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PUBG Update 23.1: Normal Match Overhaul, Season 23, and Improved Map Rotation

May 1 2023

PUBG Update 23.1: Normal Match Overhaul, Season 23, and Improved Map Rotation
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PUBG released its latest major update, 23.1, for all platforms earlier this month with a plethora of new features. Read all about it in this patch notes article!

Many improvements are coming to PUBG in patch 23.1: new Normal Matches rules, new ranked season 23, weapons and gadgets added to the game, map rotation update, and more!

Let's dive into the highlights of this update, which is set to make PUBG Battlegrounds a better, more fluid, and more intense experience for players of all stripes. And if you love PUBG, check out our Stryda PUBG Battle Pass, with daily Missions and Ladders to make your GGs more rewarding.

Are you ready to check out what's new? Let's break down these juicy patch notes, shall we?

All new features coming to PUBG with update 23.1 

A New Normal: Unifying the Universe

The developers have listened to feedback and identified disparities between Normal and Ranked matches. To address these differences, the general ruleset for Normal Matches has been updated to make gameplay more consistent across both modes

This update brings changes to the general ruleset for Normal Matches, affecting Erangel, Miramar, Taego, and Deston. Say goodbye to boring early games and hello to faster-paced action. You'll find:

  • Faster Blue Zones in Phases 1 to 3

  • More item spawns (Main AR, DMR, SR weapons, helmets, vests, backpacks, scopes)

  • Motor Gliders in Taego, Vikendi, and Deston

  • More vehicle spawns and fixed vehicle locations

Why the changes? It's all about making it easier for you to adapt between Normal and Ranked Matches.

Ranked Season 23: Get Your Game On

A new major update equals a new ranked season. Season 23 of Ranked brings new rewards and exciting changes, including:

  • Addition of Deston to the map pool

  • Availability of O12 and MP9 weapons

  • BZ Grenades on Taego and Deston

  • Folded Shields on all maps

  • Emergency Pickups on Erangel, Miramar, and Taego

  • Motor Gliders on Taego and Deston

Note that Security Keys and Tactical Gear will not be available in Ranked as developers assess their impact on the mode. Also, don't forget to check your final Tier from Season 22 and claim those sweet, sweet rewards.

Weapons and Gadgets Galore

Update 23.1 brings exciting new additions and changes to your favorite battlegrounds:

  • BZ Grenades added to Taego and Deston

  • Folded Shields added to all maps

  • Emergency Pickups added to Erangel, Miramar, and Taego

  • Motor Gliders added to Taego and Deston

On Headshots and Parachutes

Ever wanted to see a helmet fly off after landing a sweet headshot? Now you can!

To enhance the satisfaction of landing a headshot, a new visual effect has been added, causing the helmet to be knocked off upon impact. Additionally, the Ascender Attachment and Utility Parachute are now provided as basic equipment on every map, removing their inventory slots and making them more accessible.

Map Rotation: Keeping It Fresh

Maps will now rotate on a weekly basis, allowing you a higher chance of playing on your preferred map. Keep an eye on the Patch Notes for the weekly map rotation plan, and get ready to master every battleground.

LABS: Intense Battle Royale Returns

Get your adrenaline pumping with the return of this high-octane mode. Featuring new areas on Vikendi and Sanhok, as well as the AUG in the AR weapon crate.

Esports Mode

The devs had previously announced they would be aligning the settings for Esports Mode with that of Ranked and Update 23.1 has brought that into effect.

This is to make the mode’s experience feel more intense. Below are the full changes to Esports Mode:

  • Added Taego and Deston.

  • Follows Ranked's ruleset.

  • Global Rule Settings only.

  • Perspective: FPP, TPP

  • Minimum required number of players: 10

  • Maximum number of players: 100 (Default 64)

  • Maximum number of players in a team: 4 (Default 4)

  • Sanhok has been removed. 

Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

PUBG’s Update 23.1 brings several performance improvements, including optimized vaulting and memory usage. Various bug fixes have also been implemented, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Survivor Pass 23.1

Titled The Big Score, Update 23.1’s Survivor Pass promises to be one of the most impactful yet. For starters, the devs have listened to feedback about players who were unable to achieve max level on the passes. To address that, they have made adjustments to the Pass XP system by increasing the proportion of XP you earn in relation to your total XP.

Maximum XP earned through max daily playtime has been enhanced but that has resulted in the XP you earn through daily missions decreasing a bit.

Other Additions & Fixes

Update 23.1 has a whole lot more changes and fixes as well as the usual squashing of bugs and improvements to general UX.

Here are the more important ones:

  • Fixed clipping issues with items and skins

  • Fixed collision and performance in Deston, Taego and Miramar

  • Fixed the height at which flames from a Molotov rise from the ground

  • New item sets added to Hunter’s Chest and Archivist’s Chest

  • The default lobby has been switched to the default plane theme

  • 6th anniversary decorations have been taken down

Ready to try all these new changes and improvements? Enhance your PUBG games with Stryda, joining competitions and Ladders to play solo or with your Clan. What are you waiting for? 

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