PUBG Deston map guide: tips & tricks to win your next game

Published: June 8 2023

Last updated: June 7 2023

PUBG Deston map guide: tips & tricks to win your next game
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Deston isn't just a map; it's a mighty mosaic of drop zones, each with its unique quirks and qualities. Read all about Deston map features, including secret rooms' locations and the best & worst landing zones.

Picture towering skyscrapers, hidden underground bunkers, and picturesque coastlines, all nestled together in one enormous game of 'Survive-If-You-Dare.'

This is Deston: does that sound intimidating? Well, don’t sweat it.

In this guide, we'll steer you through the twisting alleys of Ripton, help you unlock secret rooms in the Lodge, and even offer tips on dodging the lurking dangers of the dreaded swamp. Looking for the best places to land? Or maybe the ones to avoid at all costs? We've got it all covered, but first, let’s check out the map’s features.

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Deston Map Features

The devs of PUBG have pulled out all the stops when it comes to Deston’s features. As an 8x8 map, there’s a lot of ground to cover, so it’s only normal that your mobility options are plentiful.

Reusable Parachute

Say hello to your new best friend, the reusable parachute! Unique to Deston, this innovative tool is a permanent fixture in every player's inventory. Unlike parachutes on other maps, it takes no inventory space and can be deployed infinitely, even after a building impact cancels your descent. It’s important to note there’s no button to cut your parachute to speed up your drop deliberately, so plan your descent wisely.


Up next are Ascenders, vertical mechanical zip lines that are a game-changer in terms of navigating the towering cityscape of Deston. Conveniently found scattered across the map, these devices allow you to scale up and down buildings quickly. Feel like making a daring move? Jump off at any point with your handy reusable parachute. However, be mindful as only one player can use these ascenders at a time, so teamwork and timing are key.

Cell Towers

Deston also introduces cell towers, a new tactical element unique to this map. These structures are equipped with ascenders and provide an excellent vantage point. Upon reaching the top and detaching, your character automatically deploys their parachute, setting you up for a significant cross-map move. But remember, the automatic parachute pull can leave you exposed to enemy fire.

O12 Shotgun

This new map brings a new gun into play - the Origin 12, a fully automatic shotgun firing specialized slug rounds. This beast offers single fire, three-round bursts, and fully automatic firing modes, each delivering a whopping 100 damage per hit. Unfortunately, no shotgun attachments are available for this beast, but rest assured, the slug rounds render those moot anyway.


Exploration and mobility get a boost with the introduction of Airboats. These versatile vehicles can traverse both land and water, offering a nimble way to navigate the flooded areas around Ripton and the map's two rivers. They might feel sluggish on land, but their water capabilities more than make up for it. Plus, with five seats, your whole squad can hop on for a ride.

Fuel Pumps

Deston introduces fuel pumps, a handy new feature that ensures you never run out of gas. You'll need to invest ten seconds for a complete refill, and once done, the fuel pump is depleted, denying other players the chance to refuel. And for the destruction-loving players among you, fuel stations can be detonated to wreak havoc on nearby enemies.

Heartbeat/Bluechip Detector

Last but not least, the heartbeat detector or the bluechip sensor is a stealthy tool to give you an edge over your enemies. This device shows the approximate location of nearby opponents, although with a slight delay and limited range. This is especially useful in the dense urban environments of Ripton, where keeping track of enemy movements can be quite a challenge.

Drone Rooms and Security Keys

The game gets even more interesting with the introduction of drone-accessible rooms. Hidden in the towering structures of Ripton and scattered across the map, these small rooms house high-tier items and security cards for unlocking secret rooms brimming with loot. The secret rooms are found throughout the map, notably in Ripton's skyscrapers. But remember, while regular airdrops persist, there are no flare guns for summoning drops or BRDMs on this map.

Deston Map Security Key & Secret Room Locations

To fully unlock your potential in Deston and take advantage of all the map has to offer, you need to get your hands on some security keys.


  • Contains about half of the buildings packed with security keys, level 3 gear, and crate-level weapons.

  • Buildings with yellow edges often contain special items.

  • Green buildings contain secret rooms with high-tier gear.

  • Red buildings potentially contain security keys.

Los Arcos

  • Features a few special loot locations.

  • Two secret room locations in the buildings with interior courtyards, located on the northwest and south-central side.

  • Secret rooms are located on the roofs of these buildings.

Ten Forts

  • Has a single drone container and one Pillar loot truck.

  • Drone container located between two warehouses in the central north.

  • Pillar truck is just outside Gabriel’s Market in the central area.

Carpenter’s End

  • Contains one drone container and one Pillar loot truck.

  • Drone container situated northwest in the four warehouses’ yards.

  • Pillar truck parked in front of Gimble’s Muffler & Break store.


  • Pillar loot truck located just in front of the main stage.

  • Two secret key locations are accessible only by drone, one on the ceiling of the main stage, and the other in the top cabin of the Ferris wheel.


  • Contains two Pillar containers accessible by drone and one secret room location.

  • Containers can be found in the two warehouses to the east.

  • Secret room located between the warehouses on an alley.

Wind Farm

  • Features a loot truck situated in the intersection near the jump tower.

  • Secret key container located in the intersection of the middle island near a billboard.


  • Contains one drone container situated in the industrial warehouse area to the west.

  • Pillar loot truck standing right outside of the convenience stores in the central main road.

Construction Site

  • Two drone containers hanging from the two cranes.

  • Pillar loot truck located at the northeast entrance behind the right Mesopotamia billboard.


  • One drone container in the northwest corner in front of the garages.

  • Pillar loot truck located near the stores just before the truck parking lot begins.


  • Pillar drone container situated in the southwest trailer park at the entrance.

  • Pillar loot truck can be found on a dirt road between the north and southwest settlements, near the "Make Your Way Downtown" billboard.


  • Contains one drone container between the two warehouses located northwest.

  • Pillar loot truck parked on the main Road of Cavala in front of the Tornado’s Burgers joint.

Hydroelectric Dam

  • Contains two potential security keys and a secret room.

  • Drone container located in the southeast yard.

  • Secret drone area in the turbine room northwest just above the main entrance from outside.

  • Secret loot room is at the end of the hallway when entering the southwest turbine room.


  • Features a drone container located on the helipad outside.

  • Secret drone location accessible via a vent in the underground level of the main cabin, which also contains a secret room.


  • Has two drone containers, one in the northwest yard and the second just in front of Arena (south) near the main road.

  • Secret room can be found in the main building right side as you enter.

PUBG Deston Map Best & Worst Landing Zones

No PUBG map guide is complete without some good old-fashioned landing zone recommendations. Despite its size, Deston is surprisingly straightforward when it comes to choosing the best and worst zones.

Best Landing Zones in Deston

Deston offers an array of strategic drop spots. The largest cities, like Ripton and Buxley, provide high loot density and ample cover, but these areas also draw a large number of players, leading to intense early-game battles.

For a more tranquil start, consider dropping at less crowded places like Cavala or the Construction Site. These areas offer less loot, but a slower-paced beginning may be of interest if you prefer the tortoise’s approach of “slow and steady wins the race”.

Another intriguing landing spot is the Lodge, beneath which lies an underground bunker rich with quality loot and a secret room that requires a key card for access. This location often attracts a handful of players each match, making the three exits from the bunker strategic spots for setting up traps and ambushes.

Other impressive landing zones include Los Arcos, the Concert area with live music, the Hydroelectric Dam, and the Assembly, renowned for its wind turbines. Each area boasts unique features and bountiful loot opportunities.

Worst Landing Zones in Deston

The western part of Deston, characterized by mountainous terrain and fewer POIs, may not be the ideal place to land due to limited loot and cover. 

Similarly, the swampy regions of the map are notorious for scarce loot and minimal cover, making them less attractive landing zones. The open nature of these areas will render you vulnerable to attacks with few defensive options.

Ready to explore Deston map in PUBG?

Remember, every match in PUBG: Battlegrounds is a unique experience, and things like the ideal landing zone can vary depending on your strategy and playstyle. Exploring every corner of Deston is an excellent way to uncover new strategic spots and enjoy the beautifully crafted environment of this expansive battleground.

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