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Battle pass VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2: Oni 2.0 skins bundles, new skins, & all rewards

March 15 2023

Battle pass VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2: Oni 2.0 skins bundles, new skins, & all rewards
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What’s included in VALORANT battle pass for the new Episode 6 Act 2? Read about all the Oni 2.0 bundle, new skins Tilde, Signature, and Topotekand, and rewards such as Gun Buddies, new Sprays and Player Cards.

Riot introduced a ton of new content to VALORANT in the past episodes. The teased new map, The City of Flowers, Lotus, finally hit the game with a brand new episode and 2023 started with a bang. 

Riot also went on to reveal that there will be 3 new agents coming to the game in 2023 and the first new agent, Gekko, has already hit the game with the recent patch. While the main spotlight of the update is the brand-new Initiator agent, Gekko, Riot also introduced some banger skins and some other collectibles to commemorate the new act.

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What’s new in VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2? Let's talk about the Oni 2.0 skin bundle

Source: Riot Games

Apart from the new agent, Gekko’s release, the new update also packs the highly anticipated Oni 2.0 skin bundle alongside a brand-new Battle Pass. While the original Oni skin collection was a phenomenon amongst players, it lacked skins for some of the most used guns including the Vandal, and the Frenzy. The Oni 2.0 bundle fixes this issue with new skins for both of those guns alongside an amazing Katana melee weapon. Here are all the skins that came out with the Oni 2.0 bundle:

  • Oni Vandal

  • Oni Bulldog

  • Oni Ares

  • Oni Frenzy

  • Onimaru Kunitsuna

Apart from that, the battle pass also packs some great skins for players who are on a budget. This act’s Battle Pass is more colorful and vibrant than the previous ones with skins for all of the weapons featured in the game. The Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass features 3 new skin lines, namely Tilde, Signature, and Topotek. Apart from the skins, the rewards also include a few Gun Buddies, Sprays, and lots of Player Cards and Titles to customize your profile. Let us dig deeper into the VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass and both its free and premium rewards. 

VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass: all rewards including new skins, gun buddies, sprays, and more

Source: Riot Games

Out of all the rewards featured in every VALORANT battle pass, it is the skins that players look forward to the most. This time Riot has featured 3 new skin lines that are vibrant and mostly cater to the theme they have gone with the new Agent, Gekko. The new VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 skin lines include:

  • Tilde

  • Signature

  • Topotek

Additionally, the Pass also includes other cosmetics such as Gun Buddies, Sprays and Player Cards alongside some Player Titles and Radianite Points. Keep reading to discover all the rewards the Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass features.

Tilde Skin Line in  VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass

Tilde is arguably the best out of the 3 skin lines featured in the battle pass this time around as it has the most customizability. Tilde includes skins for the weapons Operator, Judge, Bulldog, Shorty, and Melee. The color variants include red, purple, and a lime green color that goes with Gekko’s theme. The melee weapon is a hand knife with an abstract design style that feels minimal yet sophisticated at the same time. It is also worth mentioning that the Tilde Shorty is the free weapon skin featured in this Act’s Battle Pass.

Signature Skin Line in VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass

The Signature skin set is the most vibrant and colorful out of the bunch with a more energetic vibe than the rest of the skins. The Signature skin line includes skins for the weapons Guardian, Marshal, Sheriff, and Stinger. The weapons are covered with colorful and vibrant Hot Pink, Cyan Blue, and Lime Green patterns on a darker base that almost resembles street graffiti art. The colors almost have a neon look to them and they are a great addition to anyone’s skin collection.

Topotek Skin Line in VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass

Topotek skins, on the other hand, are the least eye-catching ones included in this battle pass. However, they are not necessarily bad. In fact, the skin line looks surprisingly cool and modern with its more mild-looking color scheme and modern abstract designs. Topotek includes skins for the weapons Bucky, Ghost, Odin, and Phantom.

Gun Buddies in VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass

VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass features some of the cutest Gun Buddies players have seen in a while. Apart from the Tilde and Topotek gun buddies which are a Knight chess piece and a Fidget Spinner respectively, the rewards also feature some cute Gun Buddies that specially fit the whole Pokémon vibe Gekko has going on. Here are all the Gun Buddies featured in the VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass:

  • Desert Rose Buddy

  • Ep 6 // 2 Coin Buddy

  • Lucky Star Buddy

  • Tilde Buddy

  • Cat-Eye Buddy

  • Topotek Buddy

  • Extra Crispy Buddy

  • Egg in a Basket Buddy

  • Bounce House Buddy

  • Lucky Star Buddy (Free in Epilogue)

Player Cards in VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass

Battle Passes are the primary source for Player Cards for most players and this Battle Pass hasn’t failed to impress them once again. This time’s collection features all sorts of cards including cute ones that once again fit Gekko’s theme and other cool ones that give more insight into the Lore. Following is a list of all the Player Cards included in the VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass:

  • Topotek Card

  • Spycam Schema Card (Free)

  • Tilde Card

  • Setting Records Card

  • Boot Camp // So Much More Card

  • Boot Camp // Two Mountains Card (Free)

  • Commander Bruno Card

  • Gentle Breeze Card

  • Signature Card

  • Brunch at Crown Card

  • Boot Camp // Stealth Module Card

  • Pixel Moments Card (Free)

  • Setting Records Card (Free in Epilogue)

Sprays in VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass

VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass features 15 sprays including colorful and cool ones to cute chibi sprays of your favorite agents. Here’s a full list: 

  • Tug of War Spray

  • Huh? Spray

  • Signature Spray

  • Charging Station Spray

  • Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all Spray (Free)

  • We Made It Spray

  • Let's Go! Spray

  • Well Played Spray

  • Wanted Tactibear Spray

  • Bye Op Spray

  • Wide Swing Spray

  • Whaaat? Spray (Free)

  • Scoop of Smoke Spray

  • Too Early For This Spray

  • Omen Cat Dance Spray

Other Rewards in VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass

Apart from all the above-mentioned rewards, the Battle Pass also features some other rewards including some Player Titles and 160 Radianite Points up for grabs. If you are a frequent skin buyer and often run out of Radianite Points for your upgrades, Battle Pass is a great source for them. You need not spend tons of money on getting Radianite Points when you can get the Battle Pass for a much cheaper price. However, you might have to grind a bit!

Is the Episode 6 Act 2 Battle Pass Worth Buying?

As usual, the Battle Pass only costs 1000 VP, which is around $10. And Battle Passes are arguably the best way to add value to your account with tons of skins and other collectibles so it is 100% worth getting it. However, the cheap price for a ton of rewards is simply too good to be missed. That’s why you need to actively play the game and grind it out. If you feel you don’t have the time to complete the Battle Pass, then you might think twice if it’s worth getting, although it really is a great deal you are passing up on. And even if you decide to not buy the premium Battle Pass, you can still enjoy the free rewards it features.

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