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How Fnatic became one of the biggest esports organizations in the world 

December 11 2021

How Fnatic became one of the biggest esports organizations in the world 
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Fnatic is an esports organization from the United Kingdom. Created on July 23, 2004, it is one of the oldest esports organizations and one of the most successful. But how did it come to be that way?

The company's founders were Sam and Anne Mathews. Together, they created the team with the most victories in tier one esports tournaments across all the esports scenes.

Since its inception, Fnatic has dipped into multiple competitive esports titles, including World of Warcraft, Dota, Counter-Strike League of Legends, and many others. The European organization was always able to find success both domestically and on the international stage in all of them.

With the passing of the years, not only did the Fnatic trophy cabinet continue to grow, the organization affirmed itself as one of the biggest in Europe and ultimately the world, and their fan base became one of the largest and most loyal.

Fnatic became one of the organizations everyone in esports wants to represent.

Dominating across the industry 

Fnatic has become a staple of esports throughout the years, fielding championship rosters in different competitive scenes, winning multiple tier-one tournaments, and breaking record after record.

From Counter-Strike 1.6 or source to Dota and Dota 2, Fnatic has succeeded in different games. They have teams from all around the world. You can find the Fnatic brand not only in Europe but also in South East Asia. Their Dota 2 team, despite not having seen as much success as other divisions, is still one of the best teams around.

For the Counter-Strike franchise, the UK organization has bet on Nordic rosters—mostly Swedish and Denmark players—and has become a giant of the Counter-Strike scene and one of the most loved and biggest CS:GO organizations in the Nordic countries, especially in Sweden. They have attracted legendary 1.6 and source players like karrigan, f0rest Get_RiGhT, and Xizt, who are considered some of the best players in the game's history.

In FIFA, the organization is also home to some of the best players in the world. Their team includes the five-time FUT Championship winner, ECL winner, and 2019 E Premier League winner, Tekkz, as well as Portuguese player Diogo Mendes. At just 19 years old, both players are already considered some of the best in the world. 

In Valorant, the organization quickly cemented itself as one of the best teams in the world, qualifying for the first-ever international Lan event. The British roster took second place in the tournament. Though they saw disappointing results in the following three to four months, the squad qualified for Valorant Champions, topping their group and advancing for the playoffs despite most people writing them off.

One of the most emblematic organizations in League of Legends history 

In League of Legends, Fnatic quickly became the first European super-team. After acquiring myRevenge in 2011, they were one of the eight teams that qualified for the Riot Season one Championship. The team won the event and was the first and only European team to win the trophy so far.

After that, Fnatic dominated the European League of Legends scene, winning five of the first six splits of the EU LCS (now LEC). They are the only organization that made playoffs on all the splits since the creation of the EU LCS in 2013, a total of eighteen playoffs appearances and seven titles. They created some of the first stars of the game like xpeke, rekkles, yellowstar, soaz, all of whom are hall of fame players that defined Fnatic.

The team was also able to find some international success. They were able to reach the World's finals in 2018, where they lost to Invictus Gaming 3-0, finishing second place in the tournament. They also had a top-three finish at both Mid-Season-Invitational 2015 and 2018.

Despite never being able to replicate the international success they found on the first-ever World's, the team only missed out on the biggest tournament of League of Legends once (in 2017.) They are a constant presence on the international stage. They have made the playoffs seven out of the nine times the team attended the event, always performing well internationally and having some of the best tournament runs of Western teams.

Fnatic was one of the first CS:GO dynasties and their era changed the game

CS:GO is also one of the games where the organization has found a lot of success. Fnatic was already highly successful during the 1.6 era, but in CS:GO, they had one of the best teams.

Fnatic's Swedish roster dominated their competition at the end of 2014 and for most of 2015. The team was composed of some of the best players in the history of the game, JW, pronax, KRIMZ, flusha, and the superstar player olofmeister.

Fnatic won tournament after tournament. In 2015 they became the first team ever to win back-to-back Major tournaments and the first to win three Major titles. With this roster, the team achieved success in multiple tournaments and stayed at the top of the world ranking for two consecutive years, leaving their mark in the CS:GO history.

Since then, the organization hasn't been able to find the same success and superiority in CS:GO, but it's not time to write them off just yet. They continue to win titles, and I'm confident they can dominate the scene again in the future.

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