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League of Legends

Dive into an epic 5v5 battle in League of Legends, a team-based multiplayer online battle arena game from Riot Games. Even if you’re new to esports, you’ve probably heard of League of Legends (also known as League or LoL). With 27 million active players every day, it’s one of the world’s most popular games. A typical game sees two teams of five battle it out to destroy the other’s base but this is no simple run-and-gun affair, before you’re even able to get close to your opponents’ Nexus, you’ll need to destroy a series of turrets while fighting off waves of minions. In return for staying alive and destroying turrets, enemy champions, and minions, you’ll earn gold which can be used to buy items. Items make you more powerful and grant additional abilities, so choosing the best ones is crucial to winning the game. LoL has over 140 unique champions to choose from with different abilities ranging from a cone of bullets to turning your enemy into a harmless—and adorable—critter. Each champion is best suited to a particular role and map position, so take your time to try out a few and figure out your playstyle.