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PUBG patch notes 23.2: clans, new revival system, & more

May 14 2023

PUBG patch notes 23.2: clans, new revival system, & more
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PUBG patch 23.2 will introduce several new features and game adjustments including a new Blue Chip revival system, gameplay tweaks, and the long–awaited clan system with its progression system and rewards.

PUBG patch 23.2 is soon to be released starting May 16 for PC, and May 24 for console. The patch contains many updates including the new clan feature and a revival system, plus changes to the Down But Not Out feature, and a map icon for recently-exited vehicles. Moreover, the update will feature another item known as the consumable Blue Chip Transmitter, which will allow players to summon up their teammates at any moment and from any location. Before we get started, don't forget to look into the Stryda free PUBG Battle Pass, which enhances your game with extra competitions and exciting rewards.

PUBG Patch 23.2: full round-up of all updates 

New Clan System coming to PUBG with Patch 23.2

Image Credit: Tencent/ PUBG

The new PUBG social feature, the Clan System, is another standout of the PUBG: Battlegrounds update 23.2. The PUBG clan system enables players to join a clan and operate together as clan members while also receiving several bonuses and awards. By providing a new progression system, referred to as Clan levels, clans provide a fresh and captivating dimension to the gameplay experience.

PUBG’s in-game lobby features a button that makes clan formation quick and easy. However, creating it and obtaining the Plus Status will cost players 15,000 BP. Players can access the additional features, such as clan search, clan chat, and notifications, once the clan has been created. 

Clans introduce a new progression system, known as the Clan levels, which adds a new and interesting dimension to the gameplay experience. Players will receive a range of benefits and incentives as they work with their Clan members. Moreover, each clan will have a clan manager, general member, and clan master with special responsibilities.

Additionally, a clan can only have a maximum of 100 members, and to join one, individuals must either request to join or receive an invitation from other members.  Players must, however, finish the tutorial first to be eligible for joining the clan.

Clan Progression

When your clan has a sufficient number of members, you can explore the new advancement system and clan levels. Players must gain clan XP through gameplay to level up the clan, with the maximum clan level set at 20. As players reach clan level 2, they will also receive clan tags. These tags will be updated as players advance through the levels. Players will also receive double XP for any games they play alongside their clanmates, which aids the clan in leveling up more quickly. Also, by playing with other members of their clan, players can gain a 30% BP boost.

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New Respwan System in PUBG patch notes 23.2

Image Credit: Tencent/ PUBG

Players can use PUBG’s all-new respawn mechanism Recall to call back their deceased teammates. To recall teammates, a player needs to retrieve a Blue Chip, a unique chip storing their biometric signature, from a teammate's death box. Players can use the Blue Chip Towers that randomly spawn during each match to register the Blue Chips. Those who complete the recall process will have their teammates respawn in the following round of the game. Similar to Towers, a teammate can respawn in the following phase by parachute.

  • Players who have been recalled can return to the battlefield by parachuting from a Recall plane, which takes off at the start of each phase.

  • Recalled players' health, boosts, DBNO stack, and items will be reset, and they won't have any weapons or equipment. 

  • The Recall will be canceled and the match will be lost if the last surviving teammate is eliminated before the recalled player boards the plane.

  • It is possible to register multiple Blue Chips at once, and activation takes roughly 10 seconds. 

  • A tower will go dormant for a while after being utilized. 

  • Players can even steal their opponents' Blue Chips to stop them from respawning their teammates.

  • The Blue Chip Tower and Transmitter can be used as much as the players like, but since you can only board the Recall plane once during Phases 2 through 7, each player can only be Recalled for a maximum of six times.

  • On Erangel, Miramar, and Deston, the new Respwan functionality will be accessible, but not during competitive esports events.

While the system may look great, it also has several drawbacks. First off, while the Blue Chip system is intended to reduce frustrating early fatalities in longer games, it is only available on larger maps. Also, it disappears after Phase 7, ensuring that there won't be any unexpected deployments that disrupt the final few minutes of a game. The tower and transmitter both make a loud noise that will alert your foes, therefore there is no sneaky method to accomplish this. Also, the respawn is not instant; you must wait for your teammate to join at the beginning of a new phase.

Blue Chip Transmitter in PUBG patch notes 23.2

The alternative method of recalling a friend is to use a Blue Chip Transmitter, a consumable device that functions similarly to a Blue Chip Tower but must be consumed immediately after usage. These will make a loud noise, just like Towers, though you can move them about and use them wherever you wish. Blue chip transmitters cannot be used in a vehicle, underwater, when lying down, or while being stealthy by crouching or crawling.

Gameplay updates in PUBG patch notes 23.2

Image Credit: Tencent/ PUBG

There are a few smaller updates coming to PUBG with patch notes 23.3, here we summed them up for you:

Vehicle icon 

After players frequently reported being unable to find their vehicles, PUBG: Battlegrounds update 23.2 has introduced a new feature that automatically creates a vehicle symbol. An icon would be present on the map where the player left the car after leaving it. Each vehicle, except for the mountain bike, has this icon, which is only visible to the players after they exit their vehicle. Other squad members won't be able to see the icon. Once the player boarded a different vehicle during the game, the icon of the previous vehicle will be removed.

Carry knocked teammates in Vehicle 

When a squad member is knocked out in the current PUBG gameplay environment, it can take some time for them to be recalled, leaving the squad open to the enemy's assault. However, players will now be able to take their knocked-out teammates and load them into a vehicle for a quick getaway thanks to this new feature added in update 23.2. Players will need to use a limited interact key to put their knocked buddy into the car.

Image Credit: Tencent/ PUBG

DBNO changes

The rate of automatic HP loss during the Down But Not Out (DBNO) stage has been changed, giving players more tactical options. Players can now decide whether to stay put or move depending on the situation because the rate of automatic HP loss when stationary has been reduced.

Secured exit system

An advanced exit system has also been added to strengthen security precautions and stop catastrophic events caused by players unintentionally jumping out of moving cars. This feature is activated when a person tries to exit a moving car abruptly.

Weapons update

As part of patch 23.2, several other changes were made to balance certain weapons. The stability of the ACE32 has improved, particularly as the developer decreases the intensity of the screen shakes encountered while shooting the weapon. To improve rendering performance, the smoke grenades' particle count has also been improved.

Performance improvement and bug fixes in PUBG patch notes 23.2

  • There are no longer any major game bugs.

  • Fixed an issue where, after the Pony Coupe hit something and veered towards the driver's seat, the player character would exit the vehicle on the passenger side rather than the driver's side.

  • The bug that affected the Mk47 Mutant's burst mode firing sound has been fixed.

  • The bug where your Regular Match volume reduction settings would be impacted if you were thrown out of Training Mode for being inactive has been fixed.

  • A bug that was causing almost every player to fall off near the beginning of the flight has been fixed.

  • Less lag and memory consumption upon in-game death, both when recovering from Comeback BR and spectating friends or enemies.

  • Memory use is reduced while switching to the Death Cam.

  • A bug that made the menu list jitter uncontrollably when a Custom Match was being created and the scrollbar was being pressed up and down has been fixed.

UX/UI update in PUBG patch notes 23.2

  • The Tactical Stock and Half Grip's inaccurate attachment descriptions have been fixed.

  • The display of inaccurate system messages when sending a friend request to a blocked friend has been fixed.

  • A bug that prevented the password for private Custom Matches from being encrypted with asterisks and displaying as type has been fixed (PC).

  • The /hide-whisper and /show-whisper commands in Lobby Chat are now operational (PC).

  • The in-game Match Log screen could not be closed with the ESC button due to an issue that has been fixed.

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