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Stryda May Patch notes 2023

May 3 2023

Stryda May Patch notes 2023
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Welcome to the May Patch Notes, with new features and updates on Stryda regarding the profile page with a new player Banner and Avatar Frames in the Shop, the new Clan Ladder “Big Clan Battle” coming for VALORANT, Missions update, Reward Claim Guide, and more!

Hello guys,

Is it May already? You know what they say: time flies when you're having fun, and we're certainly having fun here at Stryda. The team has worked hard to improve all aspects of the Stryda experience. This month sees excellent quality-of-life improvements in various areas like Clan chat, Player cards, Profile Banners, and more. 

All Patch Notes for Stryda this May 2023 


  • At the start of a new Battle Pass, you can now claim any unclaimed rewards in the previous Battle Pass.

  • When having 9 Missions revealed simultaneously, we have removed the timer and now show a new state informing the user they must complete their current Missions before getting new ones.

  • An empty state was added for when no Missions are available.

All news in Ladders 


Competing with your Clan on Stryda just got a major upgrade! Starting 1st of May, we’re launching a new concept called Big Clan Battle. It’s a completely new battleground where you will compete with your fellow Clan members in a month-long, Clan-only Ladder. Compared to our regular Ladders that combine solo and Clan leaderboards, Big Clan Battle is all about what the name implies - duking it out against other Clans to crown your monthly Stryda champions!

In Big Clan Battle, every Clan can submit 20 individual results to decide their total Ladder score (and placement on the leaderboard). As with any other Ladder, players can keep putting in rounds in hopes of improving their score and helping their clan to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Great prizes and even greater glory await the Clans who can rally together and keep the fight going throughout the month!

  • Month-long, Clan-only Ladder

  • This format is VALORANT only for the time being

  • 20 results counted per Clan, one result per player

  • No solo leaderboard

  • Need to be in a Clan to join

  • Every Big Clan Battle starts on the first of each calendar month, so the next one starts on 1st of June

  • 30 Tokens per round (it’s cheaper than a normal Ladder)

  • The Ladder can be found in the "Clan" part of the Valorant Ladder page

Classic Ladders

  • the Ladder home page has been reworked to use the same design for the Ladder cards on the home page.

  • You can now also visit your completed Ladders under the completed Ladders tab.

  • Improved the expanded state of Clans in the Clan Ladder to always show all top 10 scores without needing to scroll.

  • You are now able to expand multiple Clans in the Clan Ladder

  • The results of your player's scores in your Clan are now sorted on the left side of the page.

  • When hovering over a player's avatar in any Ladder, you can now see a summary of the player presented in a player card!

Profile page with new customizable Profile Banner and new Avatar Frames!

We added a new feature to the profile page: a Banner to customize your player profile. This is visible for all users and is a great way to show more personality on your player page!  

  • You can now purchase a Profile Banner in the Shop, which you can display on your profile.

  • You can change between banners if you have multiple.

  • Banners design added:

  • - Sharpened

  • - Doppler

  • - Peachy

More profile page updates as follow:

  • New Avatar Frames have been added to the Shop:

  • - Kitty

  • - Portal

  • - Twister

  • Added the Discord tag under the public account tags section on the profile and made it copyable.

  • The user name is now responsive in the profile.

  • When pressing a Ladder from a profile, you will be shown the user's level, group, and page directly.

  • On the Ladder cards that the user has participated in, you can now see when they ended.

  • The edit banner icon on other users' profiles has been removed

  • Removed invite to Clan button when user already is in a Clan

  • Discord and Riot ID tags do not display if they are empty in the player profile.

Daily Login Streak

  • We have taken down the Daily Login Streak for the time being. This allows us to iterate on it and make it more fun and engaging.

Reward Claim Guide

  • You will now have a little icon next to the home, Ladder, and Mission page indicating that you have something to claim on that page.

Tracker Plugin

  • The tracker plugin exe file has been renamed to Stryda Plugin from Stryda.

  • The Mission tab in the overlay has been removed.

Stryda App

  • You can now press back and forward in the top bar to navigate to your previous pages.

  • Minimum width and height have been added, so you can't resize the app to 1x1.


  • The “X button” in the claim popup has been removed.


  • Added icons for each rank in VALORANT Gold 1, Gold 2, and Gold 3, for example, whereas before, it was just showing Gold.

  • The text of your top weapons has been moved, so it no longer overlaps with the weapon asset.


  • The gift token button now has a button on the Clan page for non-Clan Leaders to make it easier to find.

Clan Chat

  • A "Former Member" text next to the name of users that have been kicked or left the Clan has been added.


  • Fixed a visual bug where some token amounts on the enroll button were hidden.

  • Fixed alignment to be centered on the purchase buttons for avatar frames when you do not have enough coins.

  • Fixed a bug where the claim past rewards button was still showing after claiming.

  • Fixed a bug where the claim icon was not showing next to Ladders when you had rewards to claim from Clan Ladders

  • Fixed a bug where additional XP boosts were not showing for Premium users.

  • Fixed a bug with a missing space on line breaks in the Clan biography.

  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes not have any indicator on your notifications icon that you have unread notifications even though there are new notifications.

  • Fixed loader not showing when enrolling to a Ladder.

  • Fixed a bug where it was sometimes not possible to go to the next steps of the Battle Pass using the arrows.

  • Fixed a bug that didn't let you see the countdown timer for your next Mission

  • Fixed an issue where the loading state for enrollment wasn't showing after pressing enroll to a Ladder (again!)

  • Fixed an issue in the total Missions on your profile that caused the new Missions not to count.


That’s all for May patch notes Stryders; we hope you are excited about the latest updates and will join the new Big Clan Battles for VALORANT in its first edition. 

Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media, and join our Discord to speak to the rest of the Stryda community and us. See you next time!