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PUBG Miramar map guide: tips & tricks to help you win

May 16 2022

PUBG Miramar map guide: tips & tricks to help you win
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Miramar is one of the older maps in PUBG, as it was the first one to be added to the game since its launch. It's a barren desert filled with industrial locales and massive dunes. Its harsh environment can feel somewhat challenging to those who aren't familiar with the minute details that make this map special. Particularly for newcomers to PUBG, Miramar isn't a friendly place to be, but, fortunately, with a bit of knowledge, anyone can learn to take advantage of Miramar's nuances and dominate its arena.

Whether you've just started PUBG recently, you've been around since the beginning, or anything in-between, knowing the best Miramar tips, tricks, and best drop locations will help you reach greater heights.

Perfect your landing strategy on Miramar

PUBG Mirimar Map

Image source: PUBG Corporation

PUBG may reward strategic and tactical thinking, but there are smaller details that are even more important like the landing. The way you land on Miramar can mean the difference between getting up and running with great loot and dying within the first few minutes.

It's important to understand how distance is represented on the map. 1 square of the grid is equal to 1 kilometer. You can use this to help you gauge how far you'll go after jumping. Once you've figured out where you're dropping, you need to wait until the plane's wing is perfectly aligned with it. Then you jump.

To get to your drop spot, you need to adjust your velocity. Facing the horizon will help you travel the furthest. Everything else will slow you down or send you toward the ground faster. There's another benefit here. By going as fast as possible, you'll gain a boost to your parachuting velocity when you open your chute. Look directly down and hit W to execute this, and hold Shift if you need to start dropping faster.

Lastly, you can make small adjustments to your landing precision by swinging your character with W and gliding by holding down Ctrl.

Weigh the risks and rewards of your drop location

Now that you've improved your landing, you'll need to put it to good use. Your first thought is likely to just go for the best drop locations on Miramar. It's an understandable approach but it's flawed.

You might think the best thing to do is to pick where the most loot is, but because this is a fairly obvious tactic, dropping in these spots comes with a lot of risk. PUBG is a game of survival. Diving head-first into a popular area will increase your chances of going from player to spectator exponentially.

Before choosing your drop location, you need to weigh the risk vs. the potential reward. Here are some good questions to ask:

  • Do I know the location well enough?

  • Do I have the early game skill to survive multiple skirmishes?

  • Does the location have enough cover areas?

Navigating Miramar's open spaces

Before diving into specific drop locations, it's essential to understand one thing that separates Miramar from other PUBG maps; its open spaces. As a desert-based map, Miramar has a lot of open terrain you need to traverse. This means you're like a sitting duck each time you decide to go from one point of interest to the next. Knowing this is crucial when choosing your landing spot, as you'll want to bag some decent equipment and possibly a vehicle before venturing out into the sandy landscape.

Miramar locations by risk 

Of course, it's not necessarily a bad idea to drop in popular stops. If you're confident in the abilities of yourself and your squad, a medium or high-risk drop zone is a fine choice as it can give you a lot of useful loot. However, there's no shame in picking a low-risk spot if you want to play slower and more steadily.

High-risk areas

PUBG Mirimar Mansion

Image source: PUBG

  • El Pozo - It's one of the largest cities in Miramar, which means one thing: plenty of loot. In turn, this makes the place an absolute player magnet when it's within the plane's trajectory cause everyone will want a chance at a solid start. If you must drop here, avoid the boxing ring and go for the larger buildings instead. Looting will be slower, but at least you won't get caught in the ring's mosh pit. One big advantage El Pozo has is its large number of vehicle spawns, where you're pretty much guaranteed to walk away with a shiny set of wheels.

  • Water Treatment - Another popular drop location you should probably steer clear from if you're not experienced. Apart from having a lot of high-quality loot, it's also a great spot to start in the first circle. If you're playing with a complete squad, this may be a great choice if you all know what you're doing, as you can potentially walk away with a full kit each. You'd better be prepared for a few battles as Water Treatment doesn't offer much cover.

  • Hacienda del Patron - This tiny point of interest is high risk and should be avoided by newer players for a number of reasons. For starters, it doesn't have much by way of vehicle spawns, which are crucial to survive Miramar's open terrain. Furthermore, it's smack dab next to San Martin, a bigger town that'll have many players swarming out. Finally, the north structure of the Hacienda is filled to the brim with loot, which means tons of players will be flooding the place. Definitely drop here if you're experienced and looking to make a solid start.

Medium-risk areas

  • Los Leones - Normally, a city of this size with the amount of loot it holds would be considered high risk. Los Leones, though, has some pretty good cover options to make it a viable drop location if you can stomach a few firefights in the early game. There's a lot of treasure to uncover here, enough to outfit you with two fully-loaded and upgraded weapons. If you're half-decent at sneaking around, you can also potentially do a pacifist loot run without getting anyone's attention. Like El Pozo, Los Leones is filled to the brim with vehicle spawns, so be sure to grab one before leaving.

  • Pecado - Though the loot isn't great, this location can attract a good chunk of players when it's in the plane's path. However, there are options for cover and looting without much issue. You'll primarily want to drop here if you want to get some combat practice, as the buildings can be fun arenas to get into fights.

  • Prison - This place is similar to Hacienda in terms of loot but not popularity. The reason is its location, which is in one corner of Miramar's map. Not many players enjoy moving from such a remote spot, so you'll find less trouble if you choose this for your landing zone.

Low-risk areas

  • Valle del Mar - Selecting this drop location will depend on the flight path of the plane. If you're able to get here early, it's a solid landing zone because of its high loot and low interest from other players. What you'll mainly need to be concerned about is whether vehicles will spawn or not, as the points aren't plentiful.

  • Chumacera - Despite this PoI's size, there isn't a lot of loot served up. With barely enough kit to outfit a single squad, players aren't too keen to drop here, so it's a solid low-risk place to land if you're just getting your feet wet in PUBG. Vehicle spawn points are decent, and you've got a few small-town options nearby if the pickings are slim.

Miramar map top tips & tricks 

Before your go, here are some more tips that'll help you on your road to victory.

  • Prioritize vehicle availability when picking your landing spot. A common complaint among PUBG players is how Miramar is so open and has tons of travel time between PoIs. We don't have to tell you twice that this combination begs for vehicle usage.

  • Use the hills, dunes, and bumps as cover when traversing across the desert. Vehicles aren't going to always be your friend in Miramar because of how hilly some of its routes can be. However, this bumpiness is great for cover.

  • Grab a weapon with solid range. Because of the map's layout, you'll often find yourself engaging in ranged battles. Snipers have a big advantage if you've lucky enough to nab one. Alternatively, rifles like the M16A4 are the next best thing.

  • Don't feel bad about camping buildings and structures. Miramar is a harsh battlefield for reasons we've already covered. It makes sense to find a nice hidey-hole within a cozy structure to plant yourself and take out hapless enemies until you're forced to vacate.

  • Be mindful of the bigger hills on the map. It's easy to accidentally find yourself in a drop because of the way these small mountains are built, so watch your step.

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