New VALORANT Agent 24 “The Architect” Iso: all leaks and release date

Published: October 16 2023

Last updated: November 7 2023

New  VALORANT Agent 24 “The Architect” Iso: all leaks and release date
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Get ready to unravel the mystery of VALORANT's upcoming Agent 24, leaked name Iso. As the excitement builds, we'll delve into their possible release date, role, origins, abilities, and much more.

Riot Games has masterfully stoked the fires of anticipation within the VALORANT community, offering cryptic clues and tantalizing trailers for their upcoming addition - Agent 24. As this enigmatic Duelist's release approaches, VALORANT fans find themselves consumed by curiosity, eager to uncover the mysteries surrounding Agent 24, including his attributes, origin, and unique abilities.

Let’s embark on a journey into the depths of what Agent 24 has to offer in the world of VALORANT. Before we get started, make sure to explore how Stryda can add flavor to your VALORANT experiences with esports competitions,  and offer you Riot gift cards and other rewards when you successfully finish our Battle Pass.

Who is Agent 24? Leaked visual and name Iso revealed

A surprise leaked image from @Valorleaks revealed the name of the upcoming new VALORANT Agent 24: Iso.

We can also see confirmed his role (Duelist), and some players are noting similarities between his look and Fade, although this could just be a mere coincidence.

However, due to his general look, it looks like the rumours around his Chinese/Singaporean heritage might absolutely be correct. Keep reading to read more about theories about his place of origin and his abilities.

Another better HQ picture of ISO has been leaked shortly after the first one. Here's a proper look to VALORANT Agent 24 Iso!

Official trailer for Iso will be revealed 19 of October at 5 PM CEST time, don't miss it!

What does the name Iso mean for Agent 24?

In the past, some names from the VALORANT Agents where picked for their meaning, for example Yoru meaning "night" in Japanese, or Raze meaning "destroy".

At this very moment we don't know for certain what Iso means, however by translating the simple word Iso in Chinese (which could be his supposed mother-tongue) we get the character 异 [yì].

If we retranslate this, the meaning turns out to be "different","strange" or "surprising". Could the name Iso signifies how different and special he is? Only time will tell us!

Agent 24 release date: when will Agent 24 Iso join VALORANT?

The official word from Riot Games is that Agent 24, codenamed  "architect", will grace the VALORANT battlefield before 2023 comes to a close

While the precise release date is still under wraps, the VALORANT community is buzzing with speculation that this enigmatic Agent might make his entrance at the dawn of Episode 7, Act 3, on October 31 2023. The excitement has steadily mounted since the introduction of agent Deadlock, and players are eagerly marking the days on their calendars, ready for fresh excitement to flood the roster.

The Duelist returns: Agent 24 Iso's role confirmed

Agent 24 in VALORANT is set to embrace the highly-coveted role of a Duelist, heralding the return of this adrenaline-pumping archetype. This move will officially make Agent 24 the seventh Duelist to step onto the VALORANT stage. 

The last Duelist to make his debut was Neon, back in January 2022. Since then, VALORANT has welcomed four new Agents, representing Initiators, Sentinels, and Controllers. If you want to learn more about each role and each Agent, don’t forget to check out all our comprehensive VALORANT Agents guides here on Stryda!

The return of a Duelist promises to infuse the game with a thrilling dynamic characterized by aggressive gameplay and a penchant for dispatching foes with precision and style.

Is VALORANT Agent 24 Iso a man or a woman?

According to an in-game message between Cypher and Brimstone, the new Agent 24 should be a man. Cypher writes to be in contact with an unidentified male hitman, who is willing to cooperate but needs protection from his former employer. This sounds like a great clue regarding Agent 24, and we’re super excited to discover more about this mysterious hitman! 

Cracking the origin enigma: who is Agent 24 Iso?

Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games has expertly teased the VALORANT community with intriguing hints about Agent 24's origins. In a blog post, they provided a cryptic clue in the form of an image featuring a Chinese delicacy - the duck blood hot pot. This enigmatic culinary reference has ignited a wave of speculation, with many deducing that Agent 24 may have roots in China. The theory gains momentum from the fact that VALORANT has finally officially been released in China this July 2023.

It would then make perfect sense to introduce a Chinese Agent to celebrate this new launch in the Eastern world. 

However, an astute observer within the VALORANT community on Twitter has crafted an intriguing theory. They suggest that Agent 24's origins might be Singaporean, based on a striking resemblance between the hot pot restaurant featured in the trailer and an actual establishment in Singapore. This theory adds an extra layer of complexity to Agent 24's backstory, hinting at a diverse and globally-inspired cast of Agents.

Agent 24 Iso's arsenal: abilities and leaks

Image Credit: @ValorLeaks

As is customary with every impending Agent in VALORANT, the community is rife with anticipation regarding Agent 24's abilities and playstyle. While the details remain elusive, leakers have unearthed some promising insights into Agent 24's potential arsenal.

Agent 24 leak 1: portal activation

A leaked audio trailer strongly suggests that Agent 24 wields a unique ability related to portal manipulation. This portal-based power opens up exciting new possibilities, enabling unexpected strategies, flanking tactics, and rapid repositioning. The concept of portals in VALORANT holds the potential to revolutionize tactical approaches, fostering captivating moments in matches.

Agent 24 leak 2: bulletproof Player Card

The "Bulletproof" player card has become inextricably linked with Agent 24, featuring a prominent image of a portal. Player cards have historically hinted at upcoming content in VALORANT, including Agent abilities, color schemes, maps, or events. The portal's presence on this player card fuels speculation that it could be a central feature of Agent 24's toolkit.

Agent 24 leak 3: Sunset Map Teaser

Riot Games has further piqued curiosity with a gameplay teaser set on the Sunset map. This teaser showcases purple polygons that bear a remarkable resemblance to teleportation abilities. In VALORANT, teleportation holds the potential to facilitate game-changing maneuvers, enabling swift repositioning and surprising enemy encounters.

Agent 24 leak 4: Lore Connection

The VALORANT lore takes an intriguing twist with a reference to an explosion near a specialized portal on the Sunset map. This explosion is shrouded in mystery and appears intimately tied to Agent 24's unique abilities. The lore adds depth to the character's backstory, promising a complex narrative for players to uncover.

Agent 24 leak 5: great shooting skills

To add to the speculations, it looks like Agent 24 is a capable shooter indeed. This shouldn't come as a surprise, since Cypher referred to him as "hitman". Players are already saying that Agent 24 is the reason why Chamber was nerfed, and his abilities might be somewhat "similar" to the french Duelist.

In a second leaked teaser trailer, we can see Sage watching a video of Agent 24's aim, and a few VALORANT agents commenting his skills.

Neon comments that "he doesn't miss" (perhaps he can somehow locks his aim?) and that "Phoenix is gonna hate him", while Reyna comments that "he's good, but her targets move", and Cypher seems satisfied with the new recruit saying that he seems very useful.

Is the estimated release date for Agent 24 correct?

Traditionally, Riot Games has employed player cards to foreshadow upcoming content before its official release in the next Act update

Given the link between the "Bulletproof" player card and Agent 24, players can reasonably expect the Duelist to make his debut at the commencement of Episode 7, Act 3 which as we previously wrote is going to start on October 31st or November 1st, 2023, contingent upon regional scheduling.

With cryptic hints and teasers from Riot Games, the anticipation for Episode 7, Act 3 is reaching unprecedented heights. The future of VALORANT promises an array of mysteries, and players are eager to unravel the secrets held by this formidable Agent. Stay tuned to the VALORANT community as we count down the moments until Agent 24's arrival. 

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