Ascent Map in VALORANT: tips, callouts, and best agents

Published: October 5 2022

Last updated: September 18 2023

Ascent Map in VALORANT: tips, callouts, and best agents
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This Ascent guide will cover everything you need to know about this VALORANT map, including callouts, dynamic elements, and the best Agents to play.

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Overview of Ascent 

Ascent was the fourth addition to VALORANT’s map rotation. It debuted in Patch 1.0, the game’s official launch version, and although it was not playable in the Beta, Ascent is the first map the developers ever created for VALORANT.

At the time of its release, Ascent received tons of acclaim from VALORANT players. It was lauded for having many similarities to maps found in the Counter-Strike series. VALORANT’s gameplay is infact inspired by Counter-Strike, and many players migrated over from Valve’s revolutionary shooter.

Thanks to a simple layout and familiar feel to Counter-Strike, Ascent is one of the most common map picks in Valorant. Its popularity spans across all levels of play, including professional competition. Former Counter-Strike players favor Ascent for a more fundamental approach to VALORANT. Ascent’s easy learning curve also makes it a great learning ground for new players.

Ascent unique features and strategies

Ascent is set in Alpha Earth’s variation of Venice, Italy. Rather than sitting on the canals of the Mediterranean, the Venetian map rests high in the sky amongst the clouds. This is where the name “Ascent” comes from.

The most notable area of Ascent is Mid. It is a large and open area that is a crucial point of control. It includes a long elevated pathway overlooking a large space with little cover, and the bottom part of Mid is separated by an archway. The walls to the side can be penetrated with bullets, creating some of the most extraordinary plays on Ascent.

Ascent’s unique features are a pair of metal doors leading into both A and B Site. The doors are opened at the start of rounds but can be closed and reopened with switches. The switch for A Site is right next to the door. However, the one for B Site is away from the door on the table in Toolshed.

The doors on Ascent can be destroyed while they are closed. They have 500 HP and can be damaged by both gunfire and abilities. If a door is destroyed, it will stay open for the rest of the round. 

Similar to the metal doors, Ascent’s Mid also has a pair of destructible panels. They can be spotted on the walls separating Mid Courtyard from B Lobby. These panels are unaffected by gunfire but can be damaged by Agent Abilities. They have 400 HP and change colors as their health depletes. If destroyed, players can wallbang from either side for the rest of the round.

Ascent map callouts in VALORANT

Though it has a bare-bones design, Ascent has many landmarks that players should become familiar with. Below are all the callouts you’ll need to know when playing on Ascent.

A Site in Ascent

  • Ramp - an elevated pathway leading up to Heaven; one of two ways to reach A Site from Defenders Side Spawn

  • Heaven - an elevated area overlooking A Site

  • Hell - a lower area of A Site covered by Heaven 

  • Gardens - the alternative route to A Site from Defenders Spawn

  • Window - a breakable glass window that grants access to Heaven from Gardens

  • Tree - the area connecting Gardens to A Site that features one of Ascent’s signature metal doors

  • Dice - a pair of green boxes near the center of A Site

  • Generator - A large generator that provides additional cover within A Site 

  • A Door - the metal door for A Site that leads into Tree

  • A Switch - the switch for A Door is directly next to the door but can only be accessed through A Site

  • A Main - a long passageway leading toward Attackers Side Spawn from A Site 

  • Wine - a “hidden” wine cellar area in the back part of A Main

  • A Lobby - a large open area connecting A Main to Attackers Spawn

  • Gelato - the back end of A Lobby identified by a large gelato shop

Mid in Ascent

  • Top Mid - the area connecting A Lobby to Ascent’s Mid

  • Catwalk - a long elevated pathway overlooking a large portion of Mid

  • Boiler - a small cubby connecting Tree to Catwalk

  • Courtyard - the main area of Ascent’s Mid; it is a large open area with little to no cover

  • Tiles - the pair of destructible panels previously mentioned in Unique Features

  • Arch - a large archway separating Courtyard from Bottom Mid

  • Bottom Mid - a narrow area that connects Defenders Spawn to both Courtyard and Market

  • Pizza - a large cubby in the back of Bottom Mid identified by a pizza shop

  • Market - a large room connecting Bottom Mid to B Site

B Site in Ascent

  • B Door - the metal door that grants access into B Site from Market; unlike A Door, the switch is located away from the doorway

  • Logs - a stack of logs to the side of B Door that acts as a small cubby

  • Anchor - a direct route into B Site from Defenders Spawn

  • Toolshed - a large toolshed sitting between B Main and B Site; B Site faces the back of the shed, and players can wallbang through the right-hand corner

  • B Switch - the switch for B Door is on a table sitting under Toolshed

  • Stairs - a set of stairs descending from B Main into B Site

  • Double Stack - a pair of green boxes stacked on top of each other near Stairs

  • Tetris - three green boxes stacked at awkward angles for extended cover

  • Boathouse - the back area of B Site only accessible through a pair of small entryways

  • B Main - a large room connecting B Site to B Lobby

  • B Lobby - a large area connecting Attackers Spawn to both B Main and B Link

  • B Link - a small area nestled between two doorways connecting B Lobby to Ascent’s Mid 

Best Agents to Play on Ascent

Just like any map in VALORANT, certain Agents grant an advantage to players on Ascent. Here are the top Agent picks for Ascent, along with tips and tricks for using their abilities. Also, did you know that we created our very own VALORANT Agent Generator? An awesome tool that can help you pick the perfect Agent and team variation for each VALORANT map, including ascent! 

Best Agents team composition for Ascent

  • Jett

  • Sova

  • Killjoy

  • Omen

  • KAY/O

Jett x Ascent map

VALORANT’s best Duelist is a no-brainer choice for every map in the game. Jett’s balanced toolkit makes her especially strong on Ascent. She can access elevated areas easier than any other Agent. Furthermore, Jett’s Cloudburst smoke ability works great on Ascent’s many cubbies, corners, and doorways.  

Valorant Jett Red

Sova x Ascent map

The Russian archer is the premier intel gatherer on Ascent. The many short walls and open ceilings allow Sova’s Recon Bolt to reveal enemy positions from across the map. Shock Bolt is useful for getting rid of metal doors and destructible panels. With plenty of bangable walls throughout the map, Sova’s Ultimate Ability (Hunter’s Fury) is especially powerful on Ascent.

Sova Cover

Killjoy x Ascent map

No Agent has the tools to control Ascent’s Mid better than Killjoy. She can lock down the large Courtyard area with Turret, her free Signature Ability. Both Nanoswarm and Alarmbot are great ambush tools. Killjoy’s Ultimate Ability (Lockdown) is an ever-looming threat in Ascent’s many large, open areas. 

Omen x Ascent map

The mysterious phantom man has solidified himself as the best Controller on Ascent. Omen’s Dark Cover is arguably the best smoke ability in the game. The Paranoia blinding orb passes through walls and has a lot of utility on B Site. When in danger, Omen’s Shrouded Step allows him to teleport away from the open areas lacking cover. 

KAY/O x Ascent map

The robot Agent KAY/O has always been a common pick on Ascent. However, recent buffs added in Patch 5.01 have made him an even stronger choice. KAY/O’s straightforward toolkit matches well with Ascent’s Counter-Strike influences. Abilities like FRAG/ment and FLASH/drive reflect traditional CS weapons like frag and flash grenades.   

KAY/O cover

Alternative Agents options to play in map Ascent

Jett and Sova are almost essential to a team’s composition on Ascent. However, the other three core Agents can be swapped out for other viable options. These Agents might not have the most advantages in the meta, but their abilities still cater well to Ascent. 

Sage x Ascent map

VALORANT’s premier healer is a great pick on Ascent. Her Barrier Orb and Slow Orb provide tons of utility on both offense and defense. Sage can be swapped with Killjoy as the main Sentinel or even paired together. She formerly had must-pick status on Ascent until KAY/O’s arrival shook up the meta.

Astra x Ascent map

A fine alternative to Omen. Astra uses fundamental tools like smokes, concussive blasts, and vision blockers that are commonplace for Ascent. The trick is that her Signature Ability, Astral Form, allows her to place stars across the entire map. Astra can reactivate these stars as one of her Abilities, giving her a unique method of using traditional tactics.

Chamber x Ascent map

One of the top tier Agents in VALORANT, Chamber’s viability is never hindered by map choice. His teleporters and Trademark trap allow him to lock down areas in a similar fashion to Killjoy. While you can never go wrong picking Chamber, other Sentinels like Killjoy and Sage mesh better with Ascent.

Are you ready to play Ascent map in VALORANT?

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