Community Newsletter #6: June Edition

Published: June 22 2022

Last updated: February 13 2023

Community Newsletter #6: June Edition
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Hey Gang 😎 It's been a busy month and we’re feeling pretty H-API here at G-Loot.

There have been significant updates to tracking in PUBG, testing new game modes in Valorant and Apex Legends Brawls, and some quality-of-life improvements to Brawls to help keep you in the game for longer.

Preparations for PUBG Season 6 are in full swing and we're looking forward to an exhilarating summer!

πŸ”§ Product Updates


We have now released support on G-Loot for the PUBG API, but what does this mean for you?

In simple terms, it will allow for:

βœ… New and improved stats tracking.

βœ… Heavily reduced maintenance.

βœ… No longer requires G-Loot Tracker to collect stats (PUBG ONLY)

How tracking works now is that once you have played some Brawl rounds in PUBG, you can press a button found on the Mission or Brawl pages to "Request a status update."

The PUBG API will look for stats collected from your completed games, so it can update your Mission and Brawl progress. It can take a little time to populate, but the benefit of this is that it will be accurate and less prone to untracked scores.

So the API can work, you need to connect your Steam account and enter the correct in-game nickname to your G-Loot profile. Then it's as simple as spending Brawl tokens and starting playing.

In the future, it will also allow us to give you insights into various stats to track your progress as a player!

πŸ”’Spending Multiple Brawl Tokens

We have now added the option to spend multiple tokens before you start Brawling, allowing you to spend more time in the game than remembering to pay another Token before registering for your next Brawl round. After the Brawl ends, you'll get back your Tokens if you have queued more than you have used.

With PUBG specifically, this will allow you to keep playing rather than sitting around waiting for stats. After playing a few games, the API should be ready to grab your results and update them on G-Loot.

🏟️New Game Modes in Brawls

We recently started trialing new game modes for Valorant and Apex Legends Weekly Brawls.

In Valorant, you can now play Brawls in Unrated Mode and Spike Rush. With Unrated, you'll no longer have to get your account to level 20 to play in Ranked Mode. Spike Rush allows those looking for a change of pace or those who don't have time to commit to a full game to compete in a Brawl!

For Apex, we have added Arena mode with the same thinkingβ€”it gives you a change of pace and variety in how you compete in Brawls.

πŸ“… Events

G-Loot PUBG Season 6

Season 6 is nearly here, and registrations are open as of June 13, closing 24 hours before the Open Qualifiers begin! So make sure to get your registration in, like now!

There have been some big changes to the format.

  • EU West and EU East regions have combined into one region, Europe.

  • Pro Teams get invited to the Super Weekend (which takes place over four days) instead of the Grand Finals!

Check out the Season 6 website here, and see below for a timeline of events and additional information.

G-Loot Krafton PUBG season 6 format

Open Qualifiers June 27-July 3:


  • Europe: 512

  • MEA: 128

There will not be any official broadcast for the Open Qualifiers, but we hope community casters will stream it.

Are you interested in being a community caster for the Open Qualifiers? Fill out this form.

Super Weekend July 7-July 10:


Grand Finals July 22-July 24:


  • 16 Teams who qualified from the Super Weekend

Official Broadcasts:
The Super Weekend and Grand Finals will be broadcast live on Twitch and other social media. Keep your peepers on our channels for more information regarding when and where.

πŸ“ƒ Blog Post of the Month

Keeping on theme with Season 6β€”we've put together a blog post covering the format in more detail. Check it out to get entirely up to speed with how Season 6 will work!Β 

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS tournament series is back with Season 6!

πŸ‘‹ Until next time!

Here's to another great month. We can't wait to bring you more news about exciting updates and events soon!

You can keep up to date by following us on social media or joining the Discord community here.

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Marcus β€œMEH”
Community Manager