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Welcome to G-Loot December Patch Notes!

December 19 2022

Welcome to G-Loot December Patch Notes!
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Though many of us at G-Loot are preparing for the holiday season, the pace has not slowed down just yet. So, before we all take our vacations and hide away from the cold here in Sweden, we have another patch notes for you.

Welcome to the December Patch Notes! As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us on our wholesome Discord community


Clan Invites

  • Clan Leaders can now invite players without a clan to join their clan

  • Invited players are able to view all of their invites in the clan home as well on each respective clan's page

  • Invited players will get a notification in the new notification center every time they receive an invite.



Match Score Update

  • We can now offer more flexibility when configuring the objectives for competing in a Brawl.

  • In PUBG we can now track your match placement to reward you with a certain number of points, + 1 additional point for every kill you get. See the table below. 

Example: You come 4th place and get 5 kills in one match your total points submitted for that Brawl round will be 9 points. 



  • The homepage has been refreshed. Players will now see: 

  • Brawls and Clan Brawls that you are participating in.

  • Your latest tracked matches

  • Your Weekly Reward Ladder

  • An overview of all available missions for your selected games


  • The profile page has been updated to show you:

  • Stats related to missions and brawls (i.e. how many missions you complete per day on average and more) can now be found on your profile page.

  • Profile settings page has also been reworked with a new design. 

  • Your favorite games are now displayed on the profile page.


  • As teased in November, we have now updated the stats your see for VALORANT. You will now see:

  • General stats

  • Stats for your most played Agents

  • Match history for your last 20 Matches, with drop-down menu for all player stats

  • Stats for your Top weapon and other weapon stats

  • Map Stats


  • $5 and $10 riot point gift cards are now available for purchase. 

  • $5 gift cards are priced at 5500 coins

  • $10 gift cards are priced at 9000 coins 


  • You will now get a notification if you have been refunded Tokens when a game goes in to maintenance.

  • You will now get a notification when you have been refunded Tokens if you have unplayed Brawl rounds when a Brawl ends.

  • You will now get a notification when a Brawl ends with your placement and how many Coins you have won (if any).

  • You will now get a notification when a clan Brawl ends (that your clan is part of) with the Clan's placement and how many Coins you have won (if any).


  • Reworked the game picker for new players to only allow them to select 1 game, to begin with. If they select a game with API integration, they will be required to connect their account directly.

  • Alternatively when selecting a non-API game they will be required to download the tracker

Reach out to us on Discord and Social Media! 

That’s it from our side, we hope you have enjoyed the latest releases and looking forward to the new ones as much as we are! Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media, and join our Discord to speak to us and the rest of the G-Loot community. See you next time!

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Marcus “MEH”
Community Manager