost all horizontal surfaces of a map. Chamber can activate it while on the ground and in range to teleport back to the anchor’s location. It can be picked up to redeploy.

  • Charges: Single charge

  • Type: Signature ability

  • Cost: 200 Creds

  • Cooldown: 30 seconds

Tour De Force (X)

  • Effect: Equip a custom powerful sniper rifle that is as powerful as the Operator. Hitting enemies on their upper body with a direct hit will instantly kill them. Killing an enemy also creates a slow field that hinders the movement of any players caught in range. The slow debuff lasts for 4 seconds and slows enemies by 50%.

  • Charges: 5 Bullets

  • Type: Ultimate ability

  • Cost: 8 Ultimate points

  • Damage: 255 Head, 150 Body, 127 Legs

How to play Chamber after nerfs in patch 5.12

Chamber is pretty much a walking arsenal in the game. His ability kit not only allows him to utilize his extremely powerful weapons but also helps him stay economically stable even in the most critical conditions. This might not seem like much at first, but getting a free one-shot-one-kill gun in critical conditions can literally turn around matches. And to top it all off, his guns represented the most powerful guns in the game, although one could even argue that Chamber’s rifle and pistol are superior.

This ability kit also made players utilize him in more aggressive playstyles. With the Headhunter (Q) dealing 150 damage across the map without range debuffs, Chamber was the ideal agent to take aggressive peaks in early and eco rounds. His Rendezvous (E) was also one of the main reasons why players picked him so much, as it gave them a get-out-of-jail-free card when they missed a shot or got into sticky situations. Even though Chamber was classified as a Sentinel agent, his kit made him more of a Duelist.

However, Chamber has been nerfed to the brim in more recent patches, and his ability kit has now been dialed down to make him less powerful and fit his defensive Sentinel class. While he used to have a massive range on his Rendezvous (E) ability with 2 anchors, it has been nerfed down to a single anchor and a considerably smaller range. His sniper rifle also now takes longer to reset after each shot, making it less reliable than it used to be. But this doesn’t rip him off his economic advantage, and players can still utilize this to easily win games.

Let's further discuss how you can utilize Chambers’ abilities for the best possible outcomes by following these simple yet effective strategies.

  • Arguably, the Trademark (C) is Chamber’s most important ability. It can be used to watch enemy flanks when attacking and hold corners or hinder enemy breaches when defending. Apart from that, a good Chamber player often tends to utilize this ability to get prio when rotating sites.

  • Headhunter is a really good secondary weapon both in offensive and defensive strategies. And even though it is most effective in short-range combat, keep in mind that it does full headshot damage at any given distance range. Another notable fact is that equipping the Headhunter feels slightly faster due to its minimal animation. This makes it the ideal secondary weapon as switching to it from a heavier weapon like a Vandal or an Operator feels faster and more efficient.

  • Rendezvous (E) is not as powerful and effective as it used to be, but it is still a great way to save yourself from getting killed in aggressive peaks and enemy pushes. The best way to use this ability is across a wall or any other object that covers the line of sight/fire. This can help you buy time to counter an enemy push/peak better, and even help turn around rounds.

  • Most beginner Chamber players often forget to pick up the Rendezvous anchor after performing a teleport. Since you will rarely be peaking from the same angle or holding the same area, make it a habit to always pick up the anchor as soon as you teleport. Since its cooldown is relatively longer (30s,) picking it up will greatly help you save time and better plan your next move with an extra ability aiding your strategy.

Chamber mirror

  • Tour de Force (X) is pretty much an Operator on steroids. It not only helps you hold long entryways just like an Operator but also helps you slow down enemies. In defense, it is the ideal weapon to hold an entry to a site as killing an enemy will slow the enemy’s push and give you that edge to make your next move. Pair it with your Rendezvous (E), and you can easily hold off an entire site by yourself.

  • Even though getting a free sniper rifle sounds pretty convenient, don’t be shy to spend your credits. If you have enough cash, always don’t hesitate to buy a primary weapon, even an Operator. This allows you to take your first shot and then Rendezvous to a new angle and take the second shot instantly without waiting for the gun’s bolt animation to complete.

Ready to play Chamber in your next VALORANT game?

Now that you learned everything about the recent nerfs to Chamber, why not try it for yourself? And before you start playing, don’t forget to join G-Loot to make your VALORANT games more rewarding and exciting with daily Missions and weekly Brawls. 


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