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PUBG Map Rotation: Fresh changes with Patch Notes 23.1

May 8 2023

PUBG Map Rotation: Fresh changes with Patch Notes 23.1
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The PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 2023 Roadmap introduced an altered map service plan aimed at reducing waiting time for players wanting to access their favorite maps.

Update 23.1 in PUBG brought an exciting map rotation schedule for both PC and Console players, with weekly rotations for Normal Matches and a seasonal cycle for Ranked Mode.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Map Service Plan for Patch 23.1 followed by our thoughts on the changes.

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PUBG 23.1 PATCH Normal Matches: Weekly Map Rotation

From Update 23.1, PUBG offers a one-week map rotation cycle, ensuring a diverse range of maps for players to enjoy. Erangel and Sanhok remain fixed, while Rotation Sets 1 and 2 alternate each week. This change allows for greater flexibility and quicker access to new rotations without maintenance.

PUBG 23.1 PATCH  Ranked Mode: Seasonal Map Rotation

Ranked Mode map rotation occurs every two months, with Erangel, Miramar, Taego, and Deston being available after Update 23.1. The alignment of maps between Ranked and Esports aims to bridge the gap and create a more synchronized experience for players.

Ranked Mode's map service plan includes 8x8km maps, with Deston added to the rotation pool. The probability of rotation maps may change based on service performance, and Vikendi could be added to the Ranked map pool as a rotation map in the future.

Why Have PUBG Devs Made These Changes to the Map Schedule in Patch 23.1?

The variety of maps enhances the appeal of the game, and the PUBG team aims to cater to diverse player preferences without overwhelming them. By limiting the number of maps in rotation, they maintain a seamless matchmaking environment and provide a stable gaming experience.

Balancing Map Variety and Mastery

The decision to offer five maps for Normal Match and four for Ranked Mode strikes a balance between providing diversity and allowing players to master the maps. This benefits existing players, eases the onboarding process for newcomers, and offers pro teams a better environment for strategizing and improving.

What We Think of the Changes to PUBG after Patch 23.1

The devs clearly want players to spend more time on maps they enjoy. Their stats on the maps selected in regions that have the option versus those that deal with random selection clearly show a distinct split. However, stats are not everything.

The development team has seen that certain regions favorite specific maps while others don’t. Therefore, they have aimed to make those maps more frequent in the rest of the regions. This feels like a counter-intuitive approach that may be misunderstanding what the statistics are actually telling them.

For example, Sanhok is a very popular map in Asia but not nearly as much in the rest of the world. So, the devs seem to be implying that the map should be increased in frequency across all territories. It’s not clear what objective is meant to be achieved by doing this. It will definitely improve map variety, particularly for the more casual player base. But how the more dedicated players feel about it remains to be seen.

On the flip side, giving newer maps like Deston more time in the spotlight is a more welcome change. If this means that freshly introduced maps get to become fixed during regular intervals, then we’ll see a more diverse competitive environment in PUBG.

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