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Stryda Jan-Mar 2023 Patch Notes: all news & changes

March 5 2023

Stryda Jan-Mar 2023 Patch Notes: all news & changes
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With our new brand Stryda, also come many interesting improvements to our platform. We released different goodies and changes in the past months, and here is the complete list up to date.

Hello friends,

Or should we say, Stryders? 

Welcome back to another post, the first one for Stryda patch notes. As you can see, many things have changed in the platform regarding visual identity and copy, so we are not going to mention all of these differences here. Although if you are interested to know more about our brand identity, you can check out our rebranding announcement to Stryda here

In this Patch Notes article, we are listing the most important things for you to know, especially regarding Missions, Ladders (ex G-Loot Brawls), and more. 

We hope you will enjoy the latest changes and, as always, we would love to hear your feedback on our wholesome Discord community.

Avatar Frames

We have added Avatar Frames to Stryda 

  • This is a new functionality that allows you to customize the frame around your Avatar in your profile, Ladders, and Clan chat!

  • 12 frames have been added to the shop so far, and they can be purchased directly in the Shop.


First and foremost, Brawls are now Ladders

  • You might have noticed that, with the rebranding, we decided to rename Brawls into Ladders. We took this decision to have a more intuitive and easy-to-understand name for all our players, old and new.

  • You can also play multiple Ladders of the same game mode at the same time now

The first Ladder is now on us for new players

  • New users can now instantly enroll in their first Ladder without spending Tokens. It works for both placement Ladders, as well as non-placement ones. So, if you have a friend that you want to play a Ladder with, they can join Stryda and enroll in their first Ladder immediately.

Recommended Ladders on home page

  • You can now see recommended Ladders on your home page, based on your preferred games selected and Ladders you played before. 

Switfplay Ladders for VALORANT

  • Swiftplay became extremely popular within the Valorant Community, and we wanted to provide our player base the Ladder to compete on top when playing the game. That’s why we no longer have Spike Rush Ladders, and we replaced them with Switfplay ones. 

Ladders reward you with XP

  • With our new Battle Pass, Ladders now also rewards you with XP. Registering a Ladder score rewards users with 300 XP/round. Completing the Ladders placement stage rewards users with 900 XP on completion. 

  • Premium users have a +50% boost for all XP rewarding activities.

Power Play Ladders

  • With Stryda, we launched a new way to compete, which requires Power Tokens to enter. Besides earning them from Competitive Ladders, players can purchase Power Tokens through our Shop. 

  • Each Ladder will consist of a limited amount of players instead of the normal 100. 

  • Only the first place gets rewarded with 15.000 Coins. XP reward is the same for all users, as per a regular Ladder. 

  • With this initiative, we are also opening up the ability to register rounds in different ladders in the same game mode from the same match. So if you are enrolled in 2 different competitive Ladders, your match result will count for both.

  • Power Tokens bundles are 45, 105, 225.

Clan Ladders increased number of contributors 

  • We have increased the number of Clan members that can contribute with their best Ladder score from 5 to 10.


All users are now getting 6 Missions per day

  • We decided to make the 6 daily Missions available for all our users. Premium users now get 50% XP boost instead of additional Missions.

We have added 40 more VALORANT Missions to Stryda

  • We have improved the number and diversity of Missions you can play for VALORANT in Stryda.

  • We also made some Missions easier, with fewer kills, headshots, or assists than before. You’re welcome! 

Battle Pass

Stryda now has a Battle Pass!

  • We decided to rename our Reward Ladder into Battle Pass, to make our platform more intuitive.

  • Battle Pass rewards have been adjusted according to the new Tokens value (see below!). 


Tokens values have been changed 

  • We have revamped the Token currency entirely, so the Tokens you already have been multiplied as well. 

  • Purchasable Token bundles have been increased in size. From 2, 10, and 60 bundles to 400, 800, 2000. Premium users get up to 300 more Tokens when purchasing Tokens.  

  • The cost of a Ladder round now differs between Competitive Ladders and non-competitive Ladders. 

  • Token rewards in the Login streak and Battle Pass have been adjusted accordingly. 

Stryda PC App

Stryda is now downloadable to your desktop as PC App 

  • With this launch we are also making the OW Tracker Plugin silent, and when you login to the new PC App you will automatically login to OW. This also means that the PC App is mandatory for OW games, but not API games (API games being VALORANT and PUBG).

  • Following a week to the initial PC APP released, we fixed the bug regarding low-resolution screens where the app would not be visible in its entirety. Thanks to our Community that reported this! 

  • Logging out now sends you to the login page directly.

  • Updated the installer gif.

Stryda players Levels

We added Levels to enhance the competitive experience for our players 

  • This is a new functionality to progress through Levels based on the XP you have earned in Stryda.

  • You get a popup notification when you level up.

  • When you hover your Level in your profile, you see how much XP you need for your next Level.

  • You can see your and other players' Levels in Ladders and in the Clan chat.

Stryda Shop

We have new gift cards and items on sale

  • We no longer have iFood Giftcards in the Shop.

  • A new gift card type has been added: PUBG G-Coins, for $10 and $20!

  • Power Tokens added to Shop.

  • Avatar frames added to Shop. 

General changes to Stryda

Daily Login Streak 

  • We have adjusted rewards from our Daily Login Streak according to our new Tokens values.

Valorant Stats Page 

  • Your latest 20 matches are now displayed in chronological order.


  • Users that are kicked out of a Clan will get a notification.

  • Clan Leaders will get a notification when a user accepts or declines their invitation.

  • Users that have applied to a Clan and get declined will get a notification.


  • Users are now able to search for other users and see which games they play, which Country they are from, and what Clan they are in.

  • Premium players will show up in purple in the search results.

  • Users can filter the search by Country.


  • Changed the Clan Home / Clan Page Headers and the Profile to all match.

  • Updated gifting to Clan members to a slider where you can choose to gift anything from 1 to 60 tokens.

Premium Users

  • Premium has been changed according to the new Stryda systems. 

  • Premium users now get the following:

  1. 50% more XP for any activity on our platform.

  2. Up to 300 more Tokens when purchasing Tokens.

  3. An ad's free experience.

Reach out to us on Discord and Social Media! 

That’s all for today Stryders, we hope you have enjoyed the latest releases and all the news & goodies coming to our platform with Stryda. 

Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media, and join our Discord to speak to the rest of the Stryda community, and us. See you next time!