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VALORANT Bind Map Guide

May 15 2023

VALORANT Bind Map Guide
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Bind, a beloved map in VALORANT, has received some big updates with the release of patch 6.08. The patch has introduced some significant changes to both A and B Sites, and has altered how players approach the game.

It has been almost 3 years since VALORANT’s release and the game has received a ton of new content since. This includes 6 additional maps added to the game’s map pool, apart from the 4 original maps. Even though new maps have made it into the game, Bind has been one of the more preferred maps of the majority of the player base. The arid map offers a challenging and dynamic gameplay experience with its teleporters, making it one of the favorite maps of most players.

Patch 6.08 brought significant changes to both A and B Sites in Bind. If you're a fan of the Bind map and want to improve your gameplay, it's essential to understand these changes and adjust your strategies accordingly. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about Bind including callouts, and attacking and defending strategies to help you dominate your competition.

General overview of Bind map in VALORANT

Source: Riot Games

Before getting on to the actual guide, let’s go over the history and lore behind VALORANT’s Bind. Bind is one of the game’s original maps that was featured since its closed beta phase. While the aesthetics of it has a barren nature, the map is actually based on Morocco with its own twist with VALORANT’s lore. The map features a fictional site inspired by Moroccan architecture and culture, and it is actually situated at Rabat, Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, Morocco, Alpha Earth.

Bind also landscapes complex infrastructure built by Kingdom Corporation to refine Radianite. You can find plenty of crates of Radianite on the map. As we all know, the primary objective of the game (according to lore) is to extract these Radianite from the sites while other team tries to stop it. Every map has its own unique feature and Bind’s feature is that it contains teleporters. Players can jump into a teleporter to quickly rotate between sites and even teleport the spike or weapons or even abilities through it. The other special feature is that this map doesn’t have a “mid” area

All of its unique features including the teleporters and the absence of a mid makes Bind one of the most interesting and fun maps to play on. Now let’s get on to the actual guide on how to play VALORANT Bind map, starting with its callouts.

VALORANT Bind Callouts

If you want to get better at any map, it is important that you are well aware of all the important callouts of the map. Bind map callouts are rather easier to remember when compared to other maps as it is missing a mid-area. The illustration below showcases all the map callouts and locations you should know and even though the map received some changes, the callouts remain the same. 

Some of the above-mentioned callouts are also known by other names, so it is important that you are familiar with their alternate callouts too. 

For example:

  • B Window is frequently known as Hookah;

  • A Tower is known as Heaven;

  • A Bath is often called Showers as well. 

Additionally, there are some other callouts that help you communicate info better with specific objects/locations, especially inside the Sites. Some of them include Elevator (B Site container-like structure,) Cubbies and Triple Boxes or Tetris.

VALORANT Bind Changes

In patch 6.08, Riot introduced some substantial changes to the map that completely altered the map control on Bind. 

  • The A Teleport Exit near A Bath has been moved closer to the A Bath entrance.

  • The A Bath/Showers entirely has been widened to make it easier to clear angles inside it. 

  • The doorway connecting Bath and A Site has also been widened to make it easier for attackers to push. 

  • A Site also received some changes including alterations to the Triple boxes/Tetris and some back-site changes. 

  • While B Site changes are minor in comparison, the addition of the Elbow Window and the Widening of the B Hall doorway affects map control significantly.

These changes have made A Short and A Bath become more attacker-sided while B Long and Hookah have become more defender-sided. This work both ways. Since the teleporters allow you to quickly rotate between sites, Defenders can use it to their advantage on retakes or crunch enemies with flanks, especially through B Teleporter to Showers. 

Attacking on Bind

Bind used to be a well-balanced map for both attackers and defenders at a glance but in reality, certain Sites and areas were catered to the advantage of one or the other. It used to be almost a defender-sided map before it received the recent changes. Now, attackers have a better chance of making it into sites, especially A Site since A Bath has become easier to clear and A Back-site has been simplified. The attacking default is ideally 1-1-3 where one player holds the opposite site for flanks while another player pushes A Short or Hookah while the rest of the team pushes Showers or B Long through the orbs.

A Site Executions

Since A Site has been simplified by getting rid of most 50/50 angles, A Site is finally more approachable when attacking. Especially, A Short has become more attacker-sided, meaning that once you successfully push through it, you can take control of the map easily. The same goes for the Showers as well. Infiltrating Showers is now easier with fewer angles to clear and wider entrances to peek through. The key is to push fast with a combination of some Initiator abilities or powerful offensive ultimates.

B is Easier to Hold Post-Plant

B Site hasn’t changed much and Hookah and B Long remain pretty much the same. The key is once again to push into the site aggressively using your abilities and post up for a post-plant scenario. Defending the site from retakes is way easier with the wider B Hall doorway and the little window that allows you to easily throw utilities. 

Defending on Bind

Defending on Bind has become harder with the new changes but is still very manageable with a communicating team. The key is to contest attackers to get that advantage, especially in B Long and A Bath. The defending default on Bind would be 2-3 where two players would be holding A Site, preferably on back-site where 3 would be on B. One player would be holding back-site while 2 players contest B Long for the Ultimate Orb or to take the teleporter to crunch enemies on A Bath.

Retaking A

Retaking sites are way different now since there are cheekier angles for the attackers to hold. Ideally, you should communicate with your team to push through the 3 entries, Bath, Short, and Spawn, simultaneously so enemies will have 3 or more points of contact to hold.

Retaking B

The wider entryways allow you to throw utilities more dynamically. However, similarly, attackers could also use it to their advantage and easily peek into spawn to catch you off-guard. The key is to use your utilities, especially smokes to cover Hookah and Garden while you make your move. It is going to be tough but definitely doable with a well-coordinated siege.

Best Agents for Bind

While almost all agents could perform well on the newly revamped Bind map, there are a few agents that come out on top due to how they can incorporate their abilities into the nature of the map. For example, Sage will be one of the best agents on this map as she could easily block off teleporter flanks, or elevate herself for surprise angles. Brimstone is still the go-to smoke agent for Bind as not only he can intricately split the 3 clouds of smoke, but also use his Orbital Strike (X) to clear out entire areas. And The go-to duelist agent is still Raze as she is fast with her Satchels and still provides tons of explosive aggressiveness to clear out angles. Skye is the go-to initiator as her flashes could be easily utilized to gather intel about enemy whereabouts and her Trailblazer and Seekers could really come in handy during retakes. And finally, the latest agent, Gekko, is also an ideal fit as his abilities could be easily thrown through the gaps and windows to get the necessary info and assist ally sieges. Here’s a list of all the agents we recommend for this map.

Our final thoughts on map Bind

The new Bind map has been changed to bring more balance to the gameplay as the previous version was deemed defender-sided. The new changes open up opportunities for more dynamic gameplay experiences where the feature of the map, the Teleporters, is used more frequently. With the right team composition, some good communication, and the right strategies, you can start winning more rounds on this fan-favorite map and start your climb.

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