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Best video game trackers in 2023, and top 3 best apps to use

February 22 2023

Best video game trackers in 2023, and top 3 best apps to use
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Whether you are a new or pro player, video game trackers are a super useful tool to check your progress, track your stats, and improve on your favorite games. This guide will help you understand how trackers work, and which ones are the best to use for a variety of esports games.

With the blowup of more competitive titles in recent years, video game trackers have become a norm in the gaming community and have also become a significant tool for many hardcore and casual gamers alike. Video game stats trackers are tools that allow players to monitor and analyze their performance in video games, specifically for esports games like VALORANT, CS:GO, PUBG, Apex Legends, LoL, and more. These trackers can be incredibly useful for players who want to improve their skills and understand their strengths and weaknesses. 

As a result, the market has also started to flood with a ton of game-tracking services and choosing a good one can be a little bit confusing. Worry not; in this post, we'll be covering everything you need to know about game trackers, including how they work, the benefits they can offer to players, and guidance in choosing the best ones out there.

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How do video game trackers work?

Game stats trackers can collect data about a player's performance in a few different ways. One common method is in-game tracking, which involves collecting data directly from the game itself. This can be done through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provided by the game developers, which allow external programs to access data about the game. This is one of the widely utilized methods in the majority of Stat Trackers out there. At Stryda, for example, we have APIs for VALORANT and PUBG

Another method of data collection is through third-party software that runs on the player's computer or device. This software can track a player's actions and record data about their performance. This data can then be analyzed and used to provide insights and recommendations to the player. These kinds of programs are often more convenient to players as they provide a ton of useful features such as live suggestions, and some even clip your best moments too.

Once the data has been collected, it is typically organized and analyzed in order to provide players with insights about their performance. This can involve calculating various statistics such as kill/death ratio, accuracy, average damage per minute, and many more according to the game you play. These statistics can help players understand their strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where they can improve.

Video game stats trackers can also provide players with a more detailed analysis of their performance. For example, a tracker might show a player which weapons they are most effective with, which maps they perform best on, and which strategies are most successful for them. This can be incredibly useful for players who want to maximize their effectiveness and improve their skills.

There are also social features that can be found in many game stats trackers. These features allow players to share their stats with others and compare their performance to other players. This can be a great way to motivate players to improve and compete with others in the community. Also, this gives every player that sense of competitiveness that drives them to become better.

Some of today’s game trackers also come with a ton of more added exclusive features that are often locked behind a paywall, so this is something to consider when checking the different options.

Every tracker is different from one another; some provide access to exclusive data or sometimes rewards so that the app not only helps them improve but also gives players a little extra for their gaming time. Such a service is our very own Stryda stats tracking service that rewards players for simply playing the games they love, adding a free Battle Pass on the top of your game.

In hindsight, whether you're a casual player looking to have some fun or a competitive gamer trying to reach the top of the leaderboards, a game stats tracker can provide you with valuable insights and help you take your skills to the next level. But how do you choose a trustworthy game tracker service that is safe to use?

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Is it safe to use video game trackers?

Getting all of your stats analyzed and sorted could be game-changing. However, a common question most players have is if they are safe to use. It is normal to be skeptical about these services as they dabble with sensitive information about your game accounts, sometimes including login details. So are they really safe to use?

As mentioned previously, game trackers often use the data obtained through APIs provided by the game developers themselves. These data are publicly available to all players, and what most stat trackers do is organize them to provide players with a more personalized report. These tools utilizing the official APIs do no harm to you, your personal data, or your PC.

Apart from that, there are also other applications that run in the background and extract data from your game sessions. These applications are often more appealing as they provide not only your general performance stats, but also other more personal data such as hardware usage, and sometimes even game footage. 

In retrospect, almost all game trackers are safe to use and won’t interfere with your gameplay, especially browser-based tracking tools. Official tracker services comply with the developers’ policies regarding data collection and are harmless. When you choose an application that you install on your device and browser, make sure they are connected and recognized by game developers and official services. For example, Stryda has official partnerships and agreements with Overwolf, Riot games, Krafton, and other companies in the gaming world. 

Using officially recognized apps will make sure that your account won’t get banned, as most developers stand strongly against using unofficial third-party applications to assist you in games. And going for approved and official services will minimize/eliminate the chances of your account getting phished, so be cautious when choosing the right tool for you.

What are the best video game trackers to use in 2023?

In actual fact, there is no specific tool that rules above the rest when it comes to game trackers. It is totally dependent on users’ personal choices and preferences, as they all offer a variety of things that might differ from the other services. However, there are a few stats trackers that stand out as they provide more convenient features that give the user something extra. So here are some of the more famous stat tracking tools in the current market.

Stryda: track your stats and get rewarded through a free Battle Pass

Stryda is our very own stats tracker and competitive platform that offers a full breakdown of your stats on a selection of competitive esports games. Track many games at once, including VALORANT, CS:GO, Apex Legends, League of Legends, Rocket League, Dota 2, and PUBG

Our tracker offers all the classic stats, such as headshots, assists, kills, and more, for all of our titles. We are also particularly proud of our VALORANT stats which are extremely comprehensive, and display results for your last twenty matches other than give you insights into your top three agents. We are always looking to improve the experience of our Stryders, and we also developed the VALORANT Agent Generator, which you can always check to pick the best agent, and team composition for each map. 

Another thing that differentiates Stryda from other stats trackers is that our gaming companion tool offers a free Battle Pass for all our supported esports games. You can improve your player skills while you ace Missions and climb Ladders, and as you complete the Stryda Battle Pass, you get rewarded with Coins that can be exchanged for gift cards in our Shop. So, what are you waiting for? Join Stryda and make every round count! is one of the most well-known trackers around, one of the “go-to tracker” for many players since a very long time. This game tracker specializes in a limited collection of supported games, including League of Legends, VALORANT, Apex Legends, and TFT. The information provide is simply game-changing. You can get detailed live stats of your matches, metas,  game stats, and even guides on how to play some games like League of Legends and TFT. 

What stands out the most is its massive catalog of overlays that feature all sorts of live stat tracking features in all of their supported games. You can reap all of its benefits right inside the game without needing to tab out with its in-game overlay features.


OP.GG is another of the oldest stats tracking services around. It is particularly well-known for the majority of League of Legends players as it allows you to not only to see your own stats, but also other players’. OP.GG has recently introduced a lot more features and support for some more games, including VALORANT, PUBG, and Overwatch. Now OP.GG also has a desktop app, so you don’t need to open your browser every time you want to use this tool.

How to use a video game tracker?

Game trackers are always your first resource to becoming a better player. Analyzing your playstyles and stats can really come in handy to help improving. Just like the famous saying, “things get better with time,” game trackers have also evolved into more advanced and convenient tools. Using them is super simple for all new players, and their interfaces aren’t as complicated as they used to be just a couple of years ago.

Today, game stats trackers come as in-game overlays and as traditional browser-based tools. Using them is as easy as simply logging in/signing up on a service and choosing the type of stat/tracking you need to observe. Find out more about how to get started with a typical tracker on our VALORANT tracker guide.

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Which video game stats tracker is best for you?

In conclusion, video game stat trackers are a valuable tool for gamers looking to improve their skills and track their progress. These programs are safe to use and allow users to analyze and compare their performance to other players, identifying strengths and weaknesses. These stat-tracking tools are available for a variety of different games and platforms and offer a range of features, including automatic stat tracking, real-time analysis, and personalized performance recommendations. Whether you're a casual gamer or a competitive player, a game stat tracker can help you take your gaming to the next level.

Now that you know everything about stats trackers, we would recommend that you try all apps in our list and see which tracker works best for you. Since you’re here, why not begin with our very own Stryda stats trackers? 


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