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League of Legends: Pets we want IRL

August 23 2022

League of Legends: Pets we want IRL
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If we all agree on one thing in life, it's that pets are AWESOME. And, if you are reading this, you probably love League of Legends as well!

Today, we want to look at the five best League of Legends pets we want in real life. For each of us, pets have different purposes; whether we just want to hug them all day, we need them to protect our house and family, or if they just look so heckin’ adorable, anything goes today!

5. Nunu and Willump

Nunu and Willump League of Legends pets

If I’m being honest, I think Willump the Yeti is probably one of the coolest pet characters in all of League of Legends. However, the practical presence of a giant that lives in the snow is a bit complex compared to most. Living in the middle of the city and walking around on the back of my yeti-friend seems nice, but I’d worry he would suffer from the heat, and the trouble he may have entering the buildings around here. So, while Willump looks like an awesome friend, it is probably best we leave him where he is most comfortable for now!

4. Quinn and Valor

Quinn and Valor League of Legends

The partnership between Quinn and her bird, Valor, is fantastic. The ever-loyal bird goes with Quinn everywhere and aids her in battles of every kind. While taking a bird with you to the stores may lead to some unwanted attention, having a friend always with you is definitely a good feeling. Maybe you can even teach Valor some tricks, like fetching stuff for you. Thinking of tricks for birds reminds me of a story from a long time ago, where a man trained several Crows to fetch him the money they found on the streets of his city in exchange for treats.

3. Elise’s Spiderlings

Elise spiderlings League of Legends pets

While spiders aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, there is no doubt that being able to control your own army of spiderlings would be great. Just think of the possibilities! Build a shelter out of spider silk on the go if you get caught in the rain. Or haunt your enemies by sending thousands of little spiderlings crawling all over them! Honestly, even if they couldn’t do all that, just having a few around to help get rid of the ever-annoying mosquitos that always find their way into the house would be a blessing.

2. Ivern’s Daisy

Ivern and Daisy League of Legends pets

One of the best companions in League of Legends is Ivern’s Rock Golem, Daisy. Daisy is one of the best home protectors in the League of Legends realm, and her ability to displace enemies and protect you makes her a great choice of pet. In addition, Daisy can hide well in forested areas, making it much less likely for you to explain to your friends why exactly a giant golem is following you around everywhere!

1. Annie’s Tibbers

Annie and Tibbers League of Legends pets

If there is one pet in the realm of League of Legends that does it all, it's Tibbers. This friendly giant teddy bear will be there to keep you warm at night, safe from whoever tries to harm you, and it looks absolutely adorable in the process. Besides, if you wanted, Tibbers would have no trouble at all taking out that bully at school or work for you*! (*Not legal advice)

Annie’s Tibbers also has many different outfits for you to choose from. These include a polar bear outfit, another as the monster of Frankenstein, dressing up as Annie or Teemo, or any form of intergalactic monster you desire.

Do you want to meet all these beautiful characters and creatures now? Start playing League of Legends and join G-Loot, where you can see your progress and earn rewards while you play!

Arend Zijdenbos

Arend Zijdenbos
Arend Zijdenbos

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