How To Play Bind in Valorant: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Published: August 2 2022

Last updated: September 6 2022

How To Play Bind in Valorant: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets
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This guide will go over the best strategies, tips, tricks, and secrets to having the edge over your enemy on Bind. If you are unsure about how to play it correctly, what agents you should pick, and what the team composition should be, then don't worry; we'll go over everything valuable for you to know. So, let's get started!

Bind Map Guide

Bind is one of the top maps played in Valorant Esports; teams like Gambit Esports, Acend, G2 Esports, and Fnatic pick this map whenever they play in tournaments. Talking about its balance, whether its defenders sided (also known as "CT sided," a commonly used term taken from CSGO) or Attackers sided ("T sided," also known from CS:GO), it's one of the most balanced maps in Valorant as of now. 

The success rate of Attackers on this map is around 49.7%, and about 50.3% for Defenders. Despite having a somewhat defender-sided map, attackers still stand a good chance of winning rounds. 

The addition of teleporters makes it a unique map among all other Valorant maps; in Bind, you may quickly rotate between the two teleporters on each side of the map. However, because these teleporters are one-sided, you can only access one portal and leave through the other.

This paves new ways of strategically playing on this map; using the teleporters, the whole team can quickly rotate from A to B in a matter of seconds. 

You can also throw your secondary weapon to trigger the fake teleporting sound; the sound cue would slightly differ when a player takes the teleporter, but nobody would notice this in pressured situations.

Your chances of succeeding on Bind in Valorant will be substantially improved by knowing when and how to use the teleporters. 


To win more rounds in a competitive game, communication is essential. You should know some basic callouts to let your teammates know if there's an enemy or not, and this will also help you understand what your teammate is communicating to you. 

As you know, Valorant is a team-dependent game, so you won't be able to molly, smoke, or flash a specific area; you'll have to call out to your teammate who's playing a smoke character. So, communication becomes vital in Valorant, more so than CS:GO. You will find important callouts to remember below, divided for each zone in Bind.

A Site

  • A lobby – an area connecting Showers and A short

  • A link – connect with B link and A short

  • A short – connects with A lobby and A link

  • A Lamps – A small cubby that connects to A short—it is often called U-Hall

  • Truck/Default – A default planting area in front of the truck

  • BackTruck – an area behind the truck which is open to U-Hall

  • Triple/Tetris – a spot in front of showers, where three boxes are placed, making it a triple or Tetris

  • A Heaven – an elevated area behind Triple

  • Showers/Bath – an area that connects to A lobby 

  • Bench – Right outside the showers, on the left side

  • Pocket – a small cubby that connects to A short and is in front of the Truck/default plant

  • Backside – an area behind Triple and BackTruck that connects to CT spawn and A Heaven


Lucky for your learning curve, Bind has no mid. This means no callouts here—instead, there are teleporters in place of a Mid.

B Site

  • B link – a small alleyway that connects B short

  • B short – an area that connects to Hookah

  • Hookah – a small elevated area and an entrance to the B site

  • B long – a long pathway that leads to Octagon/Garden

  • Garden – an area that connects to B site and B long, with a teleporter in front of it

  • Pallet – a cubby when entering through the Garden on the left side

  • Elbow – an alleyway that connects B Hall

  • B Hall – an alleyway that connects to CT spawn and B site

  • Container – a small piece of metal placed in the middle of the site

  • Default – a planting area at the front side of the container, right in front of the Garden

  • Backside – an area at the back of the container

  • Drop – a spot on B site under Hookah

  • Wall/Cubby – a small pocket-like area right in front of the Drop and Container

Best Team Composition

Here are some of the best Agent compositions one should stick to in order to increase winning chances. Professional players in tournaments often use these compositions:

  • Raze, Brimstone, Sage, Chamber, Sova

  • Viper, Raze, Cypher, Sova, Sage

  • Raze, Viper, Killjoy, Sova, Reyna

Remember that these are the starting lineups used by professional teams with outstanding coordination and extensive preparation. Therefore, it is unrealistic to assume that people will randomly listen to these lineups. However, these team combinations can work out well for you even if you're playing with a bunch of buddies, and they are worth trying out.

Best Agents to Play on Bind

We'd recommend any of the Agents mentioned above if you don't have friends and can't experiment with those compositions in a ranked game. If all you do is play solo, read more below about some of the best agents to play solo on Bind.


A nice duelist to utilize on Bind is Raze. This completely changes the game because the teleporters can accommodate all of her abilities. You can function as an entrance on the attacker side while effectively slowing opponents on the defender side. Few duelists are as skilled at it as Raze. While Raze may theoretically accomplish this on any map, her delaying skills perform better on Bind.

One thing you may do as a defender is take up position on the A site, close to the teleporter. After that, you may watch to see where the opponents are moving. You may hurl your grenade or Boom Bot to slow down oncoming players if you hear them coming down via A short. You can still stop them if they're moving up B short by tossing them through the teleporter at the A site.


No matter the map, Sova is always a great initiator. On Bind, however, he may quickly acquire information and position his Duelists by employing Recon Bolt formations or delegating leadership to his Owl Drone.

To make it simpler for his squad to infiltrate, he can also use his Shock Dart to take out the enemy's utilities. Particularly in a map with defenders on one side like Bind, it is essential to know where the Sentinel agents are. Sova makes gathering this information more straightforward and can even assist with removing some potential obstacles in the process.


On Bind, Chamber may swiftly rotate between two locations using his teleportation power. This is important since it will be more difficult for attackers to infiltrate the location if more people are there to defend it. Additionally, regardless of how distant or close he is from them, Chamber's traps (Trademark) have an infinite range and would still function. He is an essential and helpful Sentinel agent since he can practically hold down one side while being able to teleport on the other one at the same time.


With considerable changes in recent patches, she went from being a D tier agent to S tier, and she is vital in almost every map in Valorant so far. 

Bind Viper

Viper functions as a cross between a Controller and a Sentinel, using her skills to hold back adversaries and stall pushes while assisting her squad in reaching the plant location. Everyone knows how irritating it can be to deal with a Viper with massive lineups from unknown areas. Before they can defuse, it makes your adversaries seek you down. Because you can perform lineups from secure locations on the map, Viper is an excellent agent on Bind. They are allowing you to relax and use mollies to purchase time.


Sage has been a fan favorite since the Beta days; her wall is essential for blocking choke points and areas where the enemy would usually come from. Sage shines like a bright star on Bind. With her wall on the defending side, she can block Showers completely, making A short an obvious path for enemy entrance. 

If a team tries to rush in A site through A short, her slow orbs can slow down the push and buys her time to rotate back from another location.

On B site, she can use her wall on Hookah and jump on that while holding a judge for easy kills.


Brimstone has initially had some difficulty covering some locations in Bind. However, after the most recent adjustments, his smoke's height has increased, allowing it to now cover more ground and travel farther.

Due to the additional 15% speed increase, you may also utilize his Stim Beacon to push your way onto the site. His Stim Beacon is now far more useful than it has ever been because of this major game-changer. Brimstone may also be used in molly lines to stall defuses or delay pushes.

Final thoughts

Bind is a lot of fun to play, the teleporters act like pressure needles that always keep you on your toes. This, in combination with it being quite a small map, ensure that you're always thinking twice about what cards you want up your sleeve—round after round.

Now that you’ve got all this new knowledge try it out for yourself. Track your stats and compete with G-Loot while you play to see your progress and earn rewards!


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