VALORANT Agent 24 Iso: abilities, origin, gameplay strategy

Published: October 31 2023

Last updated: November 9 2023

VALORANT Agent 24 Iso: abilities, origin, gameplay strategy
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Iso, the new VALORANT Agent 24, is joining the Duelist roster! Learn how to master him and take advantage of his abilities in our complete guide.

VALORANT, the evolving hero shooter by Riot Games keeps players engaged with updates that introduce new agents. The newest addition to the expanding roster is Agent 24, Iso. In this comprehensive guide of Iso, we'll delve into every aspect of the new Agent, including his role, origin,  abilities, and valuable tips and tricks to help you become a better player with this intriguing Duelist.

We'll also explore Iso’s Agent Gear in depth discussing cosmetics, and how Iso might fit into VALORANT current agent meta. But before we begin, check how Stryda free Battle Pass can reward you with Riots gift cards as you simply progress our Missions and win VALORANT Ladders! And now let's dive straight into the details of the new Duelist Iso.

Agent 24 Iso's Role in VALORANT

Agent 24, known as Iso, enters the battlefield of VALORANT as a Duelist, promising a thrilling resurgence of an aggressive archetype, that was last added by Riot in January 2022 with Neon. Duelists are renowned for their aggression, embracing a high-risk, high-reward playstyle characterized by precision and flair. Iso being a Duelist positions himself at the forefront of battles actively pursuing eliminations and striving to create opportunities for his team. The reintroduction of this archetype promises thrilling clashes and pumping action, especially since majority of the fans are already in love with this new agent!

Iso’s origin in the VALORANT lore

Image Credit: Riot Games

Speaking about Iso's origin, he proudly represents China. The developers have made it crystal clear with his conversations in the animated trailer and left no room for doubt as we can hear him conversing in Chinese in the animated trailer. While it remains a mystery whether China is his permanent residence or if he's a globe-trotting assassin, one thing is certain: Iso's nationality is unmistakably Chinese. Recently, his full real name has also been leaked: Li Zhao Yu.

As VALORANT was recently launched in China and a dedicated VCT league for the region is on its way, Iso becomes a captivating addition to the Agent lineup. Discovering an agent's roots not only adds depth to their character but also establishes a connection between players and the agent drawing from cultural diversity.

Is new Agent Iso Omen, or an alternate version of him? Do Iso and Omen know each other in the VALORANT lore?

Since Iso’s real story is still a bit of a mystery, many speculations and rumors are running around due to his connection with Omen.

In the official trailers, we see that Omen is often involved in Iso’s storylines: particularly in his official announcement trailer we see that Omen is the primary target of Iso’s next kill-list. 

Moreover, in a inbox message sent to Brimstone, Omen reveals to have possibly seen Iso’s hourglass symbol before. However he wasn’t able to unlock these memories from his past, so the connection between him and Iso is still unclear. 

It has actually been revealed now that Iso and Omen used to work for the same association, with Omen being another employee there and this making them somehow colleagues.

However, since the details are still a little obscure, their relationship is still unclear and there are other theories on why Iso and Omen might actually be the same person. Let's see some details here:

  • Aesthetic reasons: their main color scheme is purple and black, moreover they have similar animation used for their hands in the video trailers. This theory is according to some fan, reinforced by the fact that during the announcement trailer and the use of Kill Contract, Iso appears designed in a very similar style and way like Omen;

  • Iso abilities have some similarities with Omen’s ability Paranoia regarding colors and animation;

  • At the end of the announcement trailer, we see Iso’s reaction in seeing Omen on screen. It appears as he recognize him or -at least- he does not look indifferent to him.

Agent 24 Iso’s Abilities in VALORANT:

Iso possesses a range of abilities strategically designed to hinder enemies' playstyle and aim to dominate the bomb sites on the maps. As a Duelist he harnesses a state-of-the-art skillset, utilizing sensor shields, debuff effects, and an interdimensional battlefield to engage opponents in 1v1 encounters.

Iso Basic Ability: Undercut

Image Credit: Riot Games

  • Cost: 200 creds

  • Command key: Q

  • Function: Debuff enemy

  • Charges: 2

Iso’s Undercut ability is another asset with two charges. It unleashes the "Molecular Bolt" projectile that can penetrate objects and applies the debuff known as “Fragile” upon contact. This debuff seems to increase the damage received by the enemy, just like the Vulnerable debuff.

Undercut primarily serves as a tool for Iso players to strategically weaken opponents by exposing them to the debuff. Its versatility allows for disrupting enemy positions and creating opportunities for both Iso and his team.

Iso Basic Ability Contingency:

Image Credit: Riot Games

  • Cost: 250 Credit

  • Command key: C

  • Function: Defensive Shield, Map Control

  • Charges: 1

Iso’s C ability allows him to manipulate energy and create an impenetrable barrier. This barrier can stop projectiles like bullets. Iso can use this ability before needing to recharge. It gives players strategic control over choke points by blocking sightlines and disrupting enemy movements. Placing the barrier correctly can provide a temporary cover,  forcing opponents to change their positions and giving Iso’s team an advantage.

Iso Signature Ability: Double Tap

Image Credit: Riot Games

  • Cost: 150 Credit

  • Command key: E

  • Function: Defensive Buff

  • Charges: 2 (1 base charge)

Iso’s signature ability triggers a  focus timer. Once the timer is completed, Iso enters a flow state. During this state, eliminating any opponent generates an energy orb. Shooting at this orb activates the shield, which can absorb one instance of damage from any source, even if the enemy hits you with an ability. 

Understanding how Double Tap works is crucial for Iso players who want to take advantage of its capabilities providing a lifeline in engagements. Double Tap stands out as a move that rewards gunplay. You need to aggressively engage in fights to generate energy orbs, which can be used to get an advantage in subsequent fights. Moreover, using the shield activated by Double Tap before using the ultimate can give you an edge over your opponent when you go 1vs1 on the interdimensional battlefield.

Iso Ultimate Ability: Kill Contract

Image Credit: Riot Games

  • Cost: 7  Ult Points

  • Command key: X

  • Function: Empowerment

  • Charges: 1

Iso’s ultimate ability is called "Kill Contract." To activate it, you need to accumulate seven ULT points. With Kill Contract, Iso can transport himself and a targeted enemy into an alternate dimension through a beam of energy. Inside this arena, Iso engages in a 1v1 confrontation. The effects of the ultimate last for a maximum of 15 seconds. If neither player won the duel, both will die at the end of Kill Contract.

Will Iso and his abilities be nerfed? Is Iso overpowered compared to other duelists?

After leaks and videos reviews of the new Agent 24 came out, many believe Iso to be OP, especially since his Ultimate is unseen for in the VALORANT gameplay

Although Iso seems to be for overall more impactful than his predecessor Deadlock, we could argue that there are other strong Ultimates that might considered OP should they be released now for the first times, like Sage’s Resurrection or Phoenix - Run it Back, to mention a few. We simply got used to their existence in the game, while Kill Contract is very fresh and new to our eyes. 

It is also still too early to say if Iso will be nerfed or not, although an educated guess will be that more Ult Points will be needed to activate is Ultimate in the future - probably 8 instead of 7, and some times of their abilities might be reduced/scaled down. We will have to see how Iso will impact competitive games before seeing if Riot will take any decisions about nerfing Iso.  

Tips, tricks, and strategies to play ISO in VALORANT 

Opinions on the release of Iso, the new Duelist in VALORANT are divided. Some players believe he is overpowered while others question his usefulness compared to other Duelists, on a roster. Let's explore some insights to effectively utilize Iso's abilities.

Make the most of Contingency as a site entry tool

Contingency excels at controlling choke points and disrupting enemy movements. 

It serves as an obstacle that compels opponents to readjust or wait until it dissipates, providing Iso’s team with an advantage.  It is similar to Harbor's Cascade water wall smoke, except that it effectively blocks all incoming bullets, making it an excellent site entry tool.

Think wisely about which site to block once making an entry and communicate to your squad, as this will influence your team strategy and other abilities placements (smokes for example, Sova’s arrows, etc). 

Be versatile with Iso Double Tap

Double Tap possesses utility that can be both offensive and defensive, similar to Reyna's Soul ability. It encourages gunplay as Iso must eliminate or damage an opponent to generate energy orbs. The resulting shield from these orbs can significantly impact engagements by saving Iso from fatal shots.

To make the most of this ability Iso players should coordinate their attacks. It works well when Iso plays as a frontline duelist or secures choke points. The shield has the capability of blocking damage from any source of powerful ultimates like Raze’s. This adds a good element to Iso's aggressive arsenal.

Iso’s double-tap ability is also effective against Operators. The cooldown on the shield resets with each elimination potentially allowing for an Ace if used quickly and effectively. However, utilizing this ability requires crosshair placement and precise shooting.

Make your enemy weak with Undercut

Undercut primarily serves as a tool that disrupts enemy positions and creates openings for Iso and his team. It functions similarly to the Omen’s ability Paranoia by tagging opponents with the "Fragile" debuff and making them more vulnerable.

Mastering the Undercut technique allows you to expose and weaken your opponents setting the scenario for eliminations and securing control over the map. You can strategically blast the “Molecular bolt” through walls, which can make it challenging for opponents to stay hidden. Undercut makes the enemies more vulnerable to damage, potentially turning low-budget weapons into lethal tools when aimed right. It becomes more effective when coordinated with teammates to capitalize on the vulnerable status of enemies.

Kill Contract is a high-stakes Ultimate

Image Credit: Riot Games

Kill Contract is a game-changing ability that introduces a unique high-stakes 1v1 gameplay, where individual skills and strategies determine victory. However, you must use this ability strategically, considering timing and positioning.

Iso's ultimate ability is versatile and can counter multiple enemy ultimates as it disables all abilities in the interdimensional arena. This can prove advantageous against agents who rely on enhanced weapons through their ultimate such as Jett, Chamber, and Neon. The ultimate can also disrupt Cypher and Killjoy setups, neutralizing their utility.

Iso holds certain advantages in this 1v1 dimension, including automatic activation of his shield and the ability to create confusion with his double walls. His adversary only has one shield at his disposal, giving a large advantage to Iso about where to peak first. It could lead to unique and potentially confusing situations for other players, particularly when two agents disappear simultaneously, however if you know Iso is one of the two teams, you should be able to figure out what happened. Although, for sure the situation on the map will be drastically different for the next 50 seconds at least. 

Moreover, if Iso doesn't win the duel, a coordinated setup can make it easier to trade kills when the enemy reappears on the map. This tactical move often leads to either eliminating the enemy or getting a trade, making Iso's ultimate ability even more valuable. This strategic advantage is particularly crucial in securing challenging 2v1 rounds.

Imagine Iso facing off against the opponent while positioning his teammate at the entrance of the duel. In this showdown, there's a chance of Iso winning or if not their patient teammate effortlessly taking down the returning enemy. It's a tactic that brings a sense of control and precision to the team's approach.

What are Iso limitations and weak points?

Although Iso’s kit introduces counters against Operators and certain agent abilities, it also has its limitations.  

  • While his mobile bulletproof wall Contingency grants advantageous angles against Operator players, it can also be utilized by opponents as cover to strategically reposition themselves. 

  • While Iso's abilities focus on isolating fights, cunning enemies can exploit this to catch their adversaries off guard.

  • Communication and coordination in ranked (or other game modes) are essential to master and magnify his abilities, potentially also impacting the effectiveness of  his Ultimate Kill Contract ability.

How to counter Iso Ultimate Kill Contract

Credits: Yoru's Clone counters Iso ultimate - Reven valorant youtube

Now that Iso has been analysed and used in game a few times, some interesting elements came to light when he interacts with other Agents' abilities.

Specifically, as for now, Yoru's clone can be brought in the Kill Contract's arena, rendering it absolutely useless. Not only Iso will not be able to disrupt the game or kill an adversary, his position of respawn can also be taken in check by his enemies (possibly by the enemy Yoru himself).

For the same reasons, Phoenix Ultimate Run it Back could counter Iso Ultimate, being more advantageous as Phoenix could kill Iso in the area while in his Ult, while Yoru's clone could not.

However, the biggest problem is timing the use of Yoru's clone and Phoenix Ult to perfection in order to counter Iso, which might be a little to hard to do to make this strategy completely effective.

We would recommend to check Reven VALORANT video on YouTube to study Iso's interaction with other Agents and their abilities.

Complete details of Iso Agent gear in VALORANT 

Image Credit: Riot Games

Iso’s Agent Gear consists of cosmetics and items that perfectly match his character and personality while adhering to a color scheme. Here's a detailed breakdown of the cosmetics, in the game along with their corresponding prices;

 Tier 1: Spray (Don't Ask) - 2000 Kingdom Credits.

 Tier 2: Card (VALORANT Iso) - 2500 Kingdom Credits.

 Tier 3: Title (Tuned In ) -  3000 Kingdom Credits.

 Tier 4: Spray (In The Zone) - 3500 Kingdom Credits.

 Tier 5: Bonus of 2000 Kingdom Credits.

 Tier 6: Gun Buddy (Peripherals) - 4500 Kingdom Credits.

 Tier 7: Spray (Callsign) - 5500 Kingdom Credits.

 Tier 8: Title (Fixer) - 6500 Kingdom Credits.

 Tier 9: Card (The Hourglass Turns) - 7500 Kingdom Credits.

 Tier 10: Gun Skin (Mythmaker) - 8000 Kingdom Credits.

To get these cosmetics, you can use an in-game currency called "Kingdom Credits", which can be earned through missions and gameplay. It's important to note that you need to have Iso as an agent to unlock these items.

The community has shown a lot of excitement for Iso’s Sheriff skin known as Mythmaker. It has gained recognition as one of the best weapon skin lines for Iso and players are excited to show off this skin during 1v1 battles in Iso's ultimate realm.

What role would Iso play in the current agent meta of VALORANT?

Image Credit: Riot Games

In the evolving agent meta of VALORANT, there are Duelists like Raze and Jett, who have firmly established their dominance due to their impressive movement abilities. However other Duelists often find themselves playing niche roles, overshadowed by the utility Initiators. One exception to this trend in ranked play is Reyna, whose kit offers a feast-or-famine experience. Iso shares some similarities with Reyna with his Double Tap ability. However, there is a difference between them when it comes to evading trade. While Reyna can simply press the dismiss button to avoid trades, Iso relies on shooting to generate an energy orb.

It's important to note that Iso doesn't aim to replace Reyna nor does he possess the level of mobility of Jett or Raze. However, Iso brings a set of utilities that don't directly compete with agents from classes. His toolkit includes a shield and the ability to apply vulnerability to the enemy on demand. This uniqueness makes Iso an intriguing choice whether played alongside other duelists or when navigating maps where having an initatior agent isn't an absolute necessity.

Professional VALORANT Player’s Outlook on Iso

So what professional esports player think about the new VALORANT Agent Iso? Various VALORANT professionals have expressed their perspectives on Iso's role in the current agent meta. 

Adam Kaplan, Head Coach of the popular North American VALORANT team Sentinels, pointed out Iso lacks of mobility compared to  Duelists who can swiftly maneuver through choke points. He suggested that fitting Iso into compositions that favor double Controllers might pose challenges. 

Melanie "Mel" Capone, In-Game Leader of Version 1, shared her views by highlighting that alternative Duelists like Raze and Jett offer more mobility and utility. She believes that Iso's growth potential might be limited to maps like Ascent and Breeze, where specific compositions call for a Duelist like Reyna. 

Whether Iso manages to find a spot in the changing agent meta remains uncertain but players can anticipate thrilling new dynamics and strategies as they explore his capabilities. As the VALORANT meta continues to evolve Iso's role and impact will become more apparent making him a character worth keeping an eye on in the months.

Ready to play Iso with Stryda?

Whether he becomes a top pick in play or not, maintains his position as a situational choice, Iso's arrival adds an extra element of excitement to an already vibrant game. Before you go and try the new Agent, be sure to add  Stryda's free Battle Pass first to enhance your VALORANT experience. Daily Missions, Clans Events, and Ladders will make your games more fun and rewarding, so what are you waiting for? 


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