Apex Legends World’s Edge map guide with Season 17 update

Published: June 19 2023

Last updated: August 15 2023

Apex Legends World’s Edge map guide with Season 17 update
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With the Season 17 update, improvements were made to the World's Edge map of Apex Legends. This guide will highlight all the recent changes alongside the best landing spots on the map as well as tips and tactics for improving your performance.

World's Edge was first featured in Apex Legends season three, but since then, the map has evolved to become more than just a battleground. Up to the introduction of Storm Point, World's Edge was the largest map in the game in terms of the size of the actual area. 

Choosing a landing spot could be difficult even now, especially considering the wide range of POIs and the more modest objectives. To help you master the map, we have assembled all the information about World's Edge in one guide, including the most recent map updates, the most popular drop areas, and the best locations to loot. 

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Some lore about World's Edge map

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

World's Edge, which debuted as a part of Season 3: Meltdown in October 2019, was the second battle royale map to be added to Apex Legends. World's Edge is situated on the eruptive planet Talos and has several volcanic regions, but it also has a sizable icy area with The Epicenter in the center of the frozen wasteland. 

The World's Edge map became quite popular among fans thanks to two brand-new interactive features: a train that used to go through the area carrying loot on various cars, and geysers that functioned as balloons and launches legends back into the air. Even though the trains have stopped running, there are still cars scattered over the landscape.

Bloodhound Roadwarrior Standing

With the addition of Bloodhound Trials, World's Edge also features the first instance of PvE in Apex Legends' battle royale mode. The Bloodhound Trials, which were included as a Town Takeover during the Old Ways event, allow players to take on progressively challenging rounds of Prowlers in exchange for uncommon, epic, and legendary tier loot in addition to a few supply bins. 

Before the floating party barrage momentarily moved to Kings Canyon in Season 7 and subsequently crashed and became an Arenas map in Season 9, World's Edge was also the first residence of the Mirage Voyage, a steadily popular location to drop. Season 17 of Apex Legends has also seen major modifications to World's Edge, including new POIs, a brand-new Apex Games Museum, updated lighting, and more. Down below are all the changes introduced to World’s Edge with Season 17 update.

World’s Edge Map Changes 

New POI – Monument (Apex Museum)

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The ever-popular hot-drop location Fragment has a new POI called Monument. 

A deep bunker POI, the monument has easy access to zip lines, sniper nests, and a glass roof above it. Players can utilize zip lines to ascend to that location, providing them with long-range positional control for spotting and simply gathering information about what is happening in the region. 

The developers built the glass ceiling to add an extra layer of interest to the battles and provide a bit of view into the bunker so players can see what’s going on in the bunker below. Other than holding loot for players to collect, the new POI also features Apex Games Museum, which is located next to the monument with the Apex emblem and has information about both the Apex Games and its predecessor, the Thunderdome Games. 

Lava City

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The developers have replaced the long-forgotten lava city with a group of tall buildings collectively known as Stacks. Situated directly between Big Maude on Rampart and The Dome, this new POI is a vertical environment with connected rooftops, which leads to incredibly intense battles and makes it the ideal playground for clever Legends like Wraith or Octane.

Wraith Apex Legends


Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

With fans' demands in mind, the iconic Harvester has undergone some changes with the Season 17 update. The developers have placed a new honey pot in the center where players could go to grab some exceptionally good loot. Moreover, a new crossing with some ziplines is also been added so that players can jump into it from above using the parachute. Harvester is also a wonderful place to strategically land because it has high ground and fortified buildings. Many of the choke spots in the vicinity of Harvester allow you to defend the place easily if it happens to be in the ring.

World’s Edge’s best loot zones

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

World's Edge offers plenty of hot spot zones and popular loot places, just like the other battle royale maps in the game. 

Hot loot zones like The Tree, The Geyser, Countdown, and Harvester are regularly highlighted, which boosts the probability that players who fall there may find a fully-equipped weapon, high-level EVO shields, and attachments, among other things. 

On the downside, players have to engage in an early fight as soon as they land because other players will probably flock to popular loot zones.


At the southeast part of the map, just near Big Maude, is where you'll find Stacks, one of the upgraded POIs in World's Edge. In the past, Stacks, which is situated right outside of Fragment, was the venue of numerous fierce firefights and high-ground advantages. There might be fewer players now that Stacks is in a corner of the map, but there is still nice loot available. 


Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

At Countdown, there are numerous options for players who enjoy conflicts and good loot. There is enough loot in this area to sustain early battles, and if you're shooting across the POI, you can find long-range optics, which can be a huge assistance.  The center platform in the middle of the POI is raised when the control panel at the top of the basin is activated, revealing even more loot. 

Two blue shields and one purple or gold shield are guaranteed to be on the platform, offering you a simple and quick way to assemble your defenses. Moreover, you can rotate to multiple POIs in Countdown, but this also means other teams can come in for a third party, so be careful not to let early fights drag on.

Big Maude

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Big Maude is a distinctive landing place because of some of Rampart's hand-made weapons, which frequently include attachments and are a quick and efficient way to edge over the opposition. The showroom in Big Maude's first section contains Golden, Purple, and Blue firearms that are each fully equipped with all of their accessories. 

They're great for early-game engagements, even though you have to raid several bins and the crafting supplies to unlock them. As a result of the plentiful riches and the opportunity to obtain powerful weapons, many people will flock to the area, so be ready for conflict.

In addition, a loot drone that has a Loot Vault Key inside of it is constantly hovering overhead. Based on circle location, you'll have two choices: a vault to the west of Stacks and one to the north of Geyser. If you don't feel the urge to stroll into Stacks, you can rotate into Geyser and head towards Fragment or Lava Siphon. Also, a Redeploy Balloon is not far away to assist you in covering more land.


Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Skyhook, one of the World's Edge's largest POIs, is likely to put you with one or more teams. Yet, this area is big enough to accommodate dozens of players; just watch out not to get third-partied in between the other squads

If you want to avoid an easy fight, there are many routes to get out of Skyhook. If a squad is pursuing you, the train tunnel to the east is a wonderful area to anchor and find more loot. With Season 17, the devs even added a new loot vault in the southern tunnel departing Skyhook. Additionally, if you speed up looting, you might even be able to third-party any survivors from Countdown or Landslide.

Strategies and tips to dominate World’s Edge map

World's Edge Apex Legends Harvester

Grab more Cargo Drones

Keep an eye out for flying cargo bots wherever you are on World's Edge since taking one out at the appropriate time will reward you with a vault key that can be used to open either the vault between The Geyser and Fragment East or the vault between Lava City, The Dome, and Launch Site. 

If you want to get an advantage over your opponents, visiting these vaults with their epic or superior gear, which includes evo shields, attachments, helmets, and hop-ups, is worth the time.

Use World’s Edge map layout wisely

Players must make use of tunnels as often as possible because World's Edge maps tend to turn into battlefields at any moment. Tunnels can be found in each quadrant that players enter, but they are frequently disregarded because they nearly never contain worthwhile loot. These passageways can be used by players to switch between zones when they need safe passage or as an escape plan.

Rotation is the key

This advice applies to all three of the game's maps, but it is especially relevant to World's Edge's frequently contested zones. Indeed, players who can enter an area free of enemy squads would probably try their best to loot every crevice, but it's generally advised never to linger for longer than a minute because this gives squads enough time to rotate their positions. Keep your ears open, and if you hear gunshots, start making your way toward them so you can reap the benefits of a third party.

Ready for your next Apex Legends game?

Now that you have all this knowledge, you’re ready to explore and conquer World’s Edge! If you’re looking for more ways to up your game, you can check out our Apex Legends Setting Guide, where you will find tips for the best pro player settings to use, including audio, graphics, mouse settings, and more. 

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