How to change reticle color settings in Apex Legends

Published: December 17 2021

Last updated: September 6 2022

How to change reticle color settings in Apex Legends
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Greetings, Legends! Customization has always been an important part of esports. However, most of the time, customization means cosmetic items and color swaps. Apex Legends brings a new type of customization that will empower your gameplay experience. You can now customize the reticle of your weapons.

Apex Legends recently released a new collection event, called the Raiders Collection Event. Respawn added a feature that the player community has been requesting for a long time among cosmetics and balance changes. While a bright red reticle usually does the job, with the number and variety of maps increasing, a significant number of players were having problems utilizing their weapons’ reticles properly.

The solution comes in the form of customizable reticles! Now you can simply go to settings and under the gameplay tab, you can scroll down to find the reticle customization option. In the reticle customization menu, Apex Legends provides six organic and six inorganic backgrounds to preview your reticle while you adjust its color.

Apex Legends Reticule 1

Apex Legends provides a huge variety of reticle colors depending on your preference. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

So how do you customize your reticle in Apex Legends? There are three main ways to adjust your reticle color. First is the top bar, the hue setting. You can pick your “main” color here to fine-tune it later. The second bar is the brightness setting of your selected hue. With it, you can make your reticle very bright, almost neon-like, for easier viewing. Finally, the third option is for advanced users. You can manually input RGB values to set a specific color for your reticle.

You can always use the recommended colors on the right side of the menu, which mostly contain bright colors that would be easier to see. The default setting, bright red, is also always there for you in case you find yourself disoriented by the color change. We’ve all been playing with a bright red reticle for years now, and changing it might not be what everyone wants.

Apex Legends Red Reticule

The default bright red, a timeless classic. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

I can hear you asking the real question: What’s the best reticle color to get the most efficiency in Apex Legends?

While it always depends on your preference, it’s universally recommended to use bright colors for relative ease of use. For example, bright cyan or very bright purple reticles have almost neon-like features which will stand out in any sort of environment, allowing you to fight your opponents instead of fighting your reticle and ironsight.

The option to customize your reticle also means you can try to make it as invisible as you can. Some weapons might benefit from that change depending on your play style, but remember that the reticle settings are global, and you can’t assign each weapon a different one. You can also try to challenge yourself by using a reticle that won’t help you in combat. Challenging yourself always brings improvements.

An important note is that this change does not affect the crosshairs. Crosshair settings were not subject to change in this patch, and the changes you make will only affect the reticles of your weapons. Hopefully, this change will see huge positive feedback from the community and encourage more quality-of-life changes in Apex Legends.

As always, G-Loot blog is here to help you improve your game, your performance, and your skills. You can always use the G-Loot app to track your stats and win prizes while doing it. What do you think about the reticle changes? Which color do you think is the best for high-level play? Join us on Discord and discuss with fellow Apex Legends players.

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