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VALORANT Agent Generator: which Agent is best to play on each map?

December 10 2022

VALORANT Agent Generator: which Agent is best to play on each map?
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Having troubles with Agent versus map picks in VALORANT? G-Loot is here to help WITH THE VALORANT Agent Generator!

With 20 current Agents and another on the way, it can be hard to know who has the best success on each map. Fortunately, G-Loot’s Agent Generator is designed to make these choices easier for you.

The Agent Generator compiles data to determine the compositions with the highest chances of winning, and you can find out by simply picking a map and a rank. After analyzing the results for six maps at every rank, we’ve determined the three best Agents to play on each map in VALORANT. 

Before we reveal the best Agent picks for each map, don’t forget to check out how G-Loot can help you track your VALORANT stats and enhance your playtime with daily Missions and Brawls. Did you know that you can also gain rewards by simply playing your favorite games? 

Valorant Agent Generator Screenshot

Ascent map in VALORANT

The game’s most traditional map, Ascent has a simple and straightforward design. It echoes the style used in VALORANT’s main inspiration, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). Ascent’s primary feature is its large, open Mid area.

Metal doors that are opened by one-way switches are found in both Sites. A pair of destructible panels in Mid and numerous bangable walls make cover extremely volatile on Ascent. Check out G-Loot’s complete guide on Ascent for full details on callouts, strategies, and more.

Agent Generator’s Best Picks for Ascent

Chamber x Ascent 

Arguably the game’s best overall Agent, Chamber has an advantage on nearly every map. His Trademark trap can be used throughout the map’s many doorways to ambush unsuspecting enemies.

The Frenchman can lock down almost every area with his Rendezvous teleporter, especially Ascent’s large, open Mid. The free Signature Ability lets Chamber patrol two ends of the courtyard simultaneously.

Raze x Ascent

A wide array of damage-dealing abilities makes Raze perfect for crowd control on Ascent. Her free Signature Ability (Paint Shells) is a cluster grenade that releases more grenades after detonating. They can finish off enemy teams in a flash since there is no drop-off in damage from one grenade to the next.

All of Raze’s abilities deal damage to the two destructible panels separating Ascent’s Mid from B Link. These panels can’t be destroyed by gunfire, but the Brazilian livewire’s kit is fine-tuned to get rid of them.

Valorant Raze

Sova x Ascent

Intel goes a long way on Ascent, and no Agent gathers it better here than Sova. Use Recon Bolt and Owl Drone over the many low walls and open ceilings to locate enemies from afar.

Shock Bolt is another helpful tool for damaging the destructible panels in the courtyard. Learn how to use all of Sova’s abilities in G-Loot’s complete Agent guide for Sova.

Bind map in VALORANT

VALORANT’s smallest map Bind is unique for lacking a Mid area entirely. Instead, it features a pair of one-way teleporters that transport Agents from A Site to B Site and vice versa. The spike, weapons, and certain abilities can be sent through the teleporters as well.

Bind’s size makes it extremely volatile. There are few places to hide and enemies can pop up unexpectedly at any given moment. Because of this, Bind often favors chaotic firefights over methodical play.

Valorant Bind

Agent Generator’s Best Picks for Bind

Sage x Bind

Staying alive is no easy task on Bind. Having VALORANT’s premier medic on your side will help the cause. Sage can heal both herself and allies continuously with Healing Orb, her free Signature Ability.

Sage’s Ultimate (Resurrection) allows her to bring a fallen teammate back to life. Most rounds end via team elimination on Bind, so every living Agent is crucial. While she shines in a supportive role, Sage can also create walls with Barrier Orb to block enemy escape paths or shield her team.

Reyna x Bind

The Mexican Duelist is a favorite amongst players who love to rack up kills. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Reyna would have a high success rate on Bind.

An exceptionally lethal Reyna will yield big rewards for her kills on Bind. Dismiss Soul Orbs to become intangible and take full advantage of the map’s small size to eliminate enemies in quick succession. Devour them to rapidly heal yourself so you can continue the rampage. 

Brimstone x Bind

No Agent controls space on Bind like Brimstone. He can place smokes practically anywhere on the map with Sky Smoke, his Signature Ability.

Brimstone has several tools that help his team with quick getaways. The Incendiary grenade launcher creates a lingering fire on the floor that is great for blocking off enemy routes. Stim Beacon boosts speed across the board, including movement and fire rate.

Breeze map in VALORANT

The largest map in VALORANT, Breeze is all about balance. It has a few dynamic features outside of ascending ropes and a mechanical door leading to A Hall. This area also has a one-way chute that dispenses players into Mid.

Breeze has many different open areas that encourage firefights and engagement. Flankers and lurkers looking to change the tide of a battle have plenty of routes to choose from. Breeze favors a more traditional playstyle and Agents who excel at locking down open areas.

Agent Generator’s Best Picks for Breeze

Jett x Breeze 

At this point its safe to say that Jett is the consensus #1 overall Agent in VALORANT. She has by far the best mobility of any Agent and is the only Duelist with a smoke ability. With her balanced kit, Jett feels right at home on Breach.

In fact, you’ll soon find that the Korean wind charmer is comfortable on virtually any map in VALORANT. To learn more about the game’s best Agent, read G-Loot’s full guide on Jett here.

Valorant Jett Red


Chamber x Breeze

Quick escapes are vital on Breach. No Agent is better at getaways than the teleporting Frenchman.

Chamber can set up shop in one of the map’s many open areas with his Rendezvous anchors. There are also plenty of spots to lay down his Trademark trap, particularly around A Hall. Trying placing the trap near the mechanical door or the chute to ambush unsuspecting enemies.

Viper x Breeze

Vision-blocking abilities prove very beneficial in open spaces. With smokes and a wall (her free Signature Ability) that all deal damage, Viper is extremely deadly on Breach.

Snake Bite is another space-controlling tool. It works similarly to a Molotov by creating a lingering field of poison on the ground. Viper’s Ultimate Ability is devastating on Breach, able to encompass large areas in a poisonous cloud that also deters vision.

Fracture map in VALORANT

Although it isn’t very popular, Fracture is definitely VALORANT’s most unique map. Its ambitious design is notable for having the Defenders Side Spawn room in the center of the map. The Attackers Side Spawn technically has two parts, accessed by ziplines that stretch across the entire map. 

Fracture’s symmetrical design leads to fast-paced play where players must always be on their heels. Both sites can be entered from different directions, leaving a lot of room for creative attack strategies. In many ways, Fracture’s Agent meta is similar to that of Bind.

Agent Generator’s Best Picks for Fracture

Jett/Chamber x Fracture

You’ll begin to notice a pattern develop here with who many consider as VALORANT’s two best Agents. Jett and Chamber have few weaknesses and the Agent Generator reveals they have a high rate of success on any map. 

Jett’s smokes come in extra handy when dealing with chokepoints. Chamber can exploit the sites’ two-way entry design with Rendezvous to create a full perimeter around the area. 

Chamber Suit


Sage x Fracture

Like Bind, Fracture can be a hectic place full of unwanted surprises. A composition with Sage makes staying alive all the more easier. 

Slow Orb is a great ambush tool to use near chokepoints. Barrier Orb is great for blocking off entryways or preventing escapes. The wall is very helpful on sites for barricading one of the entrances.    

Reyna x Fracture

Fracture’s small size makes Reyna a force to be reckoned with. The Duelist never has too far to travel to reach soul orbs that let her heal or make her intangible.

Agents can be killed while using ziplines, but can also fight back with their weapons. Reyna’s intangibility after Dismissing soul orbs limits her vulnerability while using ziplines. In fact, she can be quite dangerous in these scenarios.  

Haven map in VALORANT

The only VALORANT map with three sites instead of two. Otherwise, Haven is fairly traditional in its design. It is notable for having a diverse set of areas that favor a well-rounded style of play. 

Versatile Agents have the most success on Haven. Defending all three sites at once is a challenge, so the more tools you have at your disposal the better. Sentinels, Initiatiors, and Controllers have an increased role on this map. 

Agent Generator’s Best Picks for Haven

Jett/Chamber x Haven

I think you get the gist with these two by now. Moving on…

Killjoy x Haven 

Sentinels are very effective on Haven, and few have a more robust kit than Killjoy. She is perhaps the only Agent with the ability to defend a site all by herself.

Turret is her main tool for surveying an area but she can also use Alarmbot to patrol for intruders. Nanoswarm gives Killjoy an offensive option when she needs to engage. Her Ultimate Ability (Lockdown) keeps enemies confined to one area, great for preventing retakes.

Killjoy's Nanoswarm

KAY/O x Haven  

The robot Agent is VALORANT’s most well-rounded Iniatior. KAY/O’s abilities mirror many of the traditional FPS tools like flash bangs and sticky grenades.

KAY/O’s toolkit is perfect for the tight quarters and various chokepoints throughout Haven. The one knock on the robot from the future was that playing him came with a steep difficulty curve. However, this is no longer the case as Patch 5.01 made changes to KAY-O’s accessibility.  

Icebox map in VALORANT

Far from a winter wonderland, Icebox is a cold and unforgiving map for newcomers. The Arctic station is notable for its tight quarters and tons of verticality. The abundance of tall cover leads teams to play more patiently on Icebox. 

There are two elevated nests overlooking each Site. These are crucial points of control as they are the few vantage points every Agent can reach. For more tips for playing on Icebox, see G-Loot’s complete map guide.

Icebox Valorant

Agent Generator’s Best Picks for Icebox

Jett x Icebox

VALORANT’s queen of verticality is a must-have for any composition on Icebox. Use Updraft to boost up to the map’s many vantage points. Simply put, Jett can take positions here that no other Agent can dream of. 

Jett’s main strength is keeping a bird’s eye view on everything. However, she can assist with controlling tight areas too with her Cloudburst smoke ability.  

Sage x Icebox

Slow and methodical play offers Sage plenty of chances to heal her allies. She can draw rounds out longer to give her team more time to reach their objective.

Sage’s non-healing abilities have a lot of utility on Icebox. Use Barrier Orb to block off vantage points of enemies waiting in nests. Set up traps in narrow spaces with Slow Orb to catch foes flat-footed and set up easy kills. 

Sova x Icebox

Gaining intel is as important as ever on Icebox. While there are plenty of strong sleuth Agents, Sova remains the best of them all

Sova’s excess intel abilities let him keep tabs on enemy locations at all times. This allows his team to plan ahead and adapt to opposing tactics. The archer’s intel limits the need for risky plays.

Sova Cover

Ready to explore the VALORANT Agent Generator?

So, what do you think about these results, were the Agents picked as you expected or not? And if you are not seeing your main anywhere in this article, don’t worry! Use G-Loot’s VALORANT Agent Generator to see how your favorite Agent performs on each map. And if you loved our Agent Generator, don’t forget to check how G-Loot can help you track your VALORANT stats and make your game even more rewarding!  

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