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League of Legends Rell's rework: all buffs and nerfs revealed

November 3 2022

League of Legends Rell's rework: all buffs and nerfs revealed
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If you want to know everything about the new rework of Rell on League of Legends, we got you covered!

A number of unsubstantiated screenshots that were posted to Twitter and Reddit indicated what might be an iteration of Rell's overhauled kit. Although the screenshots were shortly removed, many fans believe this to be the first appearance of Rell in her new form.

Fans have long clamored for an overhauled version of Rell, as she become quite out of date and has distanced herself from the other top-tier supports after Riot’s repeated nerfs. Up until a few days ago, there has been no sign that she would get some love anytime soon. That changed when a Redditor posted a comprehensive thread on the Rell mains forum listing spells that might be included in Rell's mid-scope makeover. 

The first look at Rell's overhaul, which is anticipated to appear in the game in the upcoming League of Legends patch 12.22, will bring about some fascinating modifications to her kit and give her much more utility than before. With the upcoming Rell revamp, she will have significantly better endurance and be able to compete with champions like Nautilus and Leona, making her a top-tier engage support again. 

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Rell’s reworked abilities coming with her Mid-Scope update

Passive – Break the Mold

The new passive of Rell will effectively perform the same tasks as the old passive but without the incredibly slow auto attacks. This implies that each time Rell automatically assaults an enemy, some of their armor and magic resist will be stolen. Furthermore, her revamped passive now does additional damage equal to the total amount of armor and magic damage stolen.

Q - Shattering Strike

Her Q ability has remained mostly unaffected, as it transpires. The healing from her Q has only been slightly lessened, and a slow ability has been added to the mix as a replacement. However, this ability now slows opponents instead of healing her and her allies, giving her a little more crowd control.

W - Ferromancer's Vow

Rell's W is no longer her stance-swapping mount and dismount mechanic but instead a speed boost that grants a shield to a nearby ally after a short duration. Rell gains movement speed when heading toward teammates and becomes unstoppable for two seconds after she uses her Ferromancer's Vow. Instead of frequently switching between her base form and her mounted form, this would keep Rell in her original state.

E - Magnetic Overload

Rell’s original E ability has been completely replaced by her current ultimate ability. This implies that her current ultimate's pull and stun functionality will now be her E, giving her lane companion more opportunity to score game-winning kills. This will make it much easier for her to snowball the botlane, which will ultimately be advantageous for her team as well.

R – Ferromancy-Crash Down

Similar to the first half of the original W, Rell's ultimate has a few key elements that you should keep in mind when mastering her.

  • Mounted (Passive):  She gains a 15% movement speed bonus, which is doubled when she approaches a champion ally.

  • Ferromancy Crash Down (Active): Rell can use this to leap off her mount, knocking over foes and inflicting damage nearby. Rell then transforms into her dismounted form, acquiring a momentary shield, slowing down her movement, and enabling the ability of Ferromancy - Rising Shrapnel.

  • Dismounted (Passive): Once dismounted, she and her nearby ally will get bonus armor, and magic resist. 

  • Ferromancy Rising Shrapnel (Active): In front of her, Rell will let forth a pillar of shrapnel that damages and throws enemies over her head. Rell then adopts a mounted stance, which gives her a one-second movement speed boost of 20% and gives her access to Ferromancy Crash Down.

You can read the complete Reddit post here if you're interested.

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