How to compete in your first esports tournament with G-Loot

Published: January 26 2022

Last updated: September 6 2022

How to compete in your first esports tournament with G-Loot
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Start Competing

You’ve dedicated hours to your favorite games. You’ve watched the pros do their stuff. How do you take that first step into esports yourself?

Putting yourself out there can be scary but remember, even the top professional players had to start somewhere. G-Loot takes some of the stress out of competing and makes it easy to get started. 

If you’re eager to jump right into your first tournament right away, scroll down a little bit. ⬇️ If you want to build your confidence first, keep reading. 

Build your confidence with Missions and Brawls

Okay. So you want to practice and hone your skills before your first tournament. No problem. G-Loot has you covered. 


Missions help your practice by giving you goals to work towards. 

To join Missions, you just need to run the G-Loot app while you play your game. 

G-Loot Daily Missions PUBG

Log in to to see today’s Missions and make sure to complete them before the time runs out. 


Brawls are weekly esports competitions, but they are less intense than tournaments. You can play on your own schedule, and you don’t play in the same server as your opponents. 

Brawls are a great way to push yourself to climb the ranks. You can also win coins to spend in the G-Loot shop. 

Learn more about Brawls.

Compete in esports tournaments

In 2021, G-Loot and the tournament organizers GLL merged into a single platform. Now you have lots of tournaments to choose from in games like Apex Legends and PUBG. Almost all of G-Loot's tournaments are played online so you can compete from anywhere G-Loot is supported.

Different tournaments to choose from

  • Free tournaments run most weeks and are open to everyone. Fun and casual and excellent for training with your team. These are a great way to get your first taste of esports. 

  • The Monthly Showdown is a regular tournament that you can qualify for by winning tickets in the Weekly Brawl. Monthly Showdowns usually have a cash prize.

  • Other special tournaments happen throughout the year. Follow us on Twitter or Discord to be the first to know about them. 

Invite your friends 

To compete in most tournaments, you’ll need a team. Creating a team is easy. All you need to do is go to your G-Loot profile page and scroll down to the teams section. From there, you can create your team and send an invite link to your friends. 

Create a team on G-Loot


Choose a tournament that suits you and register. Registration usually opens a few days before the tournament starts. Make sure you check the rules and requirements for any tournaments that interest you.


Before the tournament starts, you should join the G-Loot Discord server. This is where the tournament organizers will reach out to you with any important information. Before your match starts, you can get the server information from the G-Loot website. 


Maybe you’ll win the tournament on your first try. Maybe you’ll even get spotted and asked to join a team that’s aiming for bigger things. 

Or maybe you won't. Don’t forget that esports isn’t just about winning or becoming a pro. It’s about the fun and thrill of competition. It’s about getting together with a few friends and competing in a game you all love.

So what are you waiting for?


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