Apex Legends: how to play Fuse

Published: Dec 16 2021

Last updated: Sep 6 2022

 Apex Legends: how to play Fuse
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Oi, there mates, it’s old man Fusey here with a guide about how to play as yours truly. Writing’s not me favorite thing, so I just talk and my pal here takes notes. In this guide, I’ll explain how to blow up things in style. Can’t really guide you on how to look as good as me, though. The whole thing should be fairly easy, just get your mother’s permission to read, yeah?

Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy, at your bloody service

First off, for the ankle-biters who have no idea who I am, I’m Walter Fitzroy. Callsign Fuse. “Explosive enthusiast” is what they call me here, but I like my old nickname better: the Grenado Tornado. That’s what they called me back on Salvo.

Salvo is where I’m from, born and raised. Not the kindest mistress, that planet. Breeds tough fighters like me, though. Lots of warlords who fight over power. Good times. Found me calling thanks to them. It just wasn’t what they and me old pal Maggie wanted. You see, Maggie wanted to be one of those big-shot warlords and wanted me there with her. Me? Warlording’s not my thing, really. Being in an arena and breaking bones to earn glory, on the other hand, very much is.

Fuse Bullets

That’s me back in Salvo. You can tell I’m already thinking about post-game drinks. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

I used to fight in the Bonecage, Salvo’s own little version of the Apex Games. But, like Maggie, me eye was on the big leagues. When Salvo joined the Syndicate, I took that opportunity to leave the gang and join Apex Games. Maggie sure didn’t like that. That little disagreement cost me an arm and an eye, but I managed to live to tell the tale. Now here I am, making the Apex Games infinitely better.

Fuse abilities

As the name implies, I’m the explosives guy. You want something blown up, you call the big guns, which is me.

Passive: Grenadier

Thanks to my robot arm, I can store two explosives in one inventory slot. That means 100% more grenades per grenade. And since I’ve got only one eye, I’m always aiming with me good eye. I can throw explosives farther, faster, and with better accuracy than all those other Legends you hear about. Speaking of, I hear that Bloodhound fella is a good one.

By the way, faster throwing means the grenades I throw will bounce stronger, so use that, aye? Plus, when I pick explosives from Loba’s Black Market, I pick them in twos. Fair dinkum deal if ya ask me.

Fuse and Mirage Apex Legends

This boy, Elliott. He’s got heart, but not very brave, it seems. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Tactical: Knuckle Cluster

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

Ya didn’t think I wouldn’t be bringin’ me own ‘nades now, did ya? I can launch Knuckle Clusters with me robot arm and they stick on whatever they hit first. Be it a wall or an opponent. Like Arc Star, right? After it sticks, the Knuckle Cluster explodes into some nice fireworks that deal constant damage. It won’t damage your squadmates but will block their vision because, you know, explosions. It also hurts me if I get too close. Here’s an earful for ya: Explosives are like bad friends; they’re cool until they hurt ya.

Here’s another tip for ya, one Knuckle Cluster is enough to destroy doors, Loba’s Black Market, Revenant’s Death Totem, and Rampart’s Amped Cover thingy. You can try using it on Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps, but if you’re worse at aiming than I am, it can also trigger it. Also, it’s still an explosive that I throw, so that little Wattson girl’s Interception Pylon destroys it on sight. That is, if it works, heh.

Fuse posing fireball

I love the smell of explosions in the morning. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Fusey’s favorite way of using Knuckle Clusters is indoors, preferably with lots of fools to cook together. They tend to panic at the thought of me entering the room, so they’ll just run into each other with me Cluster on them. If you manage to stick one on an opponent, you can also track their location using the damage counter. Just make sure they don’t run towards you with the Cluster, eh?

Ultimate: The Motherlode

Cooldown: 120 Seconds

Who needs an arena when you can create your own, am I right? I call my ultimate ability the Motherlode. You’ll agree when you see it. When I launch the Motherlode, I fire me big gun, and the shell explodes mid-air to rain fire on the opponents, creating a ring of fire when it reaches the ground. Rough terrain usually ruins the circle shape, but it works anyway. The big gun can fire at up to 200 meters, so I’ve added a 3x zoom on it to make things easier for me good eye.

Fuse Apex Legends Rocket Launcher

The big one is called Wally. That’s what Maggie used to call me. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Anyone who touches the ring of fire takes 35 damage for touching it and burns for another 5 seconds. The ring of fire is hot enough to amplify the damage, by the way. It burns for 8 damage if they’re outside the ring of fire and burns for 12 if they are in. Makes for 95 damage at max if you trap someone in the ring and manage to burn them. I say you rain everything you have on a trapped opponent. It’s the quintessential Fusey experience for ya.

How to play Fuse

Having Fusey on your team means throwing subtlety outta the window. But no worries, I’ve never met a problem that a good explosive can’t fix. Explosives mean they’ll hear you coming from two towns away, but that’s good because it also means they know Fuse is coming for them. Scares them, ya know?

Anyway, here’s what you gotta do when you play as me, the Fusey. Loot-wise, your main job is to gather all the explosives. You can carry them. All of them. And at the first sign of an enemy squad, you rain fire on them with the explosives you gathered. Simple as that. Use my Knuckle Cluster to zone them into a certain spot and unleash the Motherlode to finish the job.

Indoor spaces are your friend, just like me. Use Knuckle Clusters to block doors and force opponents to face you. Shouldn’t really use the Motherlode in tight spaces, but if you wanna go down in a blaze, why not?  Better to burn everything than to lose face in the biggest arena of all.

Fuse guns Apex Legends

Kids and their toys. So safe. So boring. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Oh, one more thing. You know the Rampage rifle? The one Rampart made? It uses Thermite Grenades to power itself up, and guess who can carry twice the number of Thermites than any other Legend out there? Here’s a hint: It’s me. I can turn Rampage into a Spitfire better than anyone.

My favorite fellas to team up with are Gibraltar and Caustic. I trap people with the Motherlode, and those big guys use their ultimates to finish them. Wouldn’t wanna be in that situation, honestly. Gibby’s Bombardment and Caustic’s Nox Grenade, and if you wanna run away, you’re now on fire. That’s a big oof right there.


What? We’re done already? Hey kid, you sure you’ve written that all down? Fine, then. Don’t forget to add the G-Loot thingy to the end, aye? I hear it’s the best way to get better at Apex Legends out there. Not that I need it, but others use it to keep up with the old Fusey.

See you on the hunting grounds, lads.

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