VALORANT Agent Breach: abilities & strategies on how to play him

Published: November 6 2023

Last updated: November 7 2023

VALORANT Agent Breach: abilities & strategies on how to play him
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Want to make an unforgettable entrance with Breach in VALORANT? Stryda is here to help you break through! This guide will provide everything you need to know about the notorious Swedish Agent, including tips, tricks, and secrets on how to use his abilities.

The “Bionic Swede” Breach, real name Erik Torsten, was born a congenital amputee without either of his arms. As part of a family of criminals, he was convicted at a young age. However, he received a lighter sentence due to his condition. After his release, Breach built himself a pair of mechanical arms so he could return to a life of crime.

With the help of his new arms, Breach soon became one of the most wanted men in the world. He was reputed to have committed terrible acts and was in a constant state of running and hiding. During this time he met and began a partnership with Tayana Alves. The girl who would become Raze added major upgrades to Breach’s arms until they evolved into the version he uses today. 

Despite his dubious history, the VALORANT Protocol successfully recruited him as their 13th Agent. In doing so, Breach’s entire criminal record would be sealed while on the team. However, the reformed criminal’s past still follows him wherever he goes and his reputation prevents him from ever living a normal life.  

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Breach’s role in the VALORANT agents

Breach has been included as a playable Agent in VALORANT since the Beta. Along with Sova, he is one of the game’s two original Initiators, whereas now there are plenty of options in the Initiator role. You might call Breach a “classic” Initiator. He utilizes flashes, molotovs, and other explosive ambush tactics to set his team up for pushes. 

True to his name, the bionic Swede specializes in breaching through walls and other barricades to launch surprise attacks. His kit is a very unique take on classic tools found in other FPS titles, namely Counter-Strike. All of Breach’s abilities are powered by his mechanical arms. 

Both Basic Abilities require a wall to use. Aftershock releases a deadly explosion capable of dealing immense damage over a short time. Conversely, Flashpoint releases a blinding flash through the wall in the same manner. 

For his Signature and Ultimate abilities, Breach sends forth earthquakes that concuss enemies. They are very similar in function, with Rolling Thunder being something of a supercharged version of Fault Line. They do not require walls to use and serve as Breach’s main tools in open areas. 

Breach’s knack for leading ambushes and eruptive damage potential can leave a huge impact on a match. However, half of his kit practically becomes useless on maps with large, open areas where walls are not a factor. These limitations make Breach a highly specialized pick for a team composition. His lack of versatility severely hurts his status in the meta, and he is generally seen as mid to low tier.  

A guide to Breach abilities in VALORANT

Breach Basic Abilities


  • Cost: 200 Creds

  • Command key: C

  • Function: Deterrent

  • Charges: 1

  • Cylinder size: 10 meters long

Fire a slow, but powerful fusion charge through a wall. The ensuing blast deals heavy damage to all Agents in the vicinity. 

  • Cost: 250 Creds

  • Command key: Q

  • Function: Flash

  • Charges: 2

  • Blind duration: 0,5 seconds

Fire a fast, blinding charge through a wall. The ensuing blast briefly blinds any Agents who look into it. 

Breach Signature Ability: Fault Line

  • Cost: Free

  • Command key: E

  • Function: Crowd control, concuss

  • Cooldown: 40 seconds

  • Concuss duration: 3.5 seconds

Fire a seismic blast that sends a quake in a straight direction, concussing any Agents caught in the path. Hold FIRE to charge the quake and increase its distance.  

Breach Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder

  • Cost: 9 Ult points

  • Command key: X

  • Function: Crowd control, concuss

  • Duration: 1,2 sec, 7 m Knockback + 6 s Concuss

  • Area length: 32 meters

  • Area width: 23 meters

Fire a powerful quake that travels through all terrain. Any Agents caught in its path are concussed and get knocked upward. 

How to play agent Breach in VALORANT: tips, tricks, and strategies

Breach is one of the most specialized (i.e. least versatile) Agents in VALORANT. Therefore, you’ll need to be extremely proficient in the areas where he succeeds. Breach doesn’t have much viability as a main because of severe limitations on many maps. He is best used as a counterpick for small and maze-like maps

How to Breach Walls

Breach needs a wall nearby to use either Aftershock or Flashpoint. Furthermore, there needs to be either a room or courtyard where enemies might pass through or hole up behind that wall. Breach players need to have lots of patience and impeccable timing when using these abilities. A willingness to communicate with teammates is crucial, as Breach is often the one leading pushes and ambushes. 

Breach is extremely limited to where he can effectively use his Basic Abilities on most maps. But when he can use walls to his advantage, the Swede is capable of unleashing powerful ambushes on unsuspecting enemies. Advanced knowledge of the best breaching positions will help dedicated Breach players become more adaptable to all of VALORANT maps. Study each map thoroughly to learn which walls connect to alleys, hallways, and choke points. 

Best maps for Breach in VALORANT

There are a few maps where Breach has an easier time using his Basic Abilities. Fracture is without a doubt the best map pick for Breach. Both sites contain plenty of walls, rooms, and hallways for him to take advantage of. The map’s small size and tight spaces provide the best area of effect for breaching. In fact, Breach is actually considered a strong pick on Fracture above many other high-profile Agents. 

Bind’s tight spaces can also play to Breach’s strengths.

Ascent, Split, and Haven are also considered a good match by Breach mains. 

How to Use Breach’s Quakes

When Breach isn’t launching assaults through walls, he’s shaking the ground with quakes. His Signature and Ultimate Abilities allow him to impact a match when no walls are available to breach. Since Rolling Thunder is basically an enhanced version of Fault Line, they are used in the exact same manner.

Before sending out a quake, Breach is able to see an area of effect that replaces the reticle. This shows the direction and path the quake will take. When using Fault Line, hold FIRE to charge the ability and increase the quake’s distance. The range starts at 8 meters with a max distance of 56 meters. Any players rocked by the quake are concussed for several seconds.

Fault Line is definitely the best ability in Breach’s kit. It’s free, fast-acting, and a powerful multi-purpose tool. A 40-second restock cooldown allows him to use it several times throughout a round. Breach can keep a quake locked and loaded any time his team pushes through a chokepoint or engages in a teamfight. 

Rolling Thunder is nearly identical to Fault Line, save for a few powerful upgrades. This quake knocks players back along with concussing them for a staggering six seconds. It travels 32 meters without needing to be charged and has a width three times the size of Fault Line’s. But the biggest buff is that Rolling Thunder’s quake travels through all terrain. Breach can unleash it in any setting and devastate all enemy Agents in the area. 

The most important thing to remember when using Fault Line and Rolling Thunder is that Breach’s quakes affect all Agents, not just enemies. Any teammates struck by a quake will be concussed for the same duration. This is easy to avoid with Fault Line, but can prove a greater challenge with Rolling Thunder. Before using Breach’s Ult, let your team know when and where you intend to do so. Give them time to leave the area or get behind Breach to help pick off the concussed enemies. 

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