Stryda June Patch Notes 2023

Published: June 8 2023

Last updated: June 9 2023

Stryda June Patch Notes 2023
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The sun is shining here in Stockholm, and we have had another busy month at Stryda. With continual performance improvements, tweaks, and fixes being pushed out, we’ve also added new features and initiatives like Community Ladders and Achievements. Read the full May Patch notes below.


Achieve more with Stryda. Complete Missions, compete in Ladders, and build your Stryda player legacy, one achievement at a time! Fresh off the press, our new achievements system will allow our players to track their progress and immortalize their competitive feats on Stryda.

  • Added achievements to the Player Profile.

  • Added notifications that show every time you earn an achievement.

  • Added your highest leveled achievement to your player card.

  • Added 11 achievements related to Missions and Ladders.

This is just the start, and we will be working to add even more achievements for you to hunt down in the future.

You can find the achievement list on your profile page, and you'll receive a notification as you complete them. 

Community Ladders in Valorant

Every two weeks on Fridays, our Discord Community gets to vote on four ladder concepts over the weekend.

The votes will close the following Monday, and the winning concept will run from Mon - Fri the following week.

You can see this as an introduction to what we offer in Premium Ladders. It costs only 20 tokens to join, with a smaller prize pool, but importantly it gives the Community a say in the types of Ladders they want to play and allows us to play around with different ideas.

If you want to vote on the following Community Ladder, join our Discord!


  • The Premium and How-It-Works pages can now be reached without logging in to the platform.


  • Avatar Frames and Player Levels are now shown in the Clan chat and the member's list!

  • The Clan action dropdown should only show for Clan leaders now. 


  • Added a "+" in the XP boost shown for the user, i.e., instead of 50%, it now says +50% for Premium.


  • Updated animation for enrolling to a ladder.

  • Performance improvements to enrolling.

  • We have improved the countdowns shown on ladder cards to be clearer when the countdown is on seven days.


  • Added avatar frames and player levels of the top 3 players in the modal.


  • Performance improvements to loading the Clan Ladder pages. 


  • When hovering the XP breakdown, we added a lock instead of a cross to show non-premium users that they don't have the Premium boost active and removed the strikethrough.

  • Added animations when you reveal missions; each rarity has a new animation.

  • Added a timer to the discard button showing how much time is left until you can discard missions once you have run out for the day.


  • Centered the user's avatar when editing the avatar frame


  • All items in the shop are now fully clickable, not just the "view gift card X" buttons.

  • Added tabs for each region in the shop for the gift cards.


  • Added a section about players' levels on the How Stryda Works page.


  • Notifications will be updated to read immediately when you open your notifications instead of having to press the read all button.


  • Viewing additional stats on the Valorant stats page is now part of the Premium offering.

  • Made some visual updates to the stats page on your profile.


  • Player cards have now been added to the Clan member list, application page, and search.


  • Changed the color of the avatar frame for premium back to purple.


  • Fixed a bug where the Mission page/Missions section on the home and the game page would break after the user selected or removed a game in the game picker

  • Fixed a bug that caused the shop to have incorrect routing to gift cards

  • Fixed a bug causing the player card to show behind the modal instead of in front.

  • Fixed a bug that caused users to get logged out when they shouldn't be, i.e., after they open their notifications.

  • Fixed an issue in the Clan ladders when you expand the accordion for the Clan; the number of matches counted would incorrectly show the number of matches counted for solo instead.

  • Fixed an issue that could put the user in an infinite loop, constantly redirecting them from 1 page to another.

  • Fixed an issue with the auth portal.

  • Fixed a bug that said that revealing Missions was failing even though your Missions would be revealed after reloading the page.

  • Fixed an issue in the profile not showing your mission total from the old mission system.

  • Fixed a bug where the missions would change position when discarding and revealing a new Mission.

  • Fixed an issue with the mission and ladder tutorial showing below other page content, making it impossible to remove. 

  • Fixed a bug that caused missions not to disappear immediately after claiming them.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented users from seeing clan information when expanding the clan scores in the clan ladder.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the number of active ladder players in a clan not to be shown. 

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the mission from updating in real-time after pressing the request stats update button.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the shop to have incorrect routing to gift cards.

  • Fixed an issue when clicking on a Ladder on a player's profile; you now get to that player's level, tier, and page as intended.


That's all for May patch notes, Stryders; we hope you are excited about the latest updates and will join the new Big Clan Battles for VALORANT in its first edition. 

Don't forget to follow us on Social Media and join our Discord to speak to the rest of the Stryda community and us. See you next time!

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Marcus “MEH”
Community Manager