VALORANT Breeze map: ultimate guide (Patch Notes 7.04)

Published: September 3 2023

Last updated: September 13 2023

VALORANT Breeze map: ultimate guide (Patch Notes 7.04)
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New or pro to VALORANT, venturing into the map Breeze might still feel like uncharted waters. We’re here to help! Keep up with **updates from Patch Notes 7.04!**

This guide will cover tips, tricks, and secrets so it's nothing but smooth sailing for you on Breeze. We will tell you everything you need to know including callouts, dynamic elements, and the best Agents to play for this map. 

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Overview of map Breeze

Breeze is set on a tropical island somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. It takes the form of an ancient fortress abandoned long ago. Outlined by the blue ocean and adorned by plantlife throughout, Breeze is VALORANT’s brightest and most colorful map. 

The map takes its inspiration from the Caribbean islands and the time of pirates. While there are no direct references to them, many areas have strong swashbuckling overtones. The wreckage of a giant cargo ship can be seen in Breeze’s background. This is likely a reference to the Bermuda Triangle’s infamous reputation for ships and planes going missing in the region.  

Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Breeze

Prepare to cover a lot of ground on Breeze, as it is the VALORANT’s largest map. There are plenty of wide open spaces and long sight lines. Flankers have a field day since there are numerous routes to each Site. Snipers are exceptionally deadly on Breeze, especially in areas like B Window and Mid Nest. 

A site on map Breeze

Most of Breeze’s dynamic elements can be found in A Hall. This area is a cramped hallway that grants easy access to A Site for Defenders via A Switch. Agents enter A Hall by using ascending ropes found in different locations. There is one for Attackers in A Lobby, and another for Defenders near A Bridge. 

There is a door connecting A Hall to A Site that is both impenetrable and indestructible. It can only be opened with switches found on both sides. Whichever team gains control of this door will be able to easily switch from A Hall to A Site and cover both areas. As of Patch Update 7.04, the door is blocked off from the Attackers side of A Hall. It now favors Defenders as it is much more difficult for Attackers to reach and push through. 

A Hall has a one-way chute that dumps players down to Mid. It makes for quick escapes but is also an ideal camping spot. Some Agents like Jett and Raze can use their abilities to jump up the chute and into A Hall. As of Patch Update 7.04, A Chute now caters specifically to Attackers as it is blocked off from the Defenders side of A Hall. 

Map Breeze Episode 7 Updates

Major changes were made to Breeze in Patch Update 7.04. A Cave is now completely blocked off from both sides, essentially eliminating it from the map. This makes A Shop the fastest route to A Site from Attackers Side Spawn. As a result, the area has been reworked to make it wider and added boxes for cover. 

The Pyramids in the center of A Site have been made slightly taller. Each received new artwork near the top to help players distinguish them better during callouts. Stairs and boxes have been moved around the center platform of B Site to mix up plant opportunities. 

Mid Pillar is now connected to the wall closer to B Site, cutting off most of the vision from Mid Top into Mid Bottom. A Wooden Doors has also been adjusted to allow simpler entrance to A Site from Mid. 

The largest change comes to A Hall. There is now a pair of scaffolding blocking off access to the center of the hall. As a result, players can’t walk through the entirety of A Hall and no longer serves as a path to A Site from Attackers Side Spawn. 

The only easy access to A Switch is from Defenders Side Spawn and Mid Nest, making it nearly impossible for Attackers to control. These changes drastically reduce the impact A Hall had on games played on Breeze.

Breeze Callouts

A Site

  • Lobby - a large open area granting access to three different routes toward A Site

  • Rope - an ascending rope leading into A Hall from A Lobby

  • Hall - a long, completely contained hallway that is blocked off in the middle from both sides. The blockades are scaffolding and not walls, so gunfire and abilities pass through them easily.

  • Metal Doors - a tight choke point in A Hall that Defenders must often breach (After the recent changes to A Hall, this point in the Map might not be as relevant as it used to be)

  • Bridge - an elevated pathway overlooking A Site near Defenders Side Spawn, but accessed via A Hall

  • Switch - a mechanical door connecting A Hall to A Site, which can only be opened by switches on both sides. As of Patch Update 7.04, these doors are blocked off from A Hall from the Attackers side, but are accessible from Defenders Side Spawn. 

  • Pyramids - a pair of large, oddly shaped pyramids that act as the primary source of cover on A Site. They each have distinct insignia (a shrimp and a crab) that helps players identify them in callouts.

Pyramids - a pair of large, oddly shaped pyramids that act as the primary source of cover on A Site Breeze map in VALORANT

  • Wooden Doors - a mid-sized gateway running beneath A Hall that connects Mid to A Site 

  • Cave - is now completely blocked off.

  • Shop - an alternative route to A Site from A Lobby. Shop - after A Cave was completely blocked off in Patch Update 7.04, Shop is now the main route to A Site from A Lobby. The interior space of the shop has now been widened, and boxes have been added.


  • Rudy’s/Bottom - a large, open area connecting Attackers Side Spawn to the Mid’s central area

  • Cannon - a wide passageway connecting Mid Bottom to B Site

  • Nest - an elevated room overlooking the majority of Mid, and peeking into B Tunnel and B Elbow. It can be accessed directly from Defenders Side Spawn.

  • Top - the upper of portion of Mid, featuring large amounts of cover

  • Pillar - a large pillar that runs halfway through most of Mid, separating Mid Top from Mid Bottom. Before Patch Update 7.04, the pillar was formerly in the center of Mid and the area was more open.  

  • Cubby - a small cubby on the back side of Mid Pillar along the wall

  • Stack - a small cubby in the back area of Mid Pillar near B Elbow

B Site

  • Snake - a windy passageway leading to B Site from Attackers Side Spawn

  • Window - an elevated room granting long sightlines into B Main and B Site

  • Main - a large, open courtyard connecting various other areas to B Site

  • Boxes - a stack of boxes serving as the only piece of cover in B Main

  • Elbow - an L-shaped passageway connecting B Main to both Mid Top and Mid Cannon

  • Tunnel - an underground tunnel connecting B Site to Mid Top

  • Back - a highly covered part of B Site that is a great plant location

  • Wall - a large, freestanding brick wall that limits sightlines into B Site from both B Arches and B Tunnel

  • Arches - a large corridor that leads directly to B Site from Defenders Side Spawn

Best Agents to Play on Breeze

How to play Jett on map Breeze

You might have already heard, but Jett is VALORANT’s best Agent. Her enhanced mobility and access to smokes make her a strong pick on any map. Her infamous Updraft ability lets her vault to points of elevation that no other Agents can access. 

Jett is one of the best Agents for sniping, and Breeze is a sniper’s playground. Plenty of towers, nests, and long sightlines make her a threat from anywhere on the map. Jett’s Ult is very deadly on Breeze, especially in open areas like B Main.  

How to play Chamber on map Breeze

If there’s any Agent that can rival Jett’s S++ tier placement, is for sure Chamber. He is generally regarded as a Top 2 Agent in VALORANT and viable on most, if not all maps. His Trademark trap is a great ambush tool on Mid and B Site. 

Chamber’s free Signature Ability (Rendezvous) sets a pair of teleportation anchors. This allows him to patrol two different spots at once. With so many choke points and areas of contention on Breeze, there is a seemingly endless number of options for Chamber to lock down across the map.

How to play Viper on map Breeze

While she isn’t known for being top tier, Viper is practically a must-have on Breeze. Toxic Screen splits open areas in half and the wall provides great cover for plating. Use this free Signature Ability on A Site to cut off Defenders sightlines from A Bridge and force them to fight near A Pyramids.

Viper’s array of vision-blocking abilities are great tools near Breeze’s many choke points. Her Ultimate (Viper’s Pit) is a force to be reckoned with on both Sites. The vast toxic cloud shuts down both areas and is great to use while planting the Spike. 

How to play Sova on map Breeze

Sova Cover

Since the map is so large, intel can play a key role on Breach. And ever since VALORANT’s Beta, Sova has been the game’s king of gathering information

The Russian archer’s arrows can sky over walls, allowing him to ping or damage targets from long distances. Use Sova’s Owl Drone to keep tabs on flankers. When his Ult is activated, fires wall-piercing energy blasts that deal damage and reveal enemy locations.  

How to play Skye on map Breeze

You can never have enough intel on Breeze. It's often a good idea to include two Intitiatiors in your Agent composition. 

In this instance, Skye is the best compliment to Sova. What makes the Australian beast-tamer stand out from the rest is her ability to heal teammates. This added vitality is crucial during long, drawn-out rounds on Breeze. 

Trailblazer and Guiding Light are controllable trinkets that both gather intel and either concuss or blind enemies, respectively. Furthermore, Guiding Light is the best flash in the game, as it can be detonated early and gives off an audio cue when an enemy is blinded.

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