VALORANT: best Odin spam spots to win your game

Published: June 29 2023

Last updated: July 3 2023

VALORANT: best Odin spam spots to win your game
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Here are some of the best Odin spam spots on popular VALORANT maps, like Ascent, Split, Bind, Pearl, and Haven, that can help you get a kill or two early on in the game.

Every VALORANT map has a few critical structures known as Odin Spam Spots that appear to be solid at first glance but are weak areas that can be penetrated by gunfire. And doing a trick shot through one of these openings is known as "wall banging". 

When it comes to spamming through surfaces, Odin is typically the weapon of choice, which is why Wall Bang Spot is also known as Odin Spam Spot. 

While weapons like the Guardian, Sheriff, and Operator deal significant damage through walls, the Odin has a higher firing rate, more penetration damage, and a larger magazine capacity than the other weapons in the game. In most circumstances, using this Odin Spam Spot effectively results in a free kill. You can at least lower the enemy's health before the 1v1 conflict starts by strategically using these Odin Spam Points scattered over the battlefield. 

Things like a wall gap or a curtained window can occasionally explain these Odin Spam Spots. In other instances, finding Odin Spam Spot just requires experience and deep knowledge of the map, as even a small wooden crate that serves as an excellent cover can be penetrated if you spam on the right spot. We have compiled the best Odin Spam spots around popular VALORANT maps, so you don't have to look through every corner to find them. In this article, we will cover Ascent, Split, Bind, Pearl, and Haven

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Best Odin Spam Spot on map Ascent 

A-site Heaven/Hell spam

When you are on the Rafters or the A-site Heaven in Ascent, and you hear footsteps beneath you, immediately shoot bullets near your feet to deal damage to the opponent that is hidden below. 

Similarly, if you are defending the location by yourself and you hear opponents approaching Heaven, you can spam through the flimsy ceiling once more to guarantee kills or, at the very least, drive them away.

Mid Link wall bang

In the Mid Link location, hiding on either side of the wall is a very common tactic of VALORANT players. You only need to repeatedly shoot the spot at the wall to destroy the tiles and harm your adversaries, as the walls are rather weak and can be breached with weapons like Odin.

Mid Market and Catwalk

Ascent's mid-market is a fiercely competitive area. Therefore, you should seize control of the mid-market as soon as you can. 

Spamming the wall on the lower-mid from the top-mid or the catwalk is one of the finest ways to be sure of that. Enemies peering from the middle of the market will immediately be damaged.

Market from B Site

The Ascent B site's Odin Spam Spot location is ideal for clearing out enemy occupying Markets. You can spam the right-side wall of the Market after entering the area to cause a lot of damage to your opponents.

B-Main wall bang

At the later stages of the game, entering B-site is extremely frustrating because the defenders may just buy Ares or Odin to spam the wall to harm you and get kills before you even enter the site. Use agents like Sova or Fade to disclose B-Main, and all you have to do to destroy attackers is shoot over the small animal picture on the wall. If you're lucky, you might even receive early picks at the beginning of the round.

Best Odin Spam Spot on map Split

Ramps Wallbang

This spot can be proved crucial during retakes in which your A-site teammates have turned over control of the A-site to the Attackers. The offensive team will typically already possess the A-Ramps area, which they will want to dominate to gather sound cues and location information from shifting Defenders. While rotating to the A-site from the Vents, spam your Odin at the close-right corner at the A-Ramps.

A main from B Link

Shooting through a wall in the Sewer allows users in B Link to take down adversaries in A-main. Players in B Link can use this Odin Spam Spot to fire through the sewer wall and hit the opponents pushing through A main to get to A site.

This is a one-way wall bang because shooting from A Main in the same direction will not affect the B-Link player. From the A Main entrance, which coincides with the wall bang spot, at least one player will sneak a peek at the scene. If done properly, B players can assist A site defense without leaving the map.

B-Tower/Heaven Wallbang

Using this Odin Spam Spot, you might be able to capture moving Defenders off-guard when they are taking the Vents to Mail route. Simply spam your Odin below the "B" marking on the wall and let the high firing rate and penetration damage of Odin do the magic.

B-site – Backsite Wallbang

One of the more popular cheese sites, B-Backsite, is packed with tight corners and cubbies that Defenders use to score quick kills off unchecked corners. This is especially true for Shotgun plays on eco-rounds. The multiple corners and cubbies make it difficult to enter the B-site, especially if your team is not well-coordinated. If your team decides to take B-site control, the Odin Spam Spot at Split's B-Backsite can be highly beneficial. Use the Odin Spam Location at B-Backsite to land the ideal shots on the Defenders camped behind the dividing wall.

Best Odin Spam Spot on map Bind

U-Hall/Lamps to A-Short

Players can use a Sova or perhaps a Cypher to direct fire toward pinged foes from within U-Hall to kill an unaware attacker at A-Short with an Odin. Although the walls of U-Hall are impenetrable on their own, a thin strip of wood running along the middle of the walls allows bullets to get through in the direction of A-Short. Crouching and aiming along the wooden strip on the wall are all required.

Triple Box Wallbang

You can use the Odin Spam Spot at the Triple Box Radianite Boxes to dissuade or even kill the spike planter if you're playing from A-Tower.

B-site Hooka to B-Hall

Attackers can tag and deal chip damage to any Defender holding from B-Hall by spamming their Odin through the little wooden wall at the Hooka window from Hooka. Looking at Hooka from B-Hall, one can only spot the heads of the attacking team. For anyone holding within B-Hall, a straightforward crouch will obscure the attacking team member from view.

Popular Odin Spam Spot on map Pearl

A Dugout to A Default plant wallbang

Image Credit:Sportskeeda

The typical locations to plant on A site are next to the boxes or in a corner. If you are in A dugout and the attacker is in A default, you can again spam through the wall to kill him. But, if the planter knows about you, he can still effectively do the same to you through the same opening.

Mid Sewers wallbang

This Odin Spam Spot is for you if you frequently end up dying at the hands of that cunning person hidden in the mid-sewers. To make sure no one is waiting for you in the sewers, you can shower bullets on the hole shown in picture. Either you compel the player to leave the sewers, or you make sure he stays there devoid of life.

Safe plant wallbang

This works both ways, just like other Odin Spam Spot in VALORANT. However, it is far more advantageous to the defensive side. If the enemy player is going to plant the bomb and you have managed to stay hidden, pull out your gun and start shooting. The planter won't have much time to respond before you take him out.

Best Odin Spam Spot on map Haven

C-long entry to right Radianite boxes

At the C-site, this double stack of Radianite boxes is the most frequent location for a player to hold Garage access while simultaneously killing a few careless enemies from C-long. But, if the corner is left unchecked, it can be lethal. It is typically played as a sacrificial position.

C-main entry to C-back site

Players usually occupy this location to watch for retake access because it is a frequent spot for the C-long-sided post plant. Wallbanging these Radianite boxes can essentially ensure a free kill, simple ingress into the C-site, and complete rear site control.

C-Window to C-Garage

Most players can't manage to keep adversaries out of the C-Garage as a defender. But, this Odin Spam Spot might quickly halt the adversaries in their tracks and force them to reconsider their approach. It becomes difficult for the opponents to access the C-site through the Mid Doors and the route since you can decimate their health with this Odin Spam Location.

A-Sewers to B-site

Although it could possibly be used in a post-plant scenario, this particular Odin spam spot is so unconventional that it is rarely used in matches. Place the spike in front of the open A-link, stand atop the wooden boxes in the A-sewer, and then rapidly fire your Odin through the wooden pillar. 

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