The Best Settings in VALORANT for Competitive Play

Published: October 18 2021

Last updated: September 6 2022

The Best Settings in VALORANT for Competitive Play
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How to quickly and easily step up your VALORANT game.

‘Sup looters, we’re returning with some more tips on how to optimize your settings for competitive play. This time, we’ll be looking at how to instantly improve at VALORANT, taking you to the level of the pros in seconds!

Mappin’ like a boss

Let’s start by looking at one of your most important sources of information, the minimap. This may be more of a personal preference, but unless you’re a professional cartographer, we recommend setting it to Rotate and Based on Side. This will make it so that the minimap will follow your movements, and make sure that what’s in front of you, is also in front of you on your map.

As for size, you can experiment with it, but we recommend setting this to 1.0 on size, and 0.9 on zoom. Lastly, have View Cones turned on. This will allow you to see what direction your teammates are looking at, and can help you synchronize when pushing or holding sites.

Champion Crosshair

When it comes to crosshair, most of the settings are also preferential, but we recommend turning off Movement & Firing Error, as they will move the outer parts of your crosshair when running or firing. No one wants unnecessary distractions in a big match!

Winning resolution

Looking at resolution and screen settings, there are no secret ratios that you need to adhere to, and the most commonly used resolution is 1920x1080. If you can, then make sure that the refresh rate of your screen is set to its highest setting. The higher the number, the smoother the gameplay will look for you, which is crucial in Valorant. This will be limited by the type of screen you have, but you can think of it as 60 hertz being bad, 120 hertz good and anything above 200 hertz as great.

Triumphant tunage

You can’t really change much of value when it comes to sounds and music, but personally I keep the music volume low to maintain my focus while playing. Again, the last thing we want is unnecessary distractions. Plus, it gives me a chance to listen to the Pokémon theme song on repeat. I’m gonna be the very best. Like no one ever was...

The Best Settings in VALORANT for Competitive Play

Visuals of victors

Now for the video settings. Valorant is a pretty well optimized game which was made for competitive play in mind. Therefore you can’t do anything crazy when it comes to graphical settings in the game. Overall you’d like to set graphic settings to medium, as it’s a good balance between visual clarity and optimal processing. UI Quality is the exception, as it doesn’t really change much, so you can set this to low.

As for any other effects, you can set them all to off, to ensure that you won’t get any distractions or FPS hiccups. Anti aliasing and Anisotropic filtering are the settings for how smooth the corners are when seen from afar. A good balance is MSAA 2x and either 2x or 4x for filtering. These are the lowest settings you can go without getting blurred corners or graphical distortions.

Meritorious miscellaneous 

Lastly, let's take a look at the general settings again, here’s where you can do some real significant changes. These settings are more preferential, but still carry some upsides. Plus, they’re tips you might not know!

  • For Enemy Highlight Color, a lot of people have changed this to Yellow. This is a color blindness option which makes enemies highlighted as Yellow instead of red. A lot of people have found this makes them easier to spot! 

  • Showing Map Region names will display all the parts of the map when showing it, which can be nice in case you forget a callout or want to learn a new map.

  • Both options for Showing Corpses have their ups and downs. It’s easier to spot bodies when turned on, but a body may be in the way of an angle where you have to look. If you turn this off bodies will instead be replaced by a hologram which is smaller on the ground, but the holograms are taller and can also get in the way. So, this is up to you what you prefer.

  • Showing Blood and Bullet Traces are crucial and should definitely be turned on! It will give you key hints as to where your enemies are or have been.

  • Finally, we’d like to recommend setting Network Buffering to minimum, as it will provide you with the smoothest gameplay experience. It’s worth noting though that this option requires you to have a good and stable connection to the server you’re playing on.

That’s all for this one, folks. We hope this gives you a boost when playing Valorant! Give these tips a try while using G-Loot to win some cool prizes!

TLDR? Check out our YouTube video The Best Settings in VALORANT for Competitive Play.


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