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Best League of Legends stats tracker apps to use in 2022

October 9 2022

Best League of Legends stats tracker apps to use in 2022
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Many stats tracker apps are available for League of Legends to enhance your experience playing the game we all know and love.

Let's take a closer look at three of our favorite stats-tracking apps and what each does best. All of these apps offer something different and unique, so we would recommend exploring all the options and see which fits best for your needs.  

Before we begin, did you know that you can gain rewards by simply playing League of Legends while using G-Loot? Keep reading to know more about how G-Loot works, and what stats you can track by using our app.

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The Blitz app League of Legends tracker: features & tools

If we look at which app has the most to offer, the Blitz App holds a very high place. There are many benefits to using the Blitz app, including some features that were at one point considered so beneficial they were banned by Riot Games. The feature I’m talking about here is the in-game trackers for every jungle camp as an overlay on your mini-map. This feature was first available on the Chinese League of Legends servers, where it was built into the live game. Whether you are a jungler or laner, knowing exactly when the jungle camps spawn allows you to be prepared and ready to assist your team, or to try and track the enemy jungler around the map. 

The feature that helps me most personally is the skill level-up indicator. As someone who loves to play around with new League of Legends champions every game, I commonly mess(ed) up by leveling skills in the wrong order. Using Blitz or OP.GG Desktop significantly reduces the chance of these types of mistakes, which in turn increases your win rate over time as you improve your damage output throughout the game. 

Another feature that massively benefits you during the game is the Benchmark feature. This is a small box that allows you to compare various stats from your live game to the averages of your current, or higher, ranks. The current stats include CS/min, GPM (Gold per minute), KP (Kill Participation), KDA (Kill-death-assist Ratio), and your current level compared to the average in your game. 

Lastly, the Blitz app also allows you to quickly import runes, item sets, and mastery pages with the click of a button. With all that said, before you decide to install the Blitz app, a word of warning. While the app is much better nowadays, the developers of the app have a bit of a controversial past. Throughout the last year, there have been allegations of the app changing your settings without your permission and even rumors of the app using resources in the background without the user's knowledge. 

Op.GG Desktop: automated team lookup, importing runes and masteries, and the data-based champion tier list. 

The second app in our list is OP.GG Desktop. The app works incredibly similarly to the website which you are likely already familiar with. The website has a lot of useful features, like player lookups to avoid potential “trolls” in your games, champion tier lists, and other information about champions such as the ideal rune and item setups; but there are some more aspects worth mentioning regarding the app itself. 

The first is that the desktop app automates everything you would otherwise do through the website, just smoothing out the process a little more. In addition to automating the player lookup feature, you can make OP.GG Desktop automatically import both the most popular item and rune setups for each character you choose during the champion select stage, removing any chance of playing with the wrong or sub-optimal rune pages. The feature is extremely valuable to both new and old players alike, especially as there are just too many champions and strategies to remember the changes and trends for each during every patch. 

One of my favorite features of the OP.GG Desktop app is the ability to look up the various champions in the game to learn more about when they may be stronger or weaker, and what items my opponents commonly end up building. 

The OP.GG Desktop app does come with a distinct disadvantage, as the free version of the app includes large in-app advertisements that, during our testing, made a noticeable difference in the resources required to use the app. Especially for players with older PCs or laptops, these ads may noticeably hurt your game’s performance while the app is open.

The G-loot companion app: daily Missions & all-time stat tracking!

The third app in our list had to be our own G-Loot app on Overwolf. G-loot takes a very different approach as a companion app for League of Legends where, other than tracking your stats, it also adds value to the user in other ways. As a player, one of my favorite features is the Missions and Brawls that add another layer of progression to grinding out your daily matches. 

G-Loot’s daily Missions often focus on reaching kill and assist or CS goals throughout your matches, which you can complete in any of League of Legends’ matchmade game modes. Matchmade game modes include everything from Co-op vs. AI, to normal and ranked mode Summoner’s Rift games, to the ever-popular ARAM game mode on the Howling Abyss. 

Completing your daily Missions also gains various rewards such as Coins, Tokens, and Tickets in addition to the experience to progress your G-Loot player profile. You can use these rewards to claim various prizes, such as gift cards for Riot Points, amazon gift cards, or steam currency to purchase many new games! In addition, the G-Loot app tracks your all-time stats, allowing you to brag to your friends about reaching various metrics including assists avg, win rate, K/D ratio, double kills avg, assists, deaths, double kills, kills, minion kills, neutral minion kills, quadra kills, triple kills, units healed, winds and losses.

Aside from the daily missions and tracking that G-Loot provides, using the G-Loot extension allows you to participate in Weekly Brawls, Tournaments, and other competitions, many being available to enter for solo players or with your own Clan! The rewards from these events are similar to the daily missions but scaled up significantly, allowing you to quickly reach the various prizes available in the G-Loot shop.

G-loot app is very easy to install, especially for those who may already have access to Overwolf from its other companion apps. Below is a simple step-by-step guide to installing G-loot for League of Legends to get you started.

How to install the G-loot League of Legends Tracker App

  1. Proceed to the G-Loot website at 

  2. Locate and select the “Sign Up” button (Top right corner) or “Create Account” button located on the middle-left area of your browser. 

  3. Fill in the required fields of an Email Address and your chosen password and click the “Create Free Account” button below. 

  4. Select a nickname. Note: This nickname is public and is used when you enter Brawls and Tournaments. 

  5. Confirm your email address to complete the signup process. 

  6. Awesome! Just one thing left to do until you can start progressing through your League of Legends journey with G-loot! Locate the “Missions” screen and press the “Tracker Required” button to start the download and installation of the Overwolf G-loot App. 

  7. Follow through the steps of the installation process, and you are ready to go! (Restarting your League of Legends client may be required at this point*)

If you have already installed the Overwolf App from a different application, simply locate G-loot through the Overwolf App Store to get started almost right away!

What League of Legends stats tracker app should you use?

As we said before, all players have different needs and preferences. In conclusion, to get the best experience for League of Legends, you can use these apps together to get the best aspects of each app! And since you are here, why not starting by checking out what G-Loot can add to your League of Legends gaming experience?

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